Bilingualism Multiculturalism And Second Language Learning

Autor: Allan G. Reynolds
Publisher: Psychology Press
ISBN: 1317783654
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This collection pays tribute to Professor Wallace E. Lambert and his contributions to the fields of language and linguistics. Each chapter, written by an internationally renowned theorist or researcher, traces the currents of theory and research within the topic area to the present day, provides a state-of-the-art review of the topic, and offers an outline for future research directions. The book concludes with an overview from Professor Lambert that critically examines the impact of the ideas in each individual chapter. This volume is organized around the three areas where Professor Lambert's unique contributions are most substantial and most evident: bilingualism, multiculturalism, and second language learning. Specifically, the papers presented discuss the topics of social, psychological, cognitive, and neuropsychological aspects of bilingualism and second language learning, the psychology of inter-group relations and multiculturalism, bilingual/immersion education, and language planning. Note: Royalties earned from sales of this book will go to the Wallace E. Lambert Student Research Fund at McGill University for use by students interested in second language acquisition, bilingualism, and/or multiculturalism.

Festchrift Rufus H Gouws

Autor: Willem Botha
ISBN: 1920338950
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The range of languages covered by the lexicographic investigations reported on, e.g. Afrikaans, English, Northern Sotho, Yilumbu, Fang, French and Dutch is a clear indication of the wide-ranging influence of Rufus Gouws, to whom the work is dedicated.

History Of Linguistics 2002

Autor: Eduardo Guimarães
Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing
ISBN: 9789027246011
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This volume brings together a selection of revised papers, originally presented at ICHoLS IX (Sao Paulo/Compinas). The papers in the first section deal with studies ranging from the Latin model in post-Renaissance grammars to new scientific propositions at the turn of the 19th century; the second part carries articles devoted to a variety of topics in 19th and 20th century linguistics; and in the third section are united the papers based on plenary presentations, ranging from ancient Greek reflections upon language to developments in Brazilian linguistics beginning with the implantation of structuralist work by Joaquim Mattosa Camara (1904-1970) in the 1960s. In the concluding contribution, a survey of advances in the history of the language sciences is offered.

Alice Au Pays Des Merveilles Alice S Adventures In Wonderland

Autor: Lewis Carroll
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781534691032
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UNE EDITION INTEGRALE D'EXCEPTION / EXCEPTIONAL UNABRIDGED EDITION Bilingue français/anglais et entièrement illustrée / Bilingual french/english and fully illustrated La jeune Alice s'ennuie dans un monde qu'elle trouve trop conventionnel. Mais voilà qu'un lapin blanc, vêtu d'une redingote avec une montre à gousset, passe près d'elle en courant. Alice part à sa poursuite et s'égare au Pays des Merveilles, peuplé de créatures étranges et gouverné par la terrible Reine Rouge. Un monde où plus rien n'est logique! Dans cet univers extraordinaire, Alice va rencontrer une galerie de personnages retors et se trouver confrontée à l'absurde et aux mystères ... Ce conte époustouflant est un savoureux mélange de fantastique, de satire, de suspens, d'humour et de non-sens - il nous transporte dans l'univers onirique de l'enfance. Cette édition intégrale, entièrement illustrée par les oeuvres de John Tenniel, est bilingue: les textes français et anglais sont en parallèle à chaque page, pour vous permettre de savourer toute la magie du chef-d'oeuvre de Lewis Carroll. The young Alice is bored in a too conventional world. But here goes a White Rabbit, dressed in a frock coat with a pocket watch. Alice follows the hasty hare and falls into Wonderland, a fantasy world populated by peculiar creatures and governed by the wicked Queen of Hearts. A world where nothing makes sense! This amazing tale is a brilliant mix of fantasy, farcical satire and nonsense, where Alice encounters a twisted cast of unforgettable characters. Lewis Carroll takes us into the children's world of make-believe where the height of adventure is limited only by the depths of imagination. Enjoy all the enchantement of Lewis Carroll's masterpiece in two languages thanks to this bilingual edition, unabridged and fully illustrated by Sir John Tenniel, where french and english texts are in parallel all along the book.