The New Science And Jesuit Science

Autor: M. Feingold
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9401703612
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This volume makes an important contribution toward a nuanced appreciation of the Jesuits' interaction with "modernity", and a greater recognition of their contribution to the mathematization of natural philosophy and experimental science. The six essays provide a cross-section of the complex Jesuit encounter with the mathematical sciences during the 17th century.

The Early Spanish Main

Autor: Sauer
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521088480
File Size: 22,43 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Carl O. Sauer uses contemporary sources to place the history of the early Spanish Main in a fresh context.

A Mother For Choco

Autor: Keiko Kasza
Publisher: Putnam Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780399241918
File Size: 16,55 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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A lonely little bird named Choco goes in search of a mother. On board pages.

Fairy Tales

Autor: Marie Catherine Baronne D'Aulnoy
ISBN: 9781409949848
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Marie-Catherine, Baronne d'Aulnoy, nee Le Jumel de Barneville in Barneville-la-Bertran (1651-1705) was a French writer known for her fairy tales. When she termed her works Contes de Fee (Fairy Tales, 1697), she originated the term that is now generally used for the genre. In 1666, she was given at the age of sixteen in an arranged marriage to a Parisian thirty years older- Francois de la Motte, Baron d'Aulnoy, of the household of the duc de Vend?'me. In 1669, the Baron d'Aulnoy was accused of treason but the accusations, in which Mme d'Aulnoy appeared to be involved, proved to be false. She published twelve books including three pseudo-memoirs, two fairy tale collections and three "historical" novels. Gaining the reputation as a historian and recorder of tales from outside of France, and elected as a member of Paduan Accademia dei Ricovvati, she was called by the name of the muse of history, Clio. Her works include: Histoire d'Hippolyte: Comte de Duglas (History of Hippolyte: Count of Duglas, 1690) and Contes Nouveaux; ou, Les Fees a la Mode (New Tales; or, Fairies in Fashion, 1698).

Predatory States

Autor: J. Patrice McSherry
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
ISBN: 0742568709
File Size: 34,51 MB
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This powerful work makes a compelling case that U.S. forces secretly condoned and assisted the implementation of Operation Condor, a covert Latin American military network created during the Cold War to facilitate the seizure and murder of political opponents across state borders. Drawing on a wealth of primary sources, J. Patrice McSherry provides a hidden history of the Cold War through her analysis of the intelligence networks, security structures, coordinated operations, and international connections of Condor. Revealing new details of Condor operations and fresh evidence of links to the U.S. security establishment, this controversial work offers an original analysis of the use of secret, parallel armies in Western counterinsurgency strategies. It will be a clarion call to all readers to consider the long-term consequences of clandestine operations in the name of 'democracy.'

Cinderella And The Hot Air Balloon

Autor: Ann Jungman
ISBN: 9781845077105
File Size: 42,87 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Using a humorous twist on a traditional fairy tale, Cinderella and the Hot Air Balloon features a feisty heroine who would rather throw her own party than go to the boring old ball. Luckily Prince Charming decides to attend.Ages 4-7

Children Of Fate

Autor: Nara B. Milanich
Publisher: Duke University Press
ISBN: 0822391295
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In modern Latin America, profound social inequalities have persisted despite the promise of equality. Nara B. Milanich argues that social and legal practices surrounding family and kinship have helped produce and sustain these inequalities. Tracing families both elite and plebeian in late-nineteenth- and early-twentieth-century Chile, she focuses on a group largely invisible in Latin American historiography: children. The concept of family constituted a crucial dimension of an individual’s identity and status, but also denoted a privileged set of gendered and generational dependencies that not all people could claim. Children of Fate explores such themes as paternity, illegitimacy, kinship, and child circulation over the course of eighty years of Chile’s modern history to illuminate the ways family practices and ideologies powerfully shaped the lives of individuals as well as broader social structures. Milanich pays particular attention to family law, arguing that liberal legal reforms wrought in the 1850s, which left the paternity of illegitimate children purposely unrecorded, reinforced not only patriarchal power but also hierarchies of class. Through vivid stories culled from judicial and notarial sources and from a cache of documents found in the closet of a Santiago orphanage, she reveals how law and bureaucracy helped create an anonymous underclass bereft of kin entitlements, dependent on the charity of others, and marginalized from public bureaucracies. Milanich also challenges the recent scholarly emphasis on state formation by highlighting the enduring importance of private, informal, and extralegal relations of power within and across households. Children of Fate demonstrates how the study of children can illuminate the social organization of gender and class, liberalism, law, and state power in modern Latin America.

International Folkloristics

Autor: Alan Dundes
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
ISBN: 1461637856
File Size: 10,56 MB
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International folkloristics is a worldwide discipline in which scholars study various forms of folklore ranging from myth, folktale, and legend to custom and belief. In this volume, twenty classic essays, beginning with a piece by Jacob Grimm, reveal the evolving theoretical underpinnings of folkloristics from its nineteenth century origins to its academic coming-of-age in the twentieth century.