The Work Of Psychic Figurability

Autor: César Botella
Publisher: Psychology Press
ISBN: 9781583918159
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The majority of psychoanalysts today agree that the analytic setting faces them daily with certain aspects of their work for which the answers provided by an analytic theory centred exclusively on the notion of representation prove insufficient. On the basis of their experience of analytic practice and illustrated by fascinating clinical material, César and Sára Botella set out to address what they call the work of figurability as a way of outlining the passage from the unrepresentable to the representational. They develop a conception of psychic functioning, which is essentially grounded in the inseparability of the negative, trauma, and the emergence of intelligibility, and describe the analyst's work of figurability arising from the formal regression of his thinking during the session, which proves to be the best and perhaps the only means of access to this state beyond the mnemic trace which is memory without recollection. The Work of Psychic Figurability argues that taking this work into consideration at the heart of the theory of practice is indispensable. Without this, the analytic process is too often in danger of slipping into interminable analyses, into negative therapeutic reactions, or indeed, into disappointing successive analyses.

The Analytical Process

Autor: Thierry Bokanowski
Publisher: Karnac Books
ISBN: 1782204482
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The term “psychoanalytical process”, though occurring but rarely in Freud’s works, has become firmly established nowadays despite being hard to define, explain, or pin down in conceptual or in meta-psychological terms. Although "psychoanalytic process" is often employed as equivalent to “psychoanalytic work”, currents of thought that draw on the idea display a certain ambivalence, for it can relate both to a theory of treatment (the practice of analysis) and to a theory of mind (a theory of psychic functioning). Hence, after examining the conceptual developments in the work of Freud and certain subsequent thinkers, the author then bases his remarks on the observation that study of the heterogeneity of mental functioning has given rise to an attendant conceptual heterogeneity which is illustrative of the infinite complexity of the psychic issues involved in any analysis. Before developing his own original perspectives about the consequences of the heterogeneity of psychic functioning, the author examines how various practitioners have approached this subject since Freud. He shows how each has shed useful new light on this issue, leading to a diversity of points of view, thereby justifying the idea of the "process" within psychoanalytic treatment.

Le Fil Rouge Du D Sir

Autor: Lisa Marie Rice
Publisher: J'ai Lu
ISBN: 2290064742
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Traquée par la mafia, Julia Devaux bénéficie du programme de protection des témoins et se retrouve parachutée dans l’Idaho. Adieu Boston et son passionnant métier d’éditrice ! Julia devient Sally, institutrice à Simpson, où la seule chose vraiment excitante est Sam Cooper, l’ex-Navy SEAL. Un homme sombre, énigmatique, taciturne mais qui enflamme les nuits de Julia. Elle sait pourtant leur histoire condamnée puisqu’elle s’en ira dès la fin du procès auquel elle doit témoigner. À moins que le tueur sans âme lancé à ses trousses ne la retrouve avant...

Les Enfers Indiens

Autor: Marc Tiefenauer
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9004360425
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In Les enfers indiens, Marc Tiefenauer explores the history of representations of hell in India, from the first literary sources until today.

Internationales Ciuti Forum

Autor: Martin Forstner
Publisher: Peter Lang
ISBN: 9783039103775
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Auf dem Arbeitsmarkt sind heute mehr denn je hohe und hochste Qualitat, Effizienz und Flexibilitat der Arbeitnehmer gefragt. Das gilt auch fur Ubersetzer und Dolmetscher. Hochschulen, die Ubersetzer- und Dolmetscher ausbilden, haben es sich folglich zur Aufgabe zu machen, diesen Kriterien zu entsprechen, d.h. ihre Programme und Ausbildungsmethoden neuen Forderungen anzupassen. Um aber diesen Anforderungen des Arbeitsmarktes gerecht werden zu konnen, ist eine regelmassige Zusammenarbeit zwischen Lehre und Praxis unbedingt erforderlich, ein Tatbestand, dem bisher nur sporadisch und punktuell Rechnung getragen wurde. Das CIUTI-Forum hat es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht, eine Plattform fur einen konstruktiven Meinungsaustausch zwischen Lehre und Praxis zu schaffen. Die Teilnehmer beleuchten das Profil des Ubersetzers von beiden Seiten. Dabei werden auch neue Mittel und Wege des methodologischen Vorgehens in der Ausbildung aufgezeigt, um den neuen Anforderungen gerecht zu werden. Andererseits stellt der Markt hier neue, institutionalisierte Gremien vor, die sich vor einem weltweiten, innovativen Vorgehen in Richtung Zusammenarbeit mit den Hochschulen nicht scheuen."