Hand Lettering 101

Autor: Chalkfulloflove
Publisher: Paige Tate Select
ISBN: 9781944515652
File Size: 39,95 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 6720
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If you follow Chalkfulloflove (also known as Sarah!) on social media, you and thousands of others already know how adorable her hand-lettered creations are. With Hand Lettering 101, Sarah brings her fabulous Hand Lettering 101 workshop right to you with this beginner workbook! In this book, you will go over the basics on how to learn Sarah's fun style of faux calligraphy. This book will guide you through each letter of the lower case alphabet, go over her technique behind connecting letters, give tips on how to mix and match your fonts, and finally lead you to make six finished projects! This is an introduction, so no experience is needed! Since practice is key, this gold spiral bound workbook lays flat and provides tons of opportunities for practice! Chalkfulloflove was created to encourage, inspire and make you giggle, so just pour yourself a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and settle in to start your own unique, adorable lettering creations! WANT MORE?! If you purchase this book, you will also have access to bonus material by Sarah!! Visit www.paigetate.com/handlettering101bonus for more info! Hand Lettering 101: An Introduction to the Art of Creative Lettering Hardcover, oversized gold wire-o binding and gold corner protectors Step by step instructions on how to create various fonts and designs Thick premium paper, perfect for lettering Beautiful coffee table book and practical workbook

Hand Lettering 201

Autor: Chalkfulloflove
Publisher: Paige Tate Select
ISBN: 9781944515546
File Size: 13,97 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 3421
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Best-selling author returns to the shelves with widely anticipated follow-up, Hand Lettering 201--the book perfect for intermediate hand letterers, whether they learned to letter from Sarah's first book or are self-taught

Hand Lettering For Relaxation

Autor: Amy Latta
Publisher: Page Street Publishing
ISBN: 1624144810
File Size: 41,20 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 4561
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A Fun & Inspiring Introduction to the Art of Hand Lettering Hand Lettering for Relaxation is the perfect way to cultivate calmness and joy while creating beautiful works of art. While hand lettering can look intimidating, artist and blogger Amy Latta has a friendly and down-toearth approach that will give you the confidence to draw impressive designs with ease. Learn how to create a lovely brush-lettered look with easy, no-fail faux calligraphy. Then add pretty embellishments such as vines, roses, banners, ribbons, swirls and feathers that take your designs to the next level. You’ll also get a beginner’s guide to real brush lettering, plus fun print fonts and ways to highlight, shadow or emboss your words. With 46 unique workshops, each with a featured motivational design, you will gain enough proficiency to proudly share your lettered art on social media, make personalized gifts and even decorate your home. In this interactive workbook, doodling on the high-quality art paper is highly encouraged! Use it to letter the featured design with the new technique you learned, create your own design or simply enjoy some meditative practice. No matter how you use it, this book is sure to help you relax, enjoy your creative journey and make your life more beautiful wherever you are.

Brush Lettering Introduction Guides Beginner

Autor: Creative Handlettering
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781979293570
File Size: 50,37 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 182
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FREE DOWNLOAD INSIDE! FREE HANDLETTERING CHEAT SHEET GUIDE FREE BRUSH LETTERING PRACTICE SHEETS for lower case alphabet The Handlettering How To - Each page provide a specific introduction basic how-to brush handlettering guide for beginners. With easy practical guide step-by-step so that you can study, try, and practice lettering on your own. Including - Free bonus gift for our lovely customers We give you free Handlettering Cheat Sheet Guieline, Free Lowercase Brush Lettering Alphabet Practicing Sheet. Hand Lettering Journal Specifications: * Type: Hand lettering for beginners * Type: Hand Lettering Practice book * Version: Only Lower case alphabet * Dimensions: 8.5 x 11 inches * Pages: 100 Guide Sheets * Tools: Brush lettering pens * Tips: Hand lettering workbook & Hand lettering worksheets HAND LETTERING 101: A PRACTICAL GUIDE STEP-BY-STEP BRUSH LETTERING FOR BEGINNERS

Chalk Art Lettering 101

Autor: Shannon Roberts
Publisher: Paige Tate Select
ISBN: 9781944515614
File Size: 35,29 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 9439
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Two experts help you learn the basics of Chalk Art including preparing your tools and boards, new font styles, Illustrations including flowers, feathers, borders and frames, and top it off with six projects that combine all your new skills!

