Come Il Mare Ad Occhi Chiusi

Autor: Elena Grilli
Publisher: Edizioni Esordienti E-book
ISBN: 8866902926
File Size: 78,52 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 2226
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Un omicidio strano, quello di un barista ritrovato con un foro di proiettile in fronte e misteriosi segni su una mano. Un delitto che risveglia la sonnolenta città di Ancona, desta antiche paure, scuote fino a far emergere segreti che erano sepolti dietro rassicuranti apparenze. Una coraggiosa ragazza usa il suo acume per destreggiarsi in una trama intricata che evolve con ritmo frenetico, sfiorando pericoli e doppi giochi mortali. Uscirne viva è una sfida che non è scontato vincere. Come il mare ad occhi chiusi è un giallo mozzafiato, dove nemmeno la soluzione finale è in grado di offrire il conforto di una certezza. La verità è molteplice, ha più facce e quando il caso sembra risolto, tutto si capovolge di nuovo, per far affiorare segreti ancora più reconditi ed inquietanti.

Il Cerchio Delle Donne

Autor: Elena Grilli
Publisher: Edizioni Esordienti E-book
ISBN: 8866904147
File Size: 72,26 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Ancona, via Bezzecca, una palazzina con cinque appartamenti è il teatro quasi esclusivo dell’azione di questo giallo dove i personaggi femminili sono davvero dominanti, con tutte le loro qualità e i loro difetti, con tutte le loro contraddizioni e i loro problemi. Tra i personaggi principali, la rumena Catinca, sposata con un italiano marito-padrone, la saggia Gabriella (detta Bri), un’anziana psicologa in pensione, che vive in una piccola comune femminile, e Jo, impiegata amministrativa della Questura di Ancona, ragazza anticonformista, testarda e scorbutica, ma dotata di un forte senso della giustizia. Saranno le donne a far luce sulla tragica fine di un’anziana coppia di coniugi, loro coinquilini. Ma nel romanzo c’è molto di più: c’è una riflessione sulla condizione femminile, sul significato della solidarietà tra donne, sulla famiglia (non sempre positiva), sul valore della presa di coscienza del proprio ruolo e, di riflesso, anche sul mondo maschile. Questo romanzo, vincitore del V Concorso per il Giallo, Thriller e Noir indetto da EEE-book (2017), è ben scritto, senza cedimenti nel ritmo narrativo, e lascia il lettore con la piacevole sensazione di aver letto una storia coerente e coesa, ricca di spunti interessanti e capace di offrire uno sguardo acuto e profondo su alcuni significativi aspetti della realtà socioculturale dell’Italia contemporanea.

Have Mercy On Us All

Autor: Fred Vargas
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 0743284011
File Size: 72,63 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 299
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When a Parisian town crier receives anonymous, ominous messages warning of an imminent outbreak of the Black Death, genius detective Commissaire Adamsberg and his straight-edged sidekick, Danglard, begin to suspect that the predictions are linked to strange marks that have appeared on doorways, a mystery that is complicated by a suspicious death. Original. 25,00 first printing.

The Crocodile

Autor: Maurizio de Giovanni
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1609451635
File Size: 15,99 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 4573
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This is Naples as you’ve never seen it before. A chaotic, shadowy city full of ominous echoes and dark alleyways where each inhabitant seems too absorbed by his or her own problems to give a damn about anybody else. And that is exactly what makes it possible for a cold, methodical killer to commit his atrocious crimes largely undisturbed, to merge with the crowd as if he were invisible. The newspapers call him “The Crocodile” because, like a crocodile, when he devours his own children, he cries. And like a crocodile he is a perfect killing machine: he waits and watches until his prey is within range, and then he strikes. Three young people with very diverse backgrounds have been found murdered in three different neighborhoods, each shot with a single bullet, execution style. While his colleagues see little or no connection, Inspector Giuseppe Lojacono, smells a rat. He is driven by his instincts and his own troubled recent history. He has just been transferred to Naples from Sicily where a Mafioso-turned-informant accused him of leaking sensitive information to the mob. Once an estimated member of the mobile unit of the Agrigento police force, Lojacono has lost everything, first and foremost the love of his wife and daughter. But now he’s been given a second chance and a shot at clearing his name. A young magistrate, the beautiful Laura Piras, wants him in Naples. She’s heard of his preternatural skills and his incredible powers of observation and she thinks a man like him is needed in Naples. So it is that Inspector Lojacono is charged with finding the link between the three dead bodies. At the root of these murders, he will discover, is a pain that still burns, a sense of guilt than cannot be purged, and one all-consuming love.

Death In Sardinia

Autor: Marco Vichi
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 1480447943
File Size: 47,39 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Florence, 1965. A man is found murdered, a pair of scissors stuck through his throat. Only one thing is known about him—he was a loan shark, who ruined and blackmailed the vulnerable men and women who would come to him for help. Inspector Bordelli prepares to launch a murder investigation. But the case will be a tough one for him, arousing mixed emotions: the desire for justice conflicting with a deep hostility for the victim. And he is missing his young police sidekick, Piras, who is convalescing at his parents’ home in Sardinia. But Piras hasn’t been recuperating for long before he too has a mysterious death to death with . . .


