I Serial Killer

Autor: Vincenzo Maria Mastronardi
Publisher: Newton Compton Editori
ISBN: 885413404X
File Size: 24,93 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 4382
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Il volto segreto degli assassini seriali: Chi sono e cosa pensano? Come e perché uccidono? La riabilitazione è possibile? I serial killer sono sempre più presenti ormai nell’immaginario collettivo, come “mostri” al centro di film o romanzi, che ne danno però spesso una rappresentazione distorta, incentrata sulla morbosità. Questo libro intende mostrare al lettore il volto reale dei serial killer: chi sono, perché uccidono, quali sono le strategie per catturarli. Per illustrare la loro psicologia, nella prima parte sono riportati brani di diari, lettere e interviste; la seconda parte esamina invece le efferatezze compiute dagli assassini seriali. Analizzando un campione di 2230 assassini da tutto il mondo, gli autori coniugano la trattazione teorica alla rivisitazione dei casi più eclatanti in 207 schede; propongono inoltre un’inedita classificazione sui “perché” dell’omicidio seriale e una nuova ipotesi di trattamento per i colpevoli. Questo volume è quindi un indispensabile strumento operativo per psicologi, psichiatri, criminologi, investigatori, avvocati, magistrati e per coloro che, in qualche modo, entrano in contatto con questo tipo di crimine (ad esempio, scrittori e attori), ma costituisce anche una guida interessante per tutte quelle persone che sono semplicemente curiose di conoscere l’universo segreto dei “mostri del nostro tempo”: gli assassini seriali. «Un libro che non è solo un prezioso strumento di conoscenza per gli addetti ai lavori, ma anche un’utile lettura per chiunque voglia comprendere davvero la realtà. Fuori dai luoghi comuni.» Silvana Mazzocchi, la Repubblica Ruben De Luca è psicologo, criminologo, già collaboratore con l’Osservatorio dei comportamenti e della devianza presso la facoltà di Medicina dell’Università di Roma “La Sapienza”. Tra le sue ultime pubblicazioni: Anatomia del Serial Killer e Il Terrore in casa nostra. Con Vincenzo Maria Mastronardi, oltre a I serial killer, ha pubblicato per la Newton Compton insieme a Moreno Fiori anche Sette sataniche. Vincenzo Maria Mastronardi è psichiatra, psicoterapeuta, criminologo clinico, titolare della cattedra di psicopatologia forense, direttore dell’Osservatorio dei Comportamenti e della Devianza e del Master in Scienze Criminologico-forensi presso “La Sapienza” di Roma. È direttore dell’Istituto Internazionale di Scienze Criminologiche e Psicopatologico-forensi e del “CrimeC lab”. Tra le sue molte pubblicazioni ricordiamo Le strategie della comunicazione umana, Manuale di comunicazione non verbale, La comunicazione in famiglia, Filmtherapy, Grafologia Giudiziaria e, per la Newton Compton, Madri che uccidono (con Matteo Villanova).

The Wicked Wit Of Charles Dickens

Autor: Shelley Klein
Publisher: Michael O'Mara Books
ISBN: 1843176823
File Size: 67,81 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 4002
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Admired by his contemporaries, and a hugely celebrated writer of his day, Charles Dickens is now remembered as one of the greatest English novelists and an influential spokesman for the conscience of Victorian England. His work has inspired, enthralled and entertained millions across the globe, and his social commentary remains as relevant in the modern day as ever.The Wicked Wit Of Charles Dickens explores and reveals aspects of the author's personal and professional life, whilst celebrating his flair for witty and satirical observations about society and human nature. Containing lengthy extracts from scenes of great amusement in his novels, as well as pithy remarks uttered by his unique characters, this is a wonderful collection which can be enjoyed by Dickens' legions of fans, as well as those readers who are new to his writing.

Art Ross

Autor: Eric Zweig
Publisher: Dundurn
ISBN: 1459730429
File Size: 13,66 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 3365
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The first authorized biography of Art Ross, Hockey Hall of Famer, NHL founding father, and long-time member of the Boston Bruins. Though he last played the game nearly one hundred years ago, Art Ross remains connected with the greatest stars in hockey. Gordie Howe, Bobby Orr, Wayne Gretzky, and Sidney Crosby have all won the award that bears his name, the trophy given annually to the NHL’s top scorer. Ross himself managed just one goal during his NHL career; however, in the dozen years leading up to the formation of the NHL in 1917, he was one of the biggest stars in the game. After his playing career ended, Ross became one of the founding fathers of the Boston Bruins, holding the positions of coach, general manager, and vice president. He was one of the men most responsible for making the NHL a success in the United States, and was integral to the modernization of hockey. All these accomplishments led to him being one of the first players inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame. Hockey historian Eric Zweig brings to life the early days of hockey. From the mining towns of Northern Ontario to the hallowed halls of Boston Garden, Art Ross was one of the biggest names in hockey over his six decades in the game.

