The Passion Of Charles P Guy

Autor: Glenn H. Roe
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 0198718071
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The Passion of Charles Péguy examines the life and ideas of Charles Péguy (1873-1914), a major, albeit relatively under-investigated figure in the intellectual and literary history of early twentieth-century France. A poet, political thinker, and cultural critic, Péguy's decade-long polemic with the Sorbonne's positivist historians was one of the first significant challenges to the historicist approach to literature that would holdsway over much of the twentieth century. Through his contributions to the literary debates of his time, Glenn H. Roe contends that Péguy opens up a significant, and often overlooked, dialogue with French historicism and itsrelationship to modernity.

Diaries Real And Fictional In Twentieth Century French Writing

Autor: Sam Ferguson
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0192545825
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This volume is the first study of the diary in French writing across the twentieth century, as a genre which includes both fictional and non-fictional works. From the 1880s it became apparent to writers in France that their diaries—a supposedly private form of writing —would probably come to be published, strongly affecting the way their readers viewed their other published works, and their very persona as an author. More than any other, André Gide embraced the literary potential of the diary: the first part of this book follows his experimentation with the diary in the fictional works Les Cahiers d'André Walter (1891) and Paludes (1895), in his diary of the composition of his great novel, Le Journal des faux-monnayeurs (1926), and in his monumental Journal 1889-1939 (1939). The second part follows developments in diary-writing after the Second World War, inflected by radical changes in attitudes towards the writing subject. Raymond Queneau's works published under the pseudonym of Sally Mara (1947-1962) used the diary playfully at a time when the writing subject was condemned by the literary avant-garde. Roland Barthes's experiments with the diary (1977-1979) took it to the extremes of its formal possibilities, at the point of a return of the writing subject. Annie Ernaux's published diaries (1993-2011) demonstrate the role of the diary in the modern field of life-writing. Throughout the century, the diary has repeatedly been used to construct an oeuvre and author, but also to call these fundamental literary concepts into question.

Enlightenment Passion Modernity

Autor: Mark S. Micale
Publisher: Stanford University Press
ISBN: 9780804731164
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Enriched by the methods and insights of social history, the history of mentalites, linguistics, anthropology, literary theory, and art history, intellectual and cultural history are experiencing a renewed vitality. The far-ranging essays in this volume, by an internationally distinguished group of scholars, represent a generous sampling of these new studies."

Passion For The Human Subject

Autor: Bernard Penot
Publisher: Karnac Books
ISBN: 9781855755864
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Each one of us has to be born "inter urinas et faeces", as St. Augustine so strikingly put it. More recently, Freud's 1915 discovery of 'instincts' - that is, 'drives' - and their 'viscitudes' leads us further to envision a human subjectivity that would have nothing mataphysical about it. The baby's "feeling of himself" first arises in the midst of the earliest interactions with his parental partner, establishing his 'drive monatges' whose acomplishment forms a circuit latching on to something in the first other.In the course of these early interactions, the 'new subject' evoked by Freud will gradually take on its own qualities, accoridng to the signifcations that it can grasp in the primordial partner's messages, responding to the baby's manifestation of needs. One of Lacan's key ideas is that 'signifiers' are percieved first of all in the Other. The Freudian subject may then be defined as 'an agent of corporeal energy caught up in a signifying relation with his parental other (already a subject)'. As a conseqeuence of the newborn's 'prematurity and subjection', the incomparable development of human subjectivity occurs through a sort of passion - the same passion that must be revisited in every psychoanalytic treatment. And what could be more 'passionately'engaging than the precariousness of this complex function? The preconditions for it appear most clearly when the psychoanalysis runs up against its own limits - for example, when dealing with grave problems of 'subjectivisation' in the adolescent.

Une Passion Fran Aise

Autor: Roger Thérond
Publisher: Filipacchi Publishing
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Une passion française vous invite à la visite privée d'une des plus importantes collections du monde, celle de Roger Therond. Directeur général et " l'œil " de Paris Match, il montre pour la première fois son " champ de rêves " : " En trente ans, j'ai franchi les trois étapes du collectionneur: jeu, chasse, aujourd'hui sérénité. Après avoir beaucoup travaillé et beaucoup aimé, on se surprend à revenir sur ce que l'on a réuni. On s'aperçoit que s'inscrivent dans vos choix, en filigrane, votre jeunesse, vos souvenirs, vos fantasmes, avoués ou non. On se trouve sans s'être cherché. Votre démarche est privée et rêvée. Comment S'imposent le port de Sète, et Rome, et Athènes et Istanbul, et l'Egypte des Pharaons et notre Narbonnaise ? Que viennent faire ici les réminiscences d'une France médiévale et son accès à la modernité ? Et la gloire et la chute de l'Empire ? Pourquoi s'attarder sur ces hommes et ces femmes du XXe siècle qui allaient bouleverser l'art de la photographie ? Est-ce le fruit d'une élaboration peaufinée, d'un hasard productif, d'une volonté secrète ? D'une nonchalance égocentrique ?... Quoi qu'il en soit, montrer sa collection c'est la perdre. Elle est à vous. " Une passion française is a private tour of one of the world's major collections of vintage photographs, that of Roger Therond, Editor in Chief and "The Eye" of Paris Match. It present for the first time what he calls his "Dream Sampler": "In thirty years, 1 have passed through the three phases of collecting: play, hunt, and today serenity. After having worked and loved a great deal, 1 catch myself thinking again about what I have assembled. I realize that my choices were interwoven with memories of youth and fantasies, whether conscious or not. We find ourselves without having looked for ourselves. It is a private way, like dreaming. What connects the port of Sète and Rome, Athens and Istanbul ? The Egypt of the pharaohs and the Narbonnaise ? Why these memories of medieval France and its march into modernity ? Or the rise and fall of the Empire ? Why dwell on these 20thcentury men and women who were to revolutionize the art of photography ? Is it a product of refined elaboration, creative chance, a secret will, or egocentric whim ? ... Whatever, to show a collection is to lose it. Now it is yours".

A Chambermaid S Diary

Autor: Octav Mirbeau
ISBN: 9781720839552
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The main character of the novel, Célestine tells the story. Rather open heartedly she describes the years of her work in the houses of wealthy bourgeois people, without omitting a single erotic episode. Following the Célestine's story, the reader feels himself as if watching a film about the life of so-called "decent" people that was shot through a keyhole, and he discovers wickedness and numerous harmful addictions in the high society.