G F Unger Sonder Edition 126 Western

Autor: G. F. Unger
ISBN: 3732555682
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Ich wollte mit meinen vier schwer beladenen Frachtwagen ins Goldland von Colorado, und ich hoffte, dort gute Geschäfte zu machen. Allerdings stand der Winter vor der Tür, und die Zeit drängte. Kein Wunder, dass ich dem Rat der beiden Männer folgte, die Abkürzung über die noch junge Stadt Riverbridge mit der neu erbauten Brücke über den Little River zu nehmen. Das ersparte mir einen tagelangen Umweg, und ich konnte sicher sein, die Campstädte in den Cochetopa Hills noch vor dem ersten Schneefall zu erreichen. Meine Begeisterung war groß. Wie hätte ich ahnen können, dass ich mit meiner Zehntausend-Dollar-Fracht mitten in eine teuflische Falle fuhr?


Autor: Eric Frank Russell
Publisher: Pollinger in Print
ISBN: 1905665458
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The war had been going on for nearly a year and the Sirian Empire had a huge advantage in personnel and equipment. Earth needed an edge. Which was where James Mowry came in. If a small insect buzzing around in a car could so distract the driver as to cause that vehicle to crash, think what havoc one properly trained operative could wreak on an unuspecting enemy. Intensively trained, his appearance surgically altered, James Mowry is landed on Jaimec, the ninety-fourth planet of the Sirian Empire. His mission is simple: sap morale, cause mayhem, tie up resources, wage a one-man war on a planet of eighty million. In short, be a wasp. First published in 1957, WASP is generally regarded as Eric Frank Russell's best novel, a witty and exciting account of a covert war in the heart of enemy territory.

Pioneers Of Modern Typography

Autor: Herbert Spencer
Publisher: MIT Press
ISBN: 9780262693035
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A revised edition of the standard guide to the avant-garde origins of modern graphic design and typography, illustrated with many iconic examples.

Recurrent Hernia

Autor: Volker Schumpelick
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 3540375457
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The tradition of Suvretta meetings has always been to talk about failures and mistakes in order to learn for the future. This book, the result of the meeting in 2006, elaborates precise recommendations, to help the surgeon avoid mistakes and to treat recurrences after different types of non-mesh or mesh-repain in inguinal, incisional and hiatal hernia.

Major Companies Of Europe 1990 91

Autor: R. M. Whiteside
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9400907974
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Graham & Trotman, a member of the Kluwer Academic VOLUMES 1 &2 Publishers Group is one of Europe's leading publishers of MAJC?R COMPANIES OF EUROPE 1990/91, Volume 1, business information, and publishes company reference contaln~ us~ful information on over 4000 of the top annuals on other parts of the world as follows: comPB:nles In the European Economic Community, excluding the UK, nearly 1500 companies of which are MAJOR COMPANIES OF THE ARAB WORLD covered in Volume 2. Volume 3 covers nearly 1100 of the MAJOR COMPANIES OF THE FAR EAST & AUSTRALASIA top companies within Western Europe but outside the MAJOR COMPANIES OF THE U.S.A. European Economic Community. Altogether the three volumes of MAJOR COMPANIES OF EUROPE now Please send for a free complete catalogue of the provide in authoritative detail, vital information on over company's books on business management techniques, 6600 of the largest companies in Western Europe. business law, finance, banking, export markets, oil technology, energy resources, pollution control and a MAJOR COMPANIES OF EUROPE 1990/91, Volumes 1 number of other subject areas to: The Editor, Major & 2 contain many of the largest companies fn-ttliworldThe Companies of Europe, Graham & Trotman Ltd, Sterling area covered by these volumes, the European Economic House, 66 Wilton Road, London SW1V 1DE.

The Tyranny Of Greece Over Germany

Autor: E. M. Butler
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107697646
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Originally published in 1935, this book provides a study of the powerful influence exercised by Ancient Greek culture on German writers from the eighteenth century onwards. The text takes as its starting point Johann Joachim Winckelmann (1717-68), who was of fundamental importance to the introduction of Hellenistic ideas within the German intellectual tradition. This is followed by a chronological discussion of other key figures, such as Goethe, Schiller and Heine, revealing the complicated relationship between these ideas and the expression of an explicitly Germanic identity. A detailed index and bibliography are also included, together with illustrative figures. This book will be of value to anyone with an interest in German literature, Ancient Greece and literary criticism.

Cancer Chemoprevention And Treatment By Diet Therapy

Autor: William Chi-Sing Cho
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 940076443X
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Cancer is one of the leading killers in the world and the incidence is increasing, but most cancer patients and cancer survivors suffer much from the disease and its conventional treatments’ side effects. In the past, clinical data showed that some complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) possessed anticancer abilities, but some clinicians and scientists have queried about the scientific validity of CAM due to the lack of scientific evidence. There is great demand in the knowledge gap to explore the scientific and evidence-based knowledge of CAM in the anticancer field. With this aim, a book series is needed to structurally deliver the knowledge to readers. Throughout the past few years, the cancer chemopreventive potencies and treatment effects of a number of natural dietary agents present in different food sources have been evaluated by various experiments. Some of them have progressed to early clinical trials. This volume is a specialized book presenting the research evidence relevant to the use of specific diet therapy in cancer chemoprevention and treatment. We begin with lessons learned from dietary resveratrol as an effective agent with anticancer properties against malignancies, followed examples of flavonoids from fruits and vegetables in the prevention and treatment of cancer. Evidence for the beneficial influence of diet enriched with flax seed oil and green tea on cancer will be reviewed. Soy food intake may enhance the effects on anticancer treatment for breast cancer, whereas lycopene-rich foods may possess chemopreventive efficacy. There are also discussions on the contribution of the cancer preventive effects of the antioxidant-rich foods and Mediterranean diet. In addition, the modulation of proteasome pathways by nutraceuticals is highlighted. Finally, we close the book with a discussion on the attenuation of cell survival signaling by bioactive phytochemicals in the prevention and therapy cancer.

The Berthouville Silver Treasure And Roman Luxury

Autor: Kenneth Lapatin
Publisher: Getty Publications
ISBN: 1606064207
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In 1830 a farmer plowing a field near the village of Berthouville in Normandy, France, discovered a trove of ancient Roman silver objects weighing some 55 pounds (25 kilograms). The Berthouville treasure, as the find came to be known, includes two statuettes representing the Gallo-Roman god Mercury and approximately sixty vessels—bowls, cups, pitchers, and plates, many of which bear votive inscriptions—along with dozens of smaller components and fragments. Dedicated to Mercury by various individuals, the treasure, including some of the finest ancient Roman silver to survive, fortunately escaped being melted down. It was acquired by the Cabinet des médailles et antiques of the Bibliothèque Royale (now the Département des Monnaies, médailles et antiques of the Bibliothèque nationale de France), where it was displayed until late 2010, when it was brought in its entirety to the Getty Villa together with four large, late antique silver plates, each with its own colorful history, for comprehensive conservation treatment. This sumptuously illustrated volume is published to accompany an exhibition of the same name, opening at the Getty Villa on November 18, 2014. It presents the highlights of the treasure and other Roman luxury arts from the holdings of the Cabinet des médailles—including precious gems, jewelry, gold coins, and colored marbles—and contextualizes them in a series of elucidating essays.