Birthdays For The Dead

Autor: Stuart MacBride
Publisher: HarperCollins UK
ISBN: 0007344198
File Size: 28,47 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 5306
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The Number One bestselling crime thriller from the award-winning Stuart MacBride. A bloody, brilliant and brutal story of murder, kidnap and revenge.

Dark Dreams

Autor: Roy Hazelwood
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
ISBN: 9781429989596
File Size: 17,13 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 8705
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The Evil That Men Do introduced readers to the lifework and the techniques of FBI profiler Roy Hazelwood. Now, in Dark Dreams, Hazelwood-- writing with bestselling author Stephen G. Michaud-- will take then deep into the minds of his prey, the world's most dangerous sexual criminals, and reveal the extent to which these individuals permeate our society. Profiler Roy Hazelwood is one of the world's leading experts on the strangest and most dangerous of all aberrant offenders-- the sexual criminal. In Dark Dreams he reveals the twisted motive and thinking that go into the most reprehensible crimes. He also catalogs the innovative and remarkably effective techniques-- investigative approaches that he helped pioneer at the FBI's Behavioral Science Unit-- that allow law enforcement agents to construct psychological profiles of the offenders who commit these crimes. Hazelwood has helped track down some of the most violent and well-known criminals in modern history; in Dark Dreams he takes readers into his world-- a sinister world inhabited by scores of dangerous offenders for every Roy Hazelwood who would put them behind bars: * A young woman disappears from the convenience store where she works. Her skeletonized remains are found in a field, near a torture device. Who committed this heinous crime? And why? * A teenager's body is found hanging in a storm sewer. His clothes are neatly folded by the entrance and a stopwatch is found in his mouth. Is he the victim of a bizarre, ritualistic murder...or an elaborate masturbatory fantasy gone awry? * A married couple, driving with their toddler in the backseat, pick up a female hitchhiker. They kidnap her and for seven years keep her as a sexual slave. The wife agreed to this inhuman arrangement in exchange for having a second child. Who was to blame? As gruesome as the crimes are and as unsettling as the odds seem, Hazelwood proves that the right amount of determination and logic can bring even the most cunning and devious criminals to justice. Dark Dreams is a 2002 Edgar Award Nominee for Best Fact Crime.

Sex Crimes

Autor: Stephen T. Holmes
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 1412952980
File Size: 17,72 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 2710
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The ongoing concerns about sex crimes continue to pique interest in related issues, research, and therapies. The Third Edition offers a comprehensive survey of sex offenders and offenses and includes coverage of the psychological profiling of sex offenders, the often ritualistic crimes they commit, and the effect their actions have on victims. The highly praised writing style engages students' interest with a unique approach to sex crimes, deviance, and criminal behaviour theory and analysis. First person accounts from sex offenders enliven the research discussions surrounding the motivations for this deviant behaviour and the impact of treatments.

Stufflebeem Brockway Sturt

Autor: Shelley Klein
ISBN: 9781854798640
File Size: 15,41 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 1846
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Amuse your friends! Astound and impress new acquaintances - or you could just sit quietly in a corner and enjoy dipping into our very personal and yet common national history with Stufflebeem, Brockway and Sturt. With over 1500 entries, their meanings and associated anecdotes you can at last answer that perennial question 'What's in a name?' A good deal of intriguing information about our ancestors, actually: where they lived, or what they looked like, what they did for a living - even their morals, personal habits and the important events in their lives. Here too are the origins of such revered American names as Roosevelt and Rockerfeller, as well as surnames which, while they may have originated in Britain, Ireland or elsewhere in Europe, have become commonplace, sometimes in adapted versions, in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Le 101 Donne Pi Malvagie Della Storia

