Die Sketchnote Starthilfe

Autor: Tanja Wehr
Publisher: MITP-Verlags GmbH & Co. KG
ISBN: 3958454216
File Size: 47,20 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 4336
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Zahlreiche Schritt-für-Schritt-Anleitungen für Symbole und Icons Praktischer Leitfaden für alle, die glauben, nicht zeichnen zu können Mit einem umfangreichen Kapitel zu Schriften und Handlettering Dieses Buch erleichtert allen den Einstieg ins Sketchnoten, insbesondere auch denen, die von sich denken, nicht zeichnen zu können. Tanja Wehr zeigt im Buch über 200 Symbole, Icons und Piktogramme Schritt für Schritt, so dass du sie ganz einfach nachzeichnen kannst. Tanja gibt dabei zugleich zahlreiche Ideen, wie die Bildsprache in eigenen Sketchnotes eingesetzt werden kann: ein Eisberg für unbekannte Risiken, ein Diamant für Werte, ein Satellit für Kommunikation und vieles mehr. Du lernst außerdem, wie du Emotionen mit Gesichtern und Körperhaltung visualisieren kannst. In einem umfangreichen Kapitel zeigt dir Tanja Wehr viele verschiedene Schriften aus Blockbuchstaben und Schreibschrift, die du für Sketchnotes und Handlettering verwenden kannst. Gestaltende Elemente wie Bilderrahmen, Schilder, Girlanden und Banner für geschickte Hervorhebungen machen deine Sketchnotes noch übersichtlicher. Außerdem zeigt dir Tanja, wie du Schatten und Farbe einsetzen kannst und wie du für große Sketchnotes den Aufbau gestaltest. Du findest im Buch zahlreiche Übungen und Tipps aus der Praxis, so dass dir die ersten Schritte mit spielerischer Leichtigkeit gelingen und du die im Buch gezeigten Zeichnungen sofort umsetzen kannst.

Die Sketchnote Starthilfe Neue Bilderwelten

Autor: Tanja Wehr
Publisher: MITP-Verlags GmbH & Co. KG
ISBN: 3958455093
File Size: 58,62 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 374
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Zahlreiche neue Symbole und Icons aus dem Werkzeugkoffer der bekannten Sketchnoterin Tanja Wehr Bildwortschatz erweitern und die eigene Bildsprache finden Mit vielen Tipps und Ideen für den praktischen Einsatz der einzelnen Bilder Für alle geeignet, die glauben, nicht zeichnen zu können Du hat schon erste Sketchnotes erstellt und bist auf der Suche nach weiteren Bildsymbolen? Du findest es schwierig, selber ganz neue Icons zu kreieren? Oder du brauchst Ideen, wofür du einzelne Symbole gut einsetzen kannst? Dann ist dieses Buch eine Goldgrube für dich. In 25 Bilderwelten findest du über 300 neue Bilder zum Nachzeichnen anhand von Tanjas bewährten zweifarbigen Strich-für-Strich-Anleitungen. Zusätzlich findest du zu jedem Symbol eine Auflistung von Begriffen und Metaphern, für die du das Bild einsetzen kannst. Ein umfangreicher Index mit allen Symbolen und den dazu-gehörigen Einsatzmöglichkeiten macht das Buch zu einem hilfreichen Nachschlagewerk. Das Buch dient dir als umfangreiche Inspirationsquelle sowohl zum Zeichnen als auch für den konkreten Einsatz der Symbole. So kannst du deinen Bildwortschatz erweitern und zahlreiche Ideen für deine eigene Bildsprache finden.

The Doodle Revolution

Autor: Sunni Brown
Publisher: Portfolio
ISBN: 1591847036
File Size: 62,27 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 9674
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What did Einstein, JFK, Edison, Marie Curie, and Henry Ford have in common? They were all inveterate doodlers. These powerhouse minds knew instinctively that doodling is deep thinking in disguise - a simple, accessible, and dynamite tool for innovating and solving even the stickiest problems. Sunni Brown's mission is to bring the power of the Doodle to the rest of us. She leads the Revolution defying all those parents, teachers, and bosses who say Stop doodling! Get serious! Grow up!She overturns misinformation about doodling, demystifies visual thinking, and shows us the power of applying our innate visual literacy. Doodlers of the world, unite! The power of the pen awaits you. 'There's a reason why so many innovative companies use Sunni's techniques for visual literacy, and it's not just because they want to have fun. These methods offer consistently better thinking and in the process deliver happiness as well.' Tony Hsieh, Zappos.com. CEO and author of Deliverying Happiness'Brown's defense of the doodle is convincing . . . . This creative, fun book will definitely help you get your doodle on.'Success'Why do we insist on representing our world using twenty-six letters rather than an infinity of pictures? Sunni Brown shows us how to doodle our way to better thinking. Her book will have you drawing insights on the page, not just in the margins.'Dan Heath, coauthor of Decisive, Made to Stick, and Switch'The future is filled an ever-growing density of information, so visual literacy - the ability to think and communicate using visual language - will become an essential skill. Thankfully, The Doodle Revolutiongives all of us the ability to take the leap.' Jane McGonigal, author of Reality Is Broken'Doodling is not just a nervous habit. It nudges the mind to discover different angles and hidden connections. In the long run - and especially around new media - expressing oneself in raw text might not stand up in the face of artistic, spatial, and emotive text. Sunni has found a way to validate and systematize a new language that enables thinking on a whole new level.' Robert McKee, author of Story