Hand Lettering

Autor: Marci Donley
Publisher: Lark Books (NC)
ISBN: 9781600594724
File Size: 51,25 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 9867
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Explains how anyone can use simple tools and materials found in ordinary craft stores, as well as Q-tips, sponges, and other common items, to produce beautiful and graceful calligraphy.

Hand Lettering For Everyone

Autor: Cristina Vanko
Publisher: TarcherPerigee
ISBN: 0399173013
File Size: 18,79 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 1843
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"In an increasingly digital and impersonal world, hand-lettering is more popular than ever. A way to personalize everything from book covers to T-shirts and restaurant menus, as well as a form of self-expression and cutting-edge design, writing by hand makes the written word immediate and intimate. This beautiful and inviting book serves as an inspiring primer and an interactive workbook. Creative prompts encourage readers to create their own serifs, create lettering from found objects, make a type self-portrait, collage with found type, recreate a favorite book cover with hand-lettering, play with shading and perspective, and more." -- Amazon.com

The Art Of Brush Lettering

Autor: Kelly Klapstein
ISBN: 1631593552
File Size: 14,53 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 6104
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Popular Instagram brush lettering artist Kelly Klapstein takes a simple, serene approach to teaching the art of creating beautiful letterforms with easy to use and richly colored brush pens. Kelly begins by guiding you through the tools you’ll be using, and the best ways to position pen, hand, and paper. Kelly demonstrates a range of basic strokes along with drill sheets for practice and improvement. In addition to providing detailed instructions and tracing guides for both lowercase and uppercase alphabets, Kelly gives tutorials on freestyle lettering, faux calligraphy, and special effects. Also included are lowercase and uppercase A to Z exemplars for both large and small brush pens. Drill sheets, tracing guides, worksheets, and exemplars are perforated for easy removal.

100 Days Of Lettering

Autor: Jay Roeder
Publisher: Lark Books (NC)
ISBN: 9781454710738
File Size: 61,67 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 7781
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When it comes to hand lettering, practice makes perfect! With 100 daily exercises divided into ten sections, this workbook offers a fun way to improve your lettering techniques. Each section focuses on building a skill or exploring a design application, from forming letters to designing motivational quotes. As you work on these beautiful full-color pages, you'll find plenty of inspiration for developing your own unique style.

Creative Lettering And Beyond

Autor: Gabri Joy Kirkendall
Publisher: Walter Foster Publishing
ISBN: 9781600583971
File Size: 56,43 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 8250
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Creative Lettering and Beyond combines the artistic talents and inspirational tips and tutorials of several professional hand letterers and calligraphers for a dynamic and interactive learning experience. After a brief introduction to the various tools and materials, artists and lettering enthusiasts will learn how to master the art of hand lettering and typography through engaging, easy-to-follow step-by-step projects, prompts, and exercises. From the basic shape and form of letters, to cursive script, spacing, and alignment, artists will discover how to transform simple words, phrases, and quotes into beautiful works of hand-lettered art. The interactive format and step-by-step process offers inspirational instruction for a wide variety of fun projects and gift ideas, including hand-rendered phrases on paper and digitally enhanced notecards. Artists will also discover how to apply lettering to linen, coffee mugs, calendars, and more. Numerous practice pages and interactive prompts throughout the book invite readers to put their newfound lettering skills to use, as well as work out their artistic ideas. Covering a variety of styles and types of lettered art, including calligraphy, illustration, chalk lettering, and more, artists will find a plethora of exercises and tips to help them develop their own unique lettering style. With comprehensive instructions and fun, inspirational exercises and projects, Creative Lettering and Beyond is a must-have resource for anyone who wants to learn this beautiful and stylish art form.