Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Autor: Richard Bach
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 0684846845
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Because he spends so much time perfecting his flying form instead of concentrating on getting food, a seagull is ostracized by the rest of the flock.

The Long Good Bye

Autor: Raymond Chandler
Publisher: Penguin UK
ISBN: 0141041145
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The Long Good-bye is a classic novel by Raymond Chandler, the master of hard-boiled crime. Down-and-out drunk Terry Lennox has a problem: his millionaire wife is dead and he needs to get out of LA fast. So he turns to his only friend in the world: Philip Marlowe, Private Investigator. He's willing to help a man down on his luck, but later, Lennox commits suicide in Mexico and things start to turn nasty. Marlowe finds himself drawn into a sordid crowd of adulterers and alcoholics in LA's Idle Valley, where the rich are suffering one big suntanned hangover. Marlowe is sure Lennox didn't kill his wife, but how many more stiffs will turn up before he gets to the truth? 'Anything Chandler writes about grips the mind from the first sentence' Daily Telegraph 'One of the greatest crime writers, who set standards others still try to attain' Sunday Times 'Chandler is an original stylist, creator of a character as immortal as Sherlock Holmes' Anthony Burgess Best-known as the creator of the original private eye, Philip Marlowe, Raymond Chandler was born in Chicago in 1888 and died in 1959. Many of his books have been adapted for the screen, and he is widely regarded as one of the very greatest writers of detective fiction. His books include The Big Sleep, The Little Sister, Farewell, My Lovely, The Long Good-bye, The Lady in the Lake, Playback, Killer in the Rain, The High Window and Trouble is My Business.

La Regina Dell Eternit Il Romanzo Di Nefertiti

Autor: Michelle Moran
Publisher: Newton Compton Editori
ISBN: 8854125164
File Size: 17,78 MB
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Il ritratto di una delle donne più potenti e affascinanti dell'antichitàLa splendida Nefertiti sta per andare in sposa al giovane principe d’Egitto Amenofi IV. La famiglia reale spera che la ragazza, con la sua forte personalità, possa dissuadere il futuro faraone, deciso a sostituire il culto del dio Amon con quello del dio Aton. Tuttavia, una volta salita al trono, Nefertiti non fa che rafforzare l’arroganza e la determinazione del nuovo re e si preoccupa solo di dare alla luce un figlio maschio che continui ad assicurare a lei e alla sua famiglia il prestigio e il potere di cui godono a corte. L’ossessione religiosa di Amenofi e la cieca ambizione di Nefertiti finiscono per trascinare l’Egitto nella rovina indebolendo l’esercito, i confini, la classe sacerdotale e il popolo. Ma proprio allora la grande regina sceglierà di sacrificarsi per il bene del suo Paese. Tra intrighi di palazzo e amori proibiti, la storia di un’eroina dal fascino straordinario.«Ben scritto e davvero appassionante. Un fantastico debutto»The Library JournalMichelle Moranha viaggiato in tutto il mondo, dallo Zimbabwe all’India, e ha svolto numerose ricerche in vari siti archeologici, traendone ispirazione per i suoi romanzi. Vive in California con suo marito. La Newton Compton ha già pubblicato La regina dell’eternità. Il romanzo di Nefertiti, sua opera d'esordio, che ha riscosso un notevole successo di pubblico e critica. Il sito internet personale dell’autrice è

The Man Who Fell To Earth

Autor: Walter Tevis
Publisher: Rosetta Books
ISBN: 0795343027
File Size: 32,88 MB
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The “beautiful” novel that inspired the film starring David Bowie, from a Nebula Award finalist (The New York Times). The Man Who Fell to Earth tells the story of Thomas Jerome Newton, an alien disguised as a human who comes to Earth on a mission to save his people. Devastated by nuclear war, his home planet, Anthea, is no longer habitable. Newton lands in Kentucky and starts patenting Anthean technology—amassing the fortune he needs to build a spaceship that will bring the last three hundred Anthean survivors to Earth. But instead of the help he seeks, he finds only self-destruction, sinking into alcoholism and abandoning his spaceship, in this poignant story about the human condition by the acclaimed author of Mockingbird. “Beautiful science fiction . . . The story of an extraterrestrial visitor from another planet is designed mainly to say something about life on this one.” —The New York Times “An utterly realistic novel about an alien human on Earth . . . Realistic enough to become a metaphor for something inside us all, some existential loneliness.” —Norman Spinrad “Those who know The Man Who Fell to Earth only from the film version are missing something. This is one of the finest science fiction novels of its period.” —J.R. Dunn

Black Water Lilies

Autor: Michel Bussi
Publisher: Hachette Books
ISBN: 0316505013
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From the author of the "wonderfully ingenious" (Marilyn Stasio, The New York Times Book Review) novel After the Crash, a thrilling tale of a murder that takes place in Claude Monet's garden and the mystery that surrounds it. Giverny, France. During the day, the town is the home of the famous artist Claude Monet and the gardens where he painted his Water Lilies. But once the tourists have gone, there is a darker side to the peaceful French village. This is the story of thirteen days that begin with one murder and end with another. Jérôme Morval, a man whose passion for art was matched only by his passion for women, has been found dead in the stream that runs through the gardens. In his pocket is a postcard of Monet's Water Lilies with the words: Eleven years old. Happy Birthday. Entangled in the mystery are three women: a young painting prodigy, the seductive village schoolteacher, and an old widow who watches over the village from a mill by the stream. All three of them share a secret. But what do they know about the discovery of Jérôme Morval's corpse? And what is the connection to the mysterious, rumored painting of Black Water Lilies?