Music Neurology And Neuroscience Historical Connections And Perspectives

Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 044463410X
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Music, Neurology, and Neuroscience: Historical Connections and Perspectives provides a broad and comprehensive discussion of history and new discoveries regarding music and the brain, presenting a multidisciplinary overview on music processing, its effects on brain plasticity, and the healing power of music in neurological and psychiatric disorders. In this context, the disorders that plagued famous musicians and how they affected both performance and composition are critically discussed, as is music as medicine and its potential health hazard. Additional topics, including the way music fits into early conceptions of localization of function in the brain, its cultural roots in evolution, and its important roles in societies and educational systems are also explored. Examines music and the brain both historically and in the light of the latest research findings The largest and most comprehensive volume on "music and neurology" ever written Written by a unique group of real world experts representing a variety of fields, ranging from history of science and medicine, to neurology and musicology Includes a discussion of the way music has cultural roots in evolution and its important role in societies

Luther Und Die Reformation In Internationalen Geschichtskulturen

Autor: Roland Bernhard
Publisher: V&R unipress GmbH
ISBN: 3737007527
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Was schreiben Schulbücher zum Thema Reformation? Wie deuten sie das Wirken Martin Luthers? Wie stellen sie die Rolle der katholischen Kirche dar und wie nehmen sich Museen, Romane und andere Manifestationen der Geschichtskultur des Themas an? Das Buch reflektiert die Antworten auf diese Fragen im Licht geschichtsdidaktischer Diskurse. Es zeigt zudem, wie ehemals sozialistische Länder nach 1989/1991 das Thema neu entdeckten, und reißt mit zwei asiatischen Sichtweisen die globale Dimension der Rezeption dieses früher vorwiegend aus westlicher Perspektive reflektierten Themas an. In diesem Sinne soll dieser Band dazu beitragen, Geschichtsunterricht multiperspektivisch zu bereichern. What do school textbooks say about the Reformation? How do they interpret the work of Martin Luther? How do they portray the role of the Catholic Church and how do museums, novels and other manifestations of its historical culture deal with the topic? This book reflects the answers to these questions in light of history-didactic discourse. It also shows how formerly socialist countries rediscovered the subject after 1989/1991 and, with two Asian points of view, notes the global dimension of the reception of this topic, which was formerly viewed from a predominantly Western perspective. In this sense, this volume plays its part in enriching history lessons from multiple perspectives.