Autor: Raymond A. Moody
Publisher: Ivy Books
ISBN: 0804112355
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The author of Life After Life and the first medical professional to study the near-death experience presents case histories of non-psychic individuals who believe they have successfully made contact with their dead loved ones. Reprint.

Risen Indeed

ISBN: 9785550055601
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An eloquent, thoughtful text is interwoven with and set to equally passionate music in this exploration of the most important week in the Christian calendar-Holy Week and Easter. As the "hosannas fade in crucify", we are led to wonder what we might have done, what we might have said, had we been there. What would our reaction have been to the shadow of the cross or the shock of the empty tomb? It is good to wonder, but it is better to know that because of the events of Holy Week, life eternal is the promise. For that, Christ paid the ultimate price, so that on Easter Sunday, all Christians can respond to the traditional Easter greeting, "The Lord Is Risen", with the affirmative response, "He is Risen Indeed!" From the quiet moments of introspection at the Lord's table to the terrible agony of the cross, and culminating with the joyous resurrection, this cantata is a moderately easy, yet completely satisfying and inspirational implement for worship. Indeed, He Is Risen!

Remapping Habitus In Translation Studies

Autor: Gisella M. Vorderobermeier
Publisher: Rodopi
ISBN: 9401210861
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The publication deliberately concentrates on the reception and application of one concept highly influential in the sociology of translation and interpreting, namely habitus. By critically engaging with this Bourdieusian concept, it aspires to re-estimate not only interdisciplinary interfaces but also those with different approaches in the discipline itself. The authors of the contributions collected in this volume, by engaging with the habitus concept, lend expression to the conviction that it is indeed “a concept which upsets”, i.e. one with the potential to make a difference to research agendas. They are cutting across diverse traditions of Bourdieu reception within and beyond the discipline, each paper being based on unique research experiences. We do hope that this volume can help to find and maintain the delicate balance between consolidating an area of research by insisting on methodological rigour as well as on the sine-qua-non of a given body of thought on the one hand and being critically inventive on the other.

Complete Or Compete

Autor: Jon Ackland
ISBN: 9781869418472
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Nearly every weekend now, somewhere in New Zealand, there is a fun run or walk being held, where ordinary people can have a go at the extraordinary. With the huge upsurge in these events over the last few years, many people who began with as little as a three-kilometre jog, are now ready for a bigger challenge - a half marathon, or 21.1 kilometres. But how to start? How much should they train? Is it possible to train TOO much? How can they avoid injuries? Whether you are entering just to complete the event, or are a serious competitor, this book holds the answers, in simple, accessible language and with a practical approach that takes into account the busy nature of contemporary lives. With material on health, clothing, mental attitude, nutrition and hydration, stretching, planning for and dealing with race day, and recovery, this book covers all the basics. It also includes detailed training programs for six levels of training - walk, walk/run, beginner run, improver run, competitive run and race. There is something for everyone!