F R Leavis

Autor: Richard Storer
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134220251
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‘informative, succint, circumspect; an exacting introduction to Leavis as an incisive master critic. Ideal for today’s students and general readers’ – Chris Terry, Times Higher Education F.R. Leavis is a landmark figure in twentieth-century literary criticism and theory. His outspoken and confrontational work has often divided opinion and continues to generate interest as students and critics revisit his highly influential texts. Looking closely at a representative selection of Leavis’s work, Richard Storer outlines his thinking on key topics such as: literary theory, ‘criticism’ and culture canon formation modernism close reading higher education. Exploring the responses and engaging with the controversies generated by Leavis’s work, this clear, authoritative guide highlights how Leavis remains of critical significance to twenty-first-century study of literature and culture.

Fr Werenfried

Autor: Joanna Bogle
Publisher: Gracewing Publishing
ISBN: 9780852444795
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Fr Werenfried van Straaten is almost a legend in the Catholic Church. A Dutch Norbertine priest, he has become known and loved throughout the world thanks to his powerful message of charity and love, and its fulfilment in the work of the charity that he founded in 1947, Aid to the Church in need. Often travelling illegally, trusting entirely in prayer and love, this giant of charity organised secret help from the West to the 'Church of Silence' in Eastern Europe during the bitter years of Communist persecution. His life and work spanned one of the most desperate periods of the Church's history; a period when against- all the odds- terror and despair were overcome by faith, hope and charity. He spoke steadfastly for the forgotten and the abandoned, and for the modern martyrs of the Catholic Church. Joanna Bogle is a Catholic writer, boadcaster and journalist who knew and worked with Fr Werenfried for over 25 years. She frequently appears on the television station EWTN.

The Literary Criticism Of F R Leavis

Autor: R. P. Bilan
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0521223245
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A comprehensive analysis and assessment of the many strands of Leavis's work, emphasising the basic unity of his ideas.

F R Leavis

Autor: Steven Cranfield
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319259857
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This is a critical introduction to the educational thought of F. R. Leavis (1895–1978), the greatest English literary critic of the twentieth century, providing the first in-depth examination of Leavis’s ideas in relation to contemporary mass higher education. During the course of a long, prolific and controversial academic career, which saw him take issue with figures such as Wittgenstein, T. S. Eliot and C. P. Snow, Leavis became one of the most articulate advocates for the idea of the university as ‘a centre of consciousness and human responsibility’ in the face of what he saw as the relentless technological drive of civilisation. With the journal Scrutiny which he co-founded, as well as his critical writings, Leavis became a decisive influence on generations of teachers in Britain and overseas. Widely misrepresented as narrowly elitist, his ideas about ‘the creative university’, with their radical, student-centred approach to teaching, constitute a powerful resource for a higher education system grappling with the contradictory demands of continuity and change. Based on original research, the study provides an overview of Leavis’s life, work and heritage and his educational world view, and a comprehensive exploration of Leavis’s pedagogy from theoretical and practical perspectives. It also includes a first-hand account by the author of being taught by Leavis in person.

In The Footsteps Of Fr Kentenich In Roma

Autor: Monseñor Peter Wolf
Publisher: Editorial Nueva Patris
ISBN: 9562467384
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Editorial Nueva Patris offers this text by Monsignor Peter Wolf, based on a conference in the Vatican, precisely within the framework of a pilgrimage to Rome in the Year 2011, to Schoenstatters, who go on pilgrimage during the Jubilee year of the 100 anniversary of the founding of the Movement (1914-2014), and to those who will do it in the future. We hope that reading this book will help in following Father Kentenich's footsteps through Rome, and above all, be at the service of the Church, so that it will be the soul of the world.

Understanding Fr

Autor: Roger Alan Crockett
Publisher: Univ of South Carolina Press
ISBN: 9781570032134
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Roger A. Crockett's comprehensive overview of Friedrich Durrenmatt's dramatic and narrative oeuvre reveals the international importance of one of Switzerland's most talented and scandalous playwrights. Durrenmatt gained fame beyond the Swiss borders in the early 1950s with the serialized detective novel The Judge and His Hangman and a series of radio dramas. His worldwide acclaim, however, rests largely on two dramas that have been canonized and anthologized as 20th-century classics of the world stage: The Visit (1956) and The Physicist (1962).

Fr Mont S First Impressions

Autor: John C. Fr?mont
Publisher: U of Nebraska Press
ISBN: 080327145X
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In 1842 John C. Frémont led a party of twenty-five men on a five-month journey from Saint Louis to the Wind River Range in the Rocky Mountains; his goal: to chart the best route to Oregon. In 1843 Frémont was commissioned for another expedition, to explore the Great Salt Lake, Washington, eastern California, Carson Pass, and the San Joaquin Valley, places that did not yet belong to the United States. His journals from these expeditions, edited in collaboration with his wife, Jessie Benton Frémont, and published by Congress, thrilled the nation and firmly established Frémont’s persona as the Great Pathfinder. Part descriptive survey, part rousing adventure story, Frémont’s account was far more than a traveler’s guide. His tales of courage and wit, descriptions of beautiful landscapes, and observations about Native Americans strengthened Americans’ sense of a national identity and belief in Manifest Destiny. Still a fascinating page-turner today, Frémont’s report documents the opening of the West even as it offers a firsthand look at the making of the American myth. Anne F. Hyde provides an introduction to this signature American story that contextualizes the report, outlines Frémont’s rise and fall, and shows how, for better or worse, this explorer exemplifies the nineteenth-century American spirit.