The Gest Of Robyn Hode A Critical And Textual Commentary

Autor: Robert B. Waltz
Publisher: Robert B. Waltz
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The “Gest” is the earliest major writing about Robin Hood — although it tells a tale very different from that found in most modern retellings. This version attempts to produce a more accurate text of the long-lost original; it also provides a modernized parallel. To this is added an extensive historical introduction, line-by-line commentary, vocabulary study, and a selection of other texts which clarify the context of the "Gest." Dedicated to Patricia Rosenberg.

My Affection For Borth Y Gest

Autor: Norman Spragg
Publisher: Author House
ISBN: 1467894923
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The book is my attempt to convey my affection for Borth-y-Gest by using photographs of my childhood and also using postcards which I have collected over the years.The postcards show vividly the development of Borth-y-Gest over the years from a thriving ship building community, to a prosperous Bed and Breakfast beach holiday resort and through to today where a majority of the properties are second holiday homes people visit as day trippers. The text conveys a little history of the village as well as some family history.My grandfather sailed in the old sailing ships to Europe and the Americas having survived a shipwreck in the Atlantic Ocean. My mother was working in the offices of the Slate Quarries which housed valuable crown painting during the war and later worked in a solicitors office belonging Lloyd George's brother.

Simply The Gest

Autor: David Gest
Publisher: Headline
ISBN: 1472242505
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Part memoir, part his take on life, the universe and Hollywood, this is an all-round portrait of a true original. David Gest was the star of this year's I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! His tall tales, huge sense of fun and sheer likeability proved to be ratings gold and his stories and expressions have become national catchphrases. Not only did he win over the British public with his charm, flamboyance and amazing sense of humour, but he was revealed as someone who, despite the fact that he has had extraordinary experiences and moves in circles most of us can't even imagine, we can all relate to, someone who cares. This book that will broaden our perception of the person we all fell in love with on that show and will cover a wide range of topics from the humorous, to the celebrity, to the more serious and cultural: we are all longing to know his secret

The Motifs And Characters In The Gest Hystoriale Of The Destruction Of Troy And In The Laud Troy Book

Autor: Walter Wilflingseder
Publisher: Peter Lang
ISBN: 9781433100123
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Both the alliterative "Gest Hystoriale of the Destruction of Troy" (c. 1400) and the "Laud Troy Book "(c. 1400), a metrical romance, deal with the lives and feats of chivalric heroes and place special emphasis on the psychological effects of love. This book is a study of the motifs in John Clerk's and the "Laud"-poet's narratives and of their characterization of the Trojan War's principal actors. Both writers used the same source, but their preferences for motifs and their attitudes toward the persons involved were often quite different. Thirteen illustrations, mainly from medieval Guido manuscripts, serve as a stimulus to those who want to know more about the medieval understanding of the Trojan War.

The New Minority

Autor: Justin Gest
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0190632569
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It wasn't so long ago that the white working class occupied the middle of British and American societies. But today members of the same demographic, feeling silenced and ignored by mainstream parties, have moved to the political margins. In the United States and the United Kingdom, economic disenfranchisement, nativist sentiments and fear of the unknown among this group have even inspired the creation of new right-wing parties and resulted in a remarkable level of support for fringe political candidates, most notably Donald Trump. Answers to the question of how to rebuild centrist coalitions in both the U.S. and U.K. have become increasingly elusive. How did a group of people synonymous with Middle Britain and Middle America drift to the ends of the political spectrum? What drives their emerging radicalism? And what could possibly lead a group with such enduring numerical power to, in many instances, consider themselves a "minority" in the countries they once defined? In The New Minority, Justin Gest speaks to people living in once thriving working class cities--Youngstown, Ohio and Dagenham, England--to arrive at a nuanced understanding of their political attitudes and behaviors. In this daring and compelling book, he makes the case that tension between the vestiges of white working class power and its perceived loss have produced the unique phenomenon of white working class radicalization.