Guide Complet De L Analyse Technique Pour La Gestion De Vos Portefeuilles Boursiers

Autor: Thierry Clément
Publisher: Maxima
ISBN: 2818807581
File Size: 34,91 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 2082
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En étudiant les graphiques de l'historique des cours, l'analyse technique permet d'anticiper l'évolution des valeurs. C'est aujourd'hui un outil indispensable aux professionnels comme aux particuliers qui souhaitent optimiser la gestion d'un portefeuille boursier, quelle que soit la conjoncture des marchés. Avec cet ouvrage résolument pratique, Thierry Clément permet non seulement de s'initier de manière progressive à l'utilisation de l'analyse technique mais aussi de découvrir des méthodes inédites. L'auteur présente tout d'abord l'ensemble des concepts et notions de l'analyse technique : - support et résistance, - tendance, - moyennes mobiles, - analyse des cycles d'une valeur, - figures, - chandeliers japonais, - vagues d'Elliott, - indicateurs techniques, - systèmes de trading, - analyse intraday... Cette présentation exhaustive, systématiquement appuyée par des exemples récents, est suivie d'une méthodologie d'utilisation de l'analyse technique, fondée sur les outils les plus performants. Sa mise en application rigoureuse permet d'optimiser résolument le rendement moyen d'un portefeuille. L’ouvrage s’intéresse également à la pratique de l'analyse technique sur les marchés des trackers (ETF), des options et warrants, des certificats, des futures, des CFDs, des devises (Forex), ainsi qu’au risk management, au money management et aux nouveaux concepts de l'analyse technique. Il est augmenté d'une présentation des meilleures ressources (logiciels, lettres boursières...) actuellement disponibles gratuitement sur Internet. Avec à cette 7e édition, le lecteur pourra mettre facilement en pratique, au quotidien, les conseils dispensés par l'auteur pour sécuriser et améliorer ses performances boursières.

The Psychology Of Finance

Autor: Lars Tvede
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 047084342X
File Size: 33,46 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 7851
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There is one constant factor in the chaos of the markets and that constant is human psychology. In the Psychology of Finance readers are shown how the market's characteristics that arise can be interpreted and learnt from. This revised edition contains new examples and updates to charts. There is also a summary of the characteristics of each phase of the equity market, bear bottom, rise, bull peak, and decline. It includes an appendix covering the history of economic psychology Written in an extremely readable and enjoyable style it shows how psychology can drive movements in the prices of financial assets, breakdown key market phenomena, eg, irrational attitude changes in the individual, and their indicators.

Stan Weinstein S Secrets For Profiting In Bull And Bear Markets

Autor: Stan Weinstein
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 9781556236839
File Size: 18,35 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 5848
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Stan Weinstein's Secrets For Profiting in Bull and Bear Markets reveals his successful methods for timing investments to produce consistently profitable results. Topics include: Stan Weinstein's personal philosophy on investing The ideal time to buy Refining the buying process Knowing when to sell Selling Short Using the best long-term indicators to spot Bull and Bear markets Odds, ends, and profits

A Complete Guide To Technical Trading Tactics

Autor: John L. Person
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 111842901X
File Size: 75,48 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 504
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A thorough trading guide from a professional trader The Complete Guide to Technical Trading Tactics can help the new individual investor understand the mechanics of the markets. Filled with in-depth insights and practical advice, this book details what it takes to trade and shows readers how they can broaden their horizons by investing in the futures and options markets. The Complete Guide to Technical Trading Tactics outlines a variety of proven methodologies-pivot points, candlesticks, and other top indicators-so readers may use those that work best for them as well as make their own trading decisions without a second thought. Author John Person also shares his insights on a variety of trading technologies that will allow readers to gain a competitive edge in the market. John L. Person (Palm Beach, FL) publishes The Bottom-Line Financial and Futures Newsletter, a weekly commodity publication that incorporates fundamental new developments as well as technical analysis using his trading system.

Technical Markets Indicators

Autor: Richard J. Bauer
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9780471197218
File Size: 34,13 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 4690
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The use of technical market indicators has long been a controversial subject, highly regarded by some and treated with great skepticism by others. Yet, the number of indicators-and the number of individual investors and finance professionals using them-continues to grow. Now, more than ever, there is an urgent need for objective testing to determine the validity of these indicators. Technical Market Indicators is a unique study of the performance of many of the most widely used technical analysis indicators. The authors explore in an unbiased, rigorous manner whether these indicators consistently perform well or fail to do the job. They explain which indicators work best and why, providing a clear picture of what the investor is likely to experience when using technical analysis. Unlike other books on the subject, Technical Market Indicators provides a comprehensive testing of indicators that uses a large sample of stocks over a twelve-year time period, encompassing varying market conditions. Instead of using the traditional technical analysis charts, this detailed analysis takes a different approach, calculating numbers based on various relationships and letting the numbers dictate the decisions. This allows the investor to use technical methods without ever consulting a chart. From an objective standpoint, the authors address both the pro and con arguments of using technical analysis and attempt to shed additional light onto the controversy through their systematic testing. They also alert the investor to the many different issues that must be addressed when using technical indicators, including performance measurement criteria, consistency of results, combining indicators, portfolio considerations, and leveraging. This indispensable resource features: * Comprehensive testing of sixty different technical indicators, fully described, including Trading Band Crossover, Relative Strength Peaks, Random Walk Breakout, Candle Belt Hold, and Volume Trend * An explanation of the underlying concepts behind the indicators and their methods of calculation * In-depth results of tests on each individual indicator, with over 250 pages of detailed tables * An examination of trading rules that combine two or more indicators and a report of a sampling of the best combinations * An annotated bibliography For those new to technical analysis or for the experienced analyst looking for some fresh angles on the subject, this one-of-a-kind resource is the only one you'll need to navigate the increasingly complex maze of technical market indicators.

The New Sell And Sell Short

Autor: Alexander Elder
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9781118005576
File Size: 24,15 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 9762
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A detailed look at one of the most underestimated aspects of trading-selling In The New Sell and Sell Short, Second Edition, Dr. Alexander Elder explains how to exit a stock at the right time and how to initiate a short position to profit from a stock that is showing weakness. Often overlooked, selling properly enables a trader to cut losses and maximize profits. Moreover, short selling in a weak market can generate big profits and should be a part of every trader's arsenal of tools. The new edition contains numerous examples of short selling stocks from the 2008-2009 bear market, demonstrating very clearly why traders do themselves a disservice by only focusing on the long side. In addition, the new edition contains an extensive study guide to help readers master the material prior to trading. Elder shares real-world examples that show how to manage your positions by adjusting your exit points as a trade unfolds. Contains new examples and insights from the 2008-2009 market meltdown Includes an extensive study guide with 115 questions and answers and 17 chart studies Discusses the selling process from a variety of angles: technical, fundamental, and psychological Explains how to maximize winnings in a profitable trade and how to minimize losses when a trade doesn't go as planned Offers detailed guidance for traders of stocks, financial futures, commodities, and currencies Explains how to set profit targets and stop-loss orders prior to entering any trade Other bestselling titles by Elder: Trading for a Living, Come Into My Trading Room, and Entries and Exits Understanding where and when to sell is essential to successful trading. The New Sell and Sell Short, Second Edition is the definitive reference to this overlooked, but vitally important, aspect of trading.