Mc Knight

Autor: L. Ann Marie
ISBN: 9781517047399
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Format: PDF
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Knight's bedroom interests are not simple. He's always kept busy as the VP of the MC. But, it's been a long time since a girl has caught his attention, but Jess wants nothing to do with him. Persistence pays off, and after six months of asking, she finally agrees to go out with Knight. He can't believe his eyes when he sees her out of her business suit for the first time. Her unshakeable demeanor and honesty have him hooked from the beginning. Taking her to the club for a drink is the worst thing he could have done...Sparks fly from the first day--heating up the bedroom, desk, shower or wherever and however Knight wants it. Jess is the perfect sub for his dominant personality. Now Knight has to keep her safe from men who live with no rules. He struggles with being a soldier in the MC and how his life affects Jess.Accepting the MC lifestyle, Jess is happy to work just to be happy. She makes an impact with the members of the MC and gains their respect. She shows her strength daily but never more so than when Knight needs it most. Over the years she proves that respect is not given in error. Jess tries to hide her condition from the MC but ends up with more of their respect because of the secret that never really was...**CONTENT WARNING: This book contains adult sexual situation and strong language and is intended for audiences 18+ ONLY**

Spying Eyes

Autor: L. Ann Marie
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781533504661
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Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Raised by a father who is somewhat reserved, Dakota Lightfoot finds a whole new world when he is patched in to the Princes of Prophecy. With his abilities and natural leadership, he quickly finds his home with this new Brotherhood. Jessie LaPonte-James has always known he would be part of a trio, much as his father, Danny, and Kate are, and always believed that Darren would be by his side with Jess Baxter. But what happens when one of the three isn't as in-tune with the plan as the others? This is the story of Jess, Dakota and Jessie.

The Purpose Of Romans

Autor: L. Ann Jervis
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 0567016676
File Size: 51,83 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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This book analyses the structure and content of the four epistolary sections of a Pauline letter most directly related to the question of purpose: the opening formula, the thanksgiving, the apostolic 'Parousia' and the conclusion. Jervis proposes that while the concerns of the letter involve Paul's missionary plans and his desire to establish himself as the Roman Christians' leader in the faith, the primary function of Romans is for Paul to make available to Christians at Rome the good news in all of its power. Romans is written to fulfil Paul's mandate to establish and nurture his Roman readers in a life of faith marked by obedience and holiness to preach the gospel to them.

Galatians Understanding The Bible Commentary Series

Autor: L. Ann Jervis
Publisher: Baker Books
ISBN: 1441236503
File Size: 53,42 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 4683
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The Understanding the Bible Commentary Series helps readers navigate the strange and sometimes intimidating literary terrain of the Bible. These accessible volumes break down the barriers between the ancient and modern worlds so that the power and meaning of the biblical texts become transparent to contemporary readers. The contributors tackle the task of interpretation using the full range of critical methodologies and practices, yet they do so as people of faith who hold the text in the highest regard. Pastors, teachers, and lay people alike will cherish the truth found in this commentary series.

One Family One Heart

Autor: L. Ann Eynon
Publisher: First Edition Design Pub.
ISBN: 1622870638
File Size: 29,12 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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A painfully honest, heart-warming, family love story covering nearly twenty years beginning with the author's thought ... I do not want to be my mother with my little girls. I do not want to be screaming at them. The book is an openly honest, very personal, inspirational memoir of change within a family beginning with a thought in late summer 1981.. I do not want to slap and scream at my young daughters. I do not want to be my mother. She was looking for something. She didn't know what she didn't know.

At The Heart Of The Gospel

Autor: L. Ann Jervis
Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing
ISBN: 0802839932
File Size: 20,82 MB
Format: PDF
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Suffering, while part of the human condition, is a state of being we would rather ignore. L. Ann Jervis here presents a convincing argument that human suffering is worth considering, and she offers the words of Paul as proof. Paul's insights into the predicament and significance of suffering provide the foundation for some of Christianity's most profound and unique contributions to understanding human life. Examination of three of his letters -- Thessalonians, Philippians, and Romans -- reveals his important reflections on accepting the suffering of believers with the conviction that, even as we suffer, God's plan for creation does not include suffering, and God will ultimately banish it. As a result, believing sufferers are not victims of suffering. Jervis hopes that hearing Paul's words on suffering in a fresh light may allow readers to be deeply marked, like the saints and shapers of Christianity, by the power of a gospel of which it is not necessary to be ashamed, precisely because it is not easy but transformative.

Restoring Neighborhood Streams

Autor: Ann L. Riley
Publisher: Island Press
ISBN: 1610917413
File Size: 44,77 MB
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Thirty years ago, the best thinking on urban stream management prescribed cement as the solution to flooding and other problems of people and flowing water forced into close proximity. Urban streams were perceived as little more than flood control devices designed to hurry water through cities and neighborhoods with scant thought for aesthetics or ecological considerations. Stream restoration pioneers like hydrologist Ann Riley thought differently. She and other like-minded field scientists imagined that by restoring ecological function, and with careful management, streams and rivers could be a net benefit to cities, instead of a net liability. In the intervening decades, she has spearheaded numerous urban stream restoration projects and put to rest the long-held misconception that degraded urban streams are beyond help. What has been missing, however, is detailed guidance for restoration practitioners wanting to undertake similar urban stream restoration projects that worked with, rather than against, nature. This book presents the author's thirty years of practical experience managing long-term stream and river restoration projects in heavily degraded urban environments. Riley provides a level of detail only a hands-on design practitioner would know, including insights on project design, institutional and social context of successful projects, and how to avoid costly and time-consuming mistakes. Early chapters clarify terminology and review strategies and techniques from historical schools of restoration thinking. But the heart of the book comprises the chapters containing nine case studies of long-term stream restoration projects in northern California. Although the stories are local, the principles, methods, and tools are universal, and can be applied in almost any city in the world.

Degrees Of Inequality

Autor: Ann L. Mullen
Publisher: JHU Press
ISBN: 9780801899126
File Size: 32,65 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Moving interviews with 100 students at the two institutions highlight how American higher education reinforces the same inequities it has been aiming to transcend.


Autor: Ann Burckhardt
Publisher: Capstone Press
ISBN: 9781560654483
File Size: 37,88 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Simple text introduces apples, and instructions are given for making an apple pomander.