Autor: Stefania Bonura
Publisher: Newton Compton Editori
ISBN: 8854132632
File Size: 76,53 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 3634
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Eroine nere, sciagurate, perdute e diabolicheUna lista nera di eroine assetate di potere e di sangue, di vendetta e di denaro: maghe, streghe, tessitrici di intrighi, efferate criminali, vedove per vocazione, contesse annoiate e nevrotiche. Dalle regine intriganti alle criminali armate di calibro 38, dalle infermiere assassine alle guardiane naziste, e poi serial killer, avvelenatrici, mafiose, gangster e casalinghe disturbate... cui si aggiungono personaggi di un composito mondo irreale, dalle vampire dell’epoca romantica alle vendicatrici in tuta gialla del cinema pulp, dalla letteratura al fumetto, da Euripide a Hitchcock: l’elenco delle donne fatali è lungo.Da Isabella di Castiglia e la sua Inquisizione a Maria I Tudor la“sanguinaria”, dalle sevizie della contessa Bathory ai colpi di scure di Lizzie Borden, da Ilse Koch e le sue torture a Buchenwald alla saponificatrice di Correggio: 101 ritratti di donne che, dall’antichità fino ai giorni nostri, hanno delineato un bizzarro percorso storico della malvagità di genere femminile. Uno straordinario affresco noir dove “mani gentili” disegnano trame oscure e finali tragicamente a sorpresa.«Un “catalogo” delle perfide nei secoli, con altrettanti ritratti delle più crudeli signore del mondo. Stefania Bonura si destreggia con abilità e misura e con quella giusta dose di leggerezza che rende piacevole la lettura.»Silvana Mazzocchi – Repubblica.itStefania Bonurasiciliana, laureata a Firenze in Scienze politiche, autrice e traduttrice, nel 2006 ha fondato la XL edizioni, di cui è direttore editoriale. È un’appassionata di storia dell’antico Egitto e di Egittologia. Per la Newton Compton ha pubblicato 101 misteri dell’antico Egitto che non puoi non conoscere e Le 101 donne più malvagie della storia.

Almost Blue

Autor: Carlo Lucarelli
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 0099459434
File Size: 73,39 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 7051
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A serial killer is terrorising the people of Bologna and rookie Detective Inspector Grazia Negro is determined to solve the case. She only has one witness who can identify the killer - and he is blind. Simone spends his nights listening to Chet Baker and scanning the radio waves of the city, eavesdropping on other people's lives. He imagines what people are like - based on the 'colour' of their voice - and his acute hearing sets alarm bells ringing when he tunes in to the killer. Together Simone and Negro are the only people able to stop the killer, before he closes in on Simone. From the diverse perspectives of the detective, the blind Simone and the killer, Lucarelli, master of Italian noir, weaves a gripping thriller.

The Most Powerful Women In The Middle Ages

Autor: Melissa Rank
ISBN: 9781492173960
File Size: 38,80 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 5553
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The idea of a powerful woman in the Middle Ages seems like an oxymoron. Females in this time are imagined to be damsels in distress, trapped in a high tower, and waiting for knights to rescue them, all while wearing traffic-cones for a hat. After rescue, their lives improved little. Their career choices were to be a docile queen, housewife, or be burned at the stake for witchcraft. But what if this image of medieval women is a complete fiction? It turns out that it is. Powerful female rulers fill the Middle Ages. Anglo-Saxon queen Aethelflaed personally led armies into direct combat with Vikings in the 900s and saved England from foreign invasion. Byzantine Empress Theodora kept the empire from falling apart during the Nika Revolts and stopped her husband Justinian from fleeing Constantinople. Catherine of Siena almost single-handedly restored the papacy to Rome in the 1300s and navigated the brutal and male-dominated world of Italian politics. Joan of Arc completely reversed the fortunes of France in the Hundred Years War and commanded assaults on English fortresses despite being an illiterate 17-year-old peasant. This book will look at the lives of the ten most powerful women in the Middle Ages. Whether it is the famed scholar Anna Komnene, who wrote the first narrative history, or Ottoman Queen Mother Kösem Sultan, who ruled the Islamic empire through three of her sons - all these women held extraordinary levels of power at a time when women were thought to not have any. It will explore how they managed to ascend the throne, what made their accomplishments so notable, and the impact they had on their respective societies after their deaths. It will also describe the historical background of these women, their cultures, and what about it helped or hindered their rise.Their stories still echo down to today. They are a testimony to the resiliency of individuals to accomplish extraordinary things, even if society puts on them enormous constraints.