All The Broken Pieces

Autor: Ann E. Burg
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
ISBN: 0545392217
File Size: 50,80 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 5775
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An award-winning debut novel from a stellar new voice in middle grade fiction. Matt Pin would like to forget: war torn Vietnam, bombs that fell like dead crows, and the terrible secret he left behind. But now that he is living with a caring adoptive family in the United States, he finds himself forced to confront his past. And that means choosing between silence and candor, blame and forgiveness, fear and freedom. By turns harrowing, dreamlike, sad, and triumphant, this searing debut novel, written in lucid verse, reveals an unforgettable perspective on the lasting impact of war and the healing power of love.

Broken Pieces

Autor: Kathleen Long
Publisher: Lake Union Publishing
ISBN: 9781503937178
File Size: 70,61 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 2324
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Destiny Jones is doing just fine on her own, thanks. From her thriving one-woman carpentry business to the loving support of her small-town community, Destiny has constructed a life as sturdy and polished as her best cabinets. Twenty years ago, Destiny s world collapsed when her mother died and her father, Albert, abandoned his daughter to pursue acting in New York. His devastating exit taught Destiny a lesson in self-reliance that has kept her safe and alone ever since. Now Albert Jones is back, begging for a second chance. Destiny suspects he s simply staging another performance, starring himself as the prodigal father. Should she act on her misgivings? Or listen to her inner child, who still yearns for a family? When Albert divulges a shocking secret, Destiny s life will again be turned upside down. Kathleen Long s warm, wise novel reveals the armor that has protected us in the past is often the very thing we must shed to fully live and love."

Peace From Broken Pieces

Autor: Iyanla Vanzant
Publisher: Hay House, Inc
ISBN: 9781401928599
File Size: 59,49 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 5620
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New York Times best-selling author Iyanla Vanzant recounts the last decade of her life and the spiritual lessons learned—from the price of success during her meteoric rise as a TV celebrity on Oprah, the Iyanla TV show (produced by Barbara Walters), to the dissolution of her marriage and her daughter’s 15 months of illness and death on Christmas day. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Iyanla shares why everything we need to learn is reflected in our relationships and the strength and wisdom she has gained by supporting others in their journeys to make sense out of the puzzle pieces of their lives.

Broken Pieces

Autor: Michael Gorman
Publisher: American Library Association
ISBN: 0838911048
File Size: 71,55 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 851
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From his earliest reading memories in wartime Britain through five decades of librarianship, eminent librarian and former ALA President Michael Gorman offers insights from his extraordinary career in this new memoir. Gorman relates his personal and professional journey in prose that is by turns charming, opinionated, and revealing. He mad perhaps his most significant contribution to librarianship as editor of the 1978 Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules, a major development that receives detailed attention here. The debates and arguments that would shape professional practice for years to come are dramatically presented, with a vivid cast of characters including leading librarians from two continents. Broken Pieces, Gorman's account of being on the front lines of many of the most important decisions made in librarianship during his career, is a timely and entertaining read.

Shattered Dreams Broken Pieces

Autor: Donna R. Walton
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781533595157
File Size: 53,15 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 4367
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From the time she was a little girl, Donna Walton dreamed of becoming a star. But in 1976, at the age of eighteen, her life took a tragic turn. Diagnosed with a dangerous form of bone cancer, the bright young woman found herself facing the loss of her leg in order to save her life. From there, her spirit was broken, and only shattered dreams remained-until she began the long journey of putting the pieces together once again. An eye-opening tale of reinvention, Shattered Dreams, Broken Pieces is the story of the decades Walton spent working to rebuild her world and discovering new confidence and a fresh sense of purpose along the way. Through disasters, setbacks, trials, and tribulations, the author continues to prove that no crisis is too large to recover from-and offers readers valuable insight for overcoming obstacles of all types. Whether you've facing disease, disability, job loss, or divorce, the message of this inspirational memoir is clear: if life steals your dreams away, be sure to steal them back, and the result may end up better than you ever imagined.

Our Broken Pieces

Autor: Sarah White
Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN: 006247314X
File Size: 30,72 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 5588
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From Wattpad phenom Sarah White comes a steamy teen romance about one girl’s quest to find herself after a traumatic breakup. The only thing worse than having your boyfriend dump you is having him dump you for your best friend. For Everly Morgan the betrayal came out of nowhere. One moment she had what seemed like the perfect high school relationship, and the next, she wanted to avoid the two most important people in her life. Every time she sees them kiss in the hallways her heart breaks a little more. The last thing on Everly’s mind is getting into another relationship, but when she meets Gabe in her therapist’s waiting room she can’t deny their immediate connection. Somehow he seems to understand Everly in a way that no one else in her life does, and maybe it’s because Gabe also has experience grappling with issues outside of his control. Just because they share so many of the same interests and there is an undeniable spark between them doesn’t mean Everly wants anything more than friendship. After all, when you only barely survived your last breakup, is it really worth risking your heart again?

Broken Pieces

Autor: Rachel Thompson
Publisher: Booktrope Editions
ISBN: 9781620151600
File Size: 34,20 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 5647
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A collection of pieces, both prose and poetry, inspired by life: love, loss, abuse, trust, grief, and ultimately, love again.

Shiny Broken Pieces A Tiny Pretty Things Novel

Autor: Sona Charaipotra
Publisher: HarperTeen
ISBN: 9780062342430
File Size: 29,53 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 2646
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Featuring a diverse cast of characters, plenty of gossip, lies, and scandal, Shiny Broken Pieces continues with the soapy drama readers loved in Tiny Pretty Things and is now in paperback. June, Bette, and Gigi are competing one final time for a spot at the prestigious American Ballet Company. With the stakes higher than ever, these girls have everything to lose…and no one is playing nice. June is starting to finally see herself as a prima ballerina. But being the best could mean sacrificing the love of her life. Legacy dancer Bette is determined to clear her name after she was suspended and accused of hurting her rival, Gigi. And Gigi is not going to let Bette—or the other dancers who bullied her—go unpunished. It all comes down to this last dance. Who will make the cut? And who will lose her dream forever?

Repair The Broken Pieces

Autor: Deborah M. Vereen
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1543445462
File Size: 30,66 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 532
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The premise of this book is further substantiated because increased value has been placed upon involving parents and other family members, as well as other primary caregivers, as critical partners in the process of education in recent decades. Although the list of research-based and mandated strategies and programs is nearly endless throughout the United States of America, a few concrete examples that demonstrate the importance of these parental involvement efforts are presented here.