Autor: Jean-Claude Izzo
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1609453956
File Size: 60,82 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 1861
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The Final Book in the Marseilles Trilogy Ex-cop, loner, Fabio Montale returns in this stunning conclusion to Jean-Claude Izzo's Marseilles trilogy. Italian Mafiosi are hunting journalist-activist Babette Bellini, and the body count is growing as they close in on their prey. In desperation, Bellini seeks help from her former lover, Montale. Before he has time to shake off his most recent hangover, Montale is receiving sinister phone calls from men with Italian accents who want him to find Bellini for them. Like a woman he can't leave, like strong liquor he can't refuse, Marseilles lures Montale back into its violent embrace. This is a Marseilles that will break your heart. A modern city and an ancient Mediterranean port, a melting pot of ethnicities and a cauldron boiling with human passions, a place of natural splendor and of sudden violence. Solea is Izzo's heartfelt cry against the criminal forces corrupting his beloved city. It is his farewell to Marseilles and to its ideal protagonist, Fabio Montale. It concludes an unforgettable trilogy that epitomizes the aspirations and ideals of the Mediterranean noir movement. From the Trade Paperback edition.

The Bastards Of Pizzofalcone

Autor: Maurizio de Giovanni
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1609453255
File Size: 69,35 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 192
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A new series of hardboiled crime fiction set in contemporary Naples by the author of the internationally bestselling Commissario Ricciardi series. They've made a fresh start at the Pizzofalcone precinct of Naples. They fired every member of the investigative branch after they were found guilty of corruption. Now, there's a group of detectives, a new commissario, and a new superintendent. The new cops immediately find themselves investigating a high-profile murder that has the whole town on edge. Heading the investigation is Inspector Lojacono, known as "the Chinaman," a cop with a checkered past who is currently riding a reputation as a crack investigator after having captured a serial killer known as "The Crocodile." Lojacono's partner is Aragona, who wants to be known as "Serpico," but the name doesn't stick. Luigi Palma, a.k.a. "Gigi," is the Commissario, Francesco Romano, known as "Hulk," is the slightly self-deluded lieutenant. Lojacono, Aragona, Palma, and Romano are joined by a cast of cops portrayed by bestselling author Maurizio de Giovanni with depth and intimate knowledge of the close-knit world of police investigators. De Giovanni is one of the most dexterous and successful writers of crime fiction currently working in Europe. His award-winning and bestselling novels, all set in Naples, offer a brilliant vision of the criminal underworld and the lives of the cops in Europe's most fabled, atmospheric, dangerous, and lustful city. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Maigret And The Madwoman

Autor: Georges Simenon
Publisher: Harvest Books
ISBN: 9780156028509
File Size: 36,94 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 1647
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"Simenon created one of the great moral detectives . . .a master of the slow unfolding of the criminal mind."-JOHN MORT I M E R Someone is moving a kind old woman's furniture while she is away, but by the time Maigret investigates, she is dead. A kind, elderly lady-meticulously groomed and showing no signs of derangement-appeals to Inspector Maigret, frightened because someone has been moving furniture in her apartment. Nothing, however, has been stolen, and Maigret's subordinates at Police Headquarters shrug her off as "Maigret's madwoman." Touched by the imploring look in her eyes, Maigret promises to investigate-but someone gets there ahead of him. "Simenon is . . . in a class by himself."-T H E N E W YO R K E R G eorges Simenon (1903-1989) was born in Liege, Belgium. He published his first novel at seventeen and went on to write more than two hundred novels, becoming one of the world's most prolific and bestselling authors. His books have sold more than 500 million copies and have been translated into fifty languages. Maigret is a registered trademark of the Estate of Georges Simenon

Creole Belle

Autor: James Lee Burke
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1451648146
File Size: 68,61 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 9557
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While in a New Orleans recovery unit, detective Dave Robicheaux meets a Creole girl whose subsequent disappearance prompts his search for the girl's sister against a backdrop of a bayou-threatening oil well rupture in the Gulf of Mexico. Reprint. 350,000 first printing.

The Whisperer

Autor: Donato Carrisi
Publisher: Mulholland Books
ISBN: 031620787X
File Size: 30,92 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 1644
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A gripping literary thriller and smash bestseller that has taken Italy, France, Germany and the UK by storm. Six severed arms are discovered, arranged in a mysterious circle and buried in a clearing in the woods. Five of them appear to belong to missing girls between the ages of eight and eighteen. The sixth is yet to be identified. Worse still, the girls' bodies, alive or dead, are nowhere to be found. Lead investigators Mila Vasquez, a celebrated profiler, and Goran Gavila, an eerily prescient criminologist, dive into the case. They're confident they've got the right suspect in their sights until they discover no link between him and any of the kidnappings except the first. The evidence in the case of the second missing child points in a vastly different direction, creating more questions than it answers. Vasquez and Gavila begin to wonder if they've been brought in to take the fall in a near-hopeless case. Is it all coincidence? Or is a copycat criminal at work? Obsessed with a case that becomes more tangled and intense as they unravel the layers of evil, Gavila and Vasquez find that their lives are increasingly in each other's hands. THE WHISPERER, as sensational a bestseller in Europe as the Stieg Larsson novels, is that rare creation: a thought-provoking, intelligent thriller that is also utterly unputdownable.