The Impostor Bride

Autor: Miriam Minger
Publisher: Walker Publishing
ISBN: 0982883595
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With a heavy heart, spirited but low-born Susanna Guthrie agrees to honor the deathbed request of the wealthy young woman who rescued her from a life of poverty. Masquerading as her benefactress, Susanna travels to the Virginia colony to take the dying heiress’ place as head of the sprawling tobacco plantation Briarwood…and to “marry wisely.” Once, she would have welcomed the attentions of handsome Adam Thornton. But now, consorting with a “hired hand” is unthinkable—though the raw, sensual power of the rugged plantation manager leaves Susanna breathless. Driven by a desire for vengeance, Adam is ruthlessly determined to win both Briarwood and its beautiful new mistress—only to be undone by a soul inflamed with passion…and a heart ennobled by love. "Defiant Impostor is entertaining, evocative, and powerful. Miriam Minger creates moods and characters you will remember long after you close the book." - Romantic Times “Miriam Minger is a master storyteller who illustrates the full gamut of emotions felt by her characters. Emotions so strong that you are pulled into the pages and into their lives.” – Inside Romance "With Miriam Minger, you're assured of a good read!" - Heartland Critiques *Originally published by Avon Books under the title Defiant Impostor. More Historical Romances by Miriam Minger: The O’Byrne Brides Series - WILD ANGEL WILD ROSES WILD MOONLIGHT The Man of My Dreams Series - SECRETS OF MIDNIGHT MY RUNAWAY HEART Captive Brides Collection - TWIN PASSIONS CAPTIVE ROSE THE PAGAN’S PRIZE Dangerous Masquerade Collection - THE BRIGAND BRIDE THE TEMPTRESS BRIDE THE IMPOSTOR BRIDE Contemporary Romance with a Historical Romance Twist - TO LOVE A BILLIONAIRE: THE SERIES Specially Priced Box Sets - CAPTIVE BRIDES COLLECTION DANGEROUS MASQUERADE COLLECTION THE O’BYRNE BRIDES THE MAN OF MY DREAMS

The Family Romance Of The Impostor Poet Thomas Chatterton

Autor: Louise J. Kaplan
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 9780520065659
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00 The enigma of Thomas Chatterton is investigated by Louise J. Kaplan, who untangles the counterfeiter from the artist, the troubled adolescent from the visionary poet, as she recreates the short life of a fatherless boy who found an authentic voice only in the realm of his imaginings. The enigma of Thomas Chatterton is investigated by Louise J. Kaplan, who untangles the counterfeiter from the artist, the troubled adolescent from the visionary poet, as she recreates the short life of a fatherless boy who found an authentic voice only in the realm of his imaginings.

The History And Romance Of Crime German And Austrian Prisons Prisons Of Prussia Bavaria Saxony And Austria Hungary The Fortresses Of Magdeburg And Spielberg

Autor: Arthur George Frederick Griffiths
Publisher: Library of Alexandria
ISBN: 146560667X
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Interest in penal matters in Germany and in Austria-Hungary centres rather in the nature and number of persons who commit crimes than the methods pursued in bringing them to justice or the places in which penalties have been imposed. The character and extent of crimes committed from time to time, attracts us more generally than the prisons designed and established for their punishment. This is the more marked because such prisons have not achieved any remarkable prominence or notoriety. They have been for the most part the ordinary institutions used for detention, repression and correction, more noted for the offenders they have held than their own imposing appearance, architectural pretensions, or the changes they have introduced in the administration of justice. Only in more recent years, since so-called penitentiary science has come to the front and the comparative value of prison systems has been much discussed, have certain institutions risen into prominence in Germany and become known as model prisons. These have been erected in various capitals of the empire, to give effect to new principles in force in the administration of justice. Among such places we may specify a few, such as Bruchsal in Baden; the Moabit prison in Berlin; the prison at Zwickau in Saxony; the prisons of Munich and Nürnberg in Bavaria and of Heilbronn in Württemberg. To these may be added the prisons of Stein on the Danube, of Marburg on the Drave, and of Pankraz Nusle near Prague in Austria-Hungary. Many others might be mentioned which have played an important part in the development of penitentiary institutions. The conflict of opinions as to prison treatment has raged continuously and as yet no uniform plan has been adopted for the whole German Empire. Each of the constituent states of the great aggregate body has maintained its independence in penal matters and the right to determine for itself the best method of punishing crime. At one time, after 1846, the theory of complete isolation was accepted in all German states, although the means to carry it into effect were not universally adopted. Reports from the United States had deeply impressed the authorities with the merits of solitary confinement, among others the well known Professor Mittermaier, one of the most notable judicial authorities of his time. But reaction came with another no less eminent expert, Von Holtzendorff, whose works on prison administration are still held in great esteem. After visiting Ireland, he was won over to the seeming advantages of the progressive system, the gradual change from complete isolation to comparative freedom, and he strongly favoured the policy of cellular imprisonment. His proposals laid hold of the practical German mind, and to-day the scheme of continuous isolation finds little support; it left its mark, however, in several prisons which will be referred to in the following pages.

