A Critical Engagement

Autor: David J. A. Clines
Publisher: Sheffield Phoenix Press Limited
ISBN: 9781907534331
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This volume honours the distinctive contribution to Hebrew Bible studies over four decades by Cheryl Exum, Professor Emerita of Biblical Studies in the University of Sheffield. Her special interests have lain, first, in the modern literary criticism of the Hebrew Bible, where her key work was Tragedy and Biblical Narrative: Arrows of the Almighty. Asecond area has been feminist criticism of the Hebrew Bible; here her notable contributions were Fragmented Women: Feminist (Sub)versions of Biblical Narratives and Plotted, Shot, and Painted: Cultural Representations of Biblical Women. A more recent, and now almost favourite, theme is the Bible and cultural studies, especially the Bible and art. Key works here have been a series of edited volumes, such as Beyond the Biblical Horizon: The Bible and the Arts, and The Bible in Film / The Bible and Film. Her fourth area of continuing interest has been the Song of Songs, with many articles culminating in her perceptive commentary in the Old Testament Library series. In this rich volume, 25 of her friends and colleagues offer her papers on all these themes. Several are on or around the Song of Songs (Graeme Auld, Fiona Black, David Clines, Sara Japhet, Martti Nissinen, Yair Zakovitch), and topics of feminist interest (Yairah Amit, Athalya Brenner, Claudia Camp, Hugh Pyper, Jack Sasson). Cultural studies are represented by Alice Bach, Hans Barstad, Andrew Davies, David Gunn, Martin O'Kane, John Sawyer and Ellen van Wolde, and literary criticism by Michael Fox, Edwin Good, Norman Gottwald, Edward Greenstein, Francis Landy, Burke Long and Hugh Williamson.

Why Not

Autor: Shari Low
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1416507876
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SHE SHOULD HAVE LOOKED BEFORE SHE LEAPT. The man Jess has fallen in lust with is not only married, he's her boss. He's also famous -- a high-ranking government official who is all business by day, and all-out kinky by night. And when his photo -- his naked photo -- is splashed on the front page of the supermarket tabloids, Jess has Rude Awakening #1: home-wrecking leads to nothing but heartache. How could it all have backfired so? Are her instincts in this Crazy Thing called Love really that deplorable? SHE'LL LAND ON HER FEET. Maybe her instincts aren't the problem. Relying on her colorful circle of girlfriends for unconditional love and break-up recovery via margarita infusion, Jess makes another play for domestic bliss -- only to experience Rude Awakening #2: some men are wired to behave badly. But rather than settle, Jess is finally ready to put her happiness first. And happiness, for the time being, means calling on her friends to concoct a marvelous plan to get payback from her exes that's daring, hilarious, and certain to hit the jerks where they live....

Introduction To Ancient History

Autor: Hermann Bengtson
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 9780520031500
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Our translation is made especially for students who have not yet acquired facility in German. It departs from Professor Bengtson's text mainly in that the general bibliographical appendix has been reorganized to conform with the plan of the Cambridge Ancient History and also has been revised with the English-reading student in mind.

An Introduction To The Ancient World

Autor: Lukas De Blois
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134047916
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Integrating the results of scholarly work from the past decade, the authors of An Introduction to the Ancient World, Lukas de Blois and R.J. van der Spek, have fully-updated and revised all sixteen chapters of this best-selling introductory textbook. Covering the history and culture of the ancient Near East, Greece and Rome within the framework of a short narrative history of events, this book offers an easily readable, integrated overview for students of history, classics, archaeology and philosophy, whether at college, at undergraduate level or among the wider reading public. This revised second edition offers a new section on early Christianity and more specific information on the religions, economies, and societies of the ancient Near East. There is extended coverage of Greek, Macedonian and Near Eastern history of the fourth to second centuries BC and the history of the Late Roman Republic. The consequences of Julius Caesar’s violent death are covered in more detail, as are the history and society of Imperial Rome. This new edition is: comprehensive: covers 3,000 years of ancient history and provides the basis for a typical one-semester course lavishly illustrated: contains maps, line drawings and plates to support and supplement the text, with updated captions clearly and concisely written: two established and respected university teachers with thirty years' experience in the subject areas well-organized: traces the broad outline of political history but also concentrates on particular topics user-friendly: includes chapter menus, an extensive and expanded bibliography organized by subject area and three appendices, an improved introduction and the addition of an epilogue.

After Tylor

Autor: George W. Stocking
Publisher: Burns & Oates
ISBN: 9780485300895
File Size: 23,20 MB
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Aimed at historians of the social sciences a nd at practising anthropologists, this text provides a broad history of social anthropology in Britain. It covers the re formation of anthropology, the Frazier movement, and more.