Sketchnotes For Educators

Autor: Duckworth
Publisher: Edtechteam Press
ISBN: 9781945167232
File Size: 68,70 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 8972
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Sylvia Duckworth is a Canadian teacher whose sketchnotes have taken social media by storm. Her drawings provide clarity and provoke dialogue on many topics related to education. This book contains 100 of her most popular sketchnotes with links to the original downloads that can be used in class or shared with colleagues. Interspersed throughout the book are Sylvia's reflections on each drawing and what motivated her to create them, in addition to commentary from other educators who inspired the sketchnotes.

The Sketchnote Handbook

Autor: Mike Rohde
ISBN: 9780321885111
File Size: 36,33 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 9309
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Presents a guide to creating illustrated meeting notes which diagram important ideas and people, with tips on drawing techniques.

The Art Of Business Communication

Autor: Graham Shaw
Publisher: Pearson UK
ISBN: 1292017201
File Size: 80,27 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 4207
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Whether it’s in emails, documents, presentations, meetings or tweets, we’re all being bombarded by millions of words every day. So, how do you make your message stand out and stick amongst all this chatter? The answer is simple – just get visual! With a straightforward doodle or a quick illustration you’ll revolutionise how your message impacts your audience. And The Art of Business Communication will show you how to do it. Can’t draw? No Picasso? No problem! You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to add a simple yet powerful visual dimension to any message or business communication so that all your ideas, presentations, documents and meetings are brought to life and make a meaningful and memorable impact. Everything becomes easier to say, problems are explained and solved in a flash and the complex quickly becomes clear. So, to make your point and make it matter – make it visual.

Notes From Yoga Teacher Training

Autor: Eva-Lotta Lamm
ISBN: 9781546512103
File Size: 76,22 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 3855
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This book is a collection of Eva-Lotta Lamm's sketchnotes taken during a 200-hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course with Surinder Singh in Rishikesh (India).These hand drawn visual notes combine words and images to create beautiful visual summaries of the different topics she studied during the course. They include Asana & Pranayama practice and alignment, Anatomy and Yoga Philosophy.

Graphic Recording

Autor: Noelia Hobeika
Publisher: Gestalten
ISBN: 9783899556568
File Size: 42,34 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 6193
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Graphic Recording--creating live, on-site illustrations to document and visualize presentations, workshops, and meetings--is popular and spreading rapidly. This is the definitive guide. To see the big picture, draw it first. Graphic recording is the rapidly growing practice of visualizing the content of a presentation or meeting by drawing it live with markers and a large sheet of paper. Hand-drawn cartoons and diagrams entertainingly represent key messages, ideas, goals, and results, ensuring high engagement and retention. This book is the first how-to guide for creating graphic recordings and using them to make meetings and workshops more effective. Expert graphic recorder Anna Lena Schiller reveals the essential tools and techniques with examples and helpful visuals.

They Draw And Cook

Autor: Nate Padavick
Publisher: Weldon Owen
ISBN: 9781616281380
File Size: 71,62 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 1346
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Endlessly entertaining and engaging, They Draw & Cook, with more than 100 hand-illustrated recipes, presents a unique and artful cooking adventure for all ages. After starting their blog in February of 2010, Nate and Salli received hundreds of illustrated recipes from artists all over the world, which they decided to turn into a book. This book contains a sample of 107 of those illustrations that range in style from cute to goofy to absolutely gorgeous. The illustration styles range from elegant to cheeky, the recipes from drinks to desserts and everyday to extraordinary. You’ll find hilarious fare like Beetrooty-Yogurty-Thingummyji, Starving Artist Goo-lash, and Top Model Salad; international cuisine such as Moroccan Orange & Date Salad and Moules Frites; and tantalizing tastes like Marmalade Flapjacks and Chicken in Love. The perfect combination of flair and folly, this irresistible and colorful book will be a new favorite both in and out of the kitchen. Sample recipes: Toad in the Hole Marmalade Flapjacks Top Model Salad Starving Artist Goo-lash Chicken in Love Beetrooty-Yogurty-Thingummyjig Chocolate Haystacks Turn that Frown Upside Down Cake Coooooooookies