The Impostor Prince

Autor: Tanya Anne Crosby
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 1459231473
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A deception of royal proportions had thrust Ian MacEwen into the very center of the ton's marriage mart, forcing him to choose a bride who would be queen. He'd wanted only to uncover answers denied him all his life. Instead he found Claire Wentworth, a fearless woman with grass-green eyes who needed his protection—and his love—whether she admitted it or not! Danger stalked her at every turn Claire Wentworth needed a champion, but what she got was a regal mystery. The man all London hailed as "Prince" instead struck her as a rogue adventurer—who could rouse her slumbering heart to wide-awake desire!

The Scottish Highland Series

Autor: Patricia Potter
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 1504048377
File Size: 49,81 MB
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A trio of courageous brothers face danger and love in sixteenth-century Scotland in these three enthralling romances from a USA Today–bestselling author. The men of the Maclean Clan are fierce warriors. From the battle of Flodden Field to the waters off the Spanish Coast, they fight to protect their homes and those they love. In this spellbinding Scottish Highland series, the Maclean brothers find unexpected romance with women who heal and stir their souls. Beloved Imposter: Felicia Campbell has set a plan in motion to escape her wedding to the lecherous old Earl of Morneith—but she’s interrupted when she’s abducted. Her fury turns to curiosity when she discovers her captor is the handsome Rory Maclean, her clan’s hated enemy. And Rory, who has sworn never to love again, finds himself daring to care for the fiery captive who could save his broken soul . . . Beloved Stranger: Lachlan Maclean rode with King James IV of Scotland to free his country from English tyranny. In the slaughter at Flodden Field, he’s thrown from his horse and awakes to the beautiful visage of Kimbra Carlton, a border woman whose husband was killed by a Scot, leaving her to fend for her daughter alone. Now, she can neither let the wounded Lachlan die nor let anyone know his heritage. But perhaps in healing him, she may heal her own heart . . . Beloved Warrior: Patrick Maclean spent years enslaved aboard a Spanish galleon. But after he leads his fellow oarsmen in an uprising, he finds himself in charge of not only the vessel but also a fetching young passenger: Juliana Mendoza, the ship owner’s niece. Juliana was bound for a wedding and a man she never wanted. But the more she comes to know Patrick and his honorable clan, the more she realizes that only she can decide her fate . . .

The Impostor S Kiss

Autor: Tanya Anne Crosby
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 1459243358
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SEPARATED AT BIRTH—REUNITED AT KNIFEPOINT! Merrick Welbourne never expected to discover a long-lost twin! Particularly one who'd rob him and leave him senseless on the road. Now living his brother's aristocratic life, he had new trials, tribulations…and temptations he'd never dreamed of. Not the least being Chloe Simon, she of rare mettle, proud heart and unmatchable beauty! Chloe Simon knew Lord Lindale was definitely not himself. After encountering the masked highwayman Hawk, he seemed…different. More approachable. More…desirable. And in stolen moments of startling intimacy, he made her feel like titled nobility. But she was only a doctor's daughter, with every reason to steer clear of his very kissable lips…!