Joelito S Big Decision Hardcover

Autor: Ann Berlak
ISBN: 9780997979756
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At McMann's burger place, Joelito finds his best friend Brandon in a crowd protesting the low pay his parents earn at the fast food restaurant. Will Joelito cross the picket line for a tasty burger? Find out in Joelito's Big Decision ((La Gran Decision de Joelito).), in English & Spanish.

Psychologie De La D Cision 3e Dition

Autor: Pierre Lainey
Publisher: Editions JFD
ISBN: 2924651379
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Décider est une activité quotidienne que l’on fait presque automatiquement sans se poser de questions. Certaines décisions interpellent une réflexion plus approfondie qui peut être supportée par divers outils analytiques. On oublie toutefois trop souvent que le principal outil de décision que l’on devrait mieux connaître est le cerveau humain. Loin d’être infaillible, le cerveau peut amener l’individu à faire des choix qui ne sont pas à son avantage sans même qu’il ne s’en rende compte. Mieux on connaît ces défaillances inhérentes au processus décisionnel, plus il sera facile de s’en prémunir pour prendre des décisions de meilleure qualité. Le présent ouvrage vise à exposer les mécanismes cognitifs, affectifs et collectifs inhérents au processus décisionnel qui comporte cinq étapes : cadrer le problème, recueillir des informations, générer des options, choisir et apprendre de l’expérience. Chacune de ces étapes fait l’objet d’une analyse de ses éléments constitutifs dans le but de mettre en évidence à la fois la complexité et les défis inhérents au processus décisionnel. On aborde également le contexte du décideur et les contraintes que le contexte lui impose, la prise de décision collective, l’incertitude et le risque, le rôle des émotions et de l’intuition dans la prise de décision ainsi que l’éthique. La portée de cet ouvrage n’est pas d’être exhaustif sur le plan théorique, mais bien de procurer les bases concrètes à partir desquelles le décideur sera en mesure de prendre de meilleures décisions.

The Decision

Autor: Britta Böhler
Publisher: Haus Publishing
ISBN: 1910376221
File Size: 73,36 MB
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This intriguing novel follows German author Thomas Mann during three crucial days in 1936. Away in Switzerland and fearing arrest by the Nazis upon his return to Germany, Mann must choose whether to travel back to Munich. He decides to release an open letter to the regime in a Swiss newspaper but is then tortured by doubt: his Jewish publisher in Germany will be furious with the unwelcome attention Mann’s letter is sure to bring, and by choosing exile, isn’t the writer abandoning his loyal readers back home? Will the Nazis burn his books? Will they confiscate his diaries, which include intimate, homoerotic confessions? Britta Böhler shows us one of the twentieth century’s greatest writers as a family man, a father, a writer, and a man with moral doubts. We see a human soul trapped in a historical setting that forces him to make a seemingly impossible choice. A convincing depiction of a dilemma addressed only sparsely in Mann’s own writings, The Decision eloquently explores the all-too-human price of confronting totalitarianism.

Smart Decisions

Autor: Thomas N. Martin
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1137537000
File Size: 12,21 MB
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Today's world is complex and getting more so each day. Huge multinational corporations, international crisis and fast breaking events require most people to make decisions on a daily basis without the tools to understand the long term impact that today's decision might create. Because most people have never really been trained in how to make important complex decisions most people rely on experience, and 'gut reaction' which is okay for many decisions, but not okay for decision that will have meaningful impact on organizations and individual. Decision makers need to develop the art and science of strategic decision making. Here, Professor Thomas Martin explains the need for decision makers to modify their thinking about how they deal with acquiring and analyzing information in each of the decision-making process steps. This approach requiring thinking modification will lengthen the process, make it more complex, and to some more arduous, but the comprehensiveness of the new thinking approach should lead to improved and more effective decision making. In this book, Dr. Martin presents a thinking modification framework that asserts that in the decision-making process, there are three situational states — a current state, future state, and a transitional state that one must deliberate in finding a solution. For each of these situational states, Martin develops an identical five-step process to determine the best decision to make. The steps of this process include: • Change-Needing Situational Analysis • Challenge Framing & Causal Analysis • Generating Solution Ideas • Choosing a Solution Set • Implementation and Aftermath Planning This book will appeal to decision makers, leaders, and students of management who want a specific framework that details the process behind making strategic, well-informed decisions.

Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis State Of The Art Surveys

Autor: Salvatore Greco
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 0387230815
File Size: 45,69 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis: State of the Art Surveys provides survey articles and references of the seminal or state-of-the-art research on MCDA. The material covered ranges from the foundations of MCDA, over various MCDA methodologies (outranking methods, multiattribute utility and value theories, non-classical approaches) to multiobjective mathematical programming, MCDA applications, and software. This vast amount of material is organized in 8 parts, with a total of 25 chapters. More than 2000 references are listed.

The Future Of Decision Making

Autor: R. Schank
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 0230110398
File Size: 16,34 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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We now possess the capability to make great business decisions in even the most difficult situations with the use of today's advanced software capability. The authors, who are experts in the field, explain the new science of decision-making and offer examples and advice that will enable readers put it to use in their organizations.