Dictionary Of Untranslatables

Autor: Barbara Cassin
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 1400849918
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Characters in some languages, particularly Hebrew and Arabic, may not display properly due to device limitations. Transliterations of terms appear before the representations in foreign characters. This is an encyclopedic dictionary of close to 400 important philosophical, literary, and political terms and concepts that defy easy--or any--translation from one language and culture to another. Drawn from more than a dozen languages, terms such as Dasein (German), pravda (Russian), saudade (Portuguese), and stato (Italian) are thoroughly examined in all their cross-linguistic and cross-cultural complexities. Spanning the classical, medieval, early modern, modern, and contemporary periods, these are terms that influence thinking across the humanities. The entries, written by more than 150 distinguished scholars, describe the origins and meanings of each term, the history and context of its usage, its translations into other languages, and its use in notable texts. The dictionary also includes essays on the special characteristics of particular languages--English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish. Originally published in French, this one-of-a-kind reference work is now available in English for the first time, with new contributions from Judith Butler, Daniel Heller-Roazen, Ben Kafka, Kevin McLaughlin, Kenneth Reinhard, Stella Sandford, Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, Jane Tylus, Anthony Vidler, Susan Wolfson, Robert J. C. Young, and many more.The result is an invaluable reference for students, scholars, and general readers interested in the multilingual lives of some of our most influential words and ideas. Covers close to 400 important philosophical, literary, and political terms that defy easy translation between languages and cultures Includes terms from more than a dozen languages Entries written by more than 150 distinguished thinkers Available in English for the first time, with new contributions by Judith Butler, Daniel Heller-Roazen, Ben Kafka, Kevin McLaughlin, Kenneth Reinhard, Stella Sandford, Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, Jane Tylus, Anthony Vidler, Susan Wolfson, Robert J. C. Young, and many more Contains extensive cross-references and bibliographies An invaluable resource for students and scholars across the humanities

Renaissance Women Writers

Autor: Anne R. Larsen
Publisher: Wayne State University Press
ISBN: 9780814324738
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Renaissance Women Writers is the first book entirely dedicated to the study of French women writers of the early modern period. The twelve essays, reflecting current trends in Renaissance scholarship in the United States, analyze the formation of women's literary identity by exploring the works of eight of the most frequently read women writers of this period. The genres considered include sonnets (Louise Labe, Catherine des Roches); elegies (Louise Labe, Pernette du Guillet); memoirs (Marguerite de Valois); novellas (Marguerite de Navarre); translations, plays, and dialogues (Catherine des Roches, Marguerite de Navarre); dedicatory epistles (Louise Labe, Helisenne de Crenne, Jeanne Flore, Marie de Gournay); and novels (Marie de Gournay). Although the essays differ considerably in approach - spanning historical, textual and intertextual, political, and psychoanalytic, or drawing on structuralist and post-structuralist theories of narrative and reader reception - each views the text from a feminist perspective. The essays are grouped into three sections that reflect major characteristics of the works of French Renaissance women. Part One examines three revisionary practices in relation to dominant codes: women writers define a female reading community to empower the female speaker; demystify the illusion of mastery inscribed in male myths and encode these myths with the topos of female creative bonding; and privilege the "private" over the "public" in a genre such as the memoirs that was hitherto limited to narrating public events. Part Two focuses on the female body, an object mastered and seduced in male ideology. The essays discuss how women writers de-emphasize and ultimately transcend the female body. Finally, the essays in Part Three deal for the most part with the "politics of reception" by examining how women writers maneuver within the social restrictions of their time to negotiate their entry into the public world of print. A collective awareness of the determining role of gender marks the essays in this volume, providing fresh insights into the works of Renaissance women writers.

Andr Malraux

Autor: David Bevan
Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP
ISBN: 0773561072
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The two principal axes of inquiry are Malraux's ongoing quest for a dimension of transcendence within human life and, at lest as compelling, his search for the most appropriate and effective means by which to express a changing awareness of just what that dimension might be. Not surprisingly, in a world apparently doomed to languish in the spectral shadow of Death, there are certain constants: a yearning for some fraternity to combat man's essential solitude, a refusal to sink without effort into the vortex of the Absurd, a conviciton that life is to be lived fully and intensely. The human condition is what it is. The ways in which Malraux's characters, and of course Malraux himself, cope with this condition reveal a clear evolution, especially from the 1933 novel La condition humaine onwards. The reader follows Malraux from playful adolescence through the dichotomy of anguish and glorification in his middle years, towards the primarily interrogative utterances of the mature man. The often frivolous, sometimes sardonic, humour of youth gives way first to a painful recognition of the abyss, then to the discovery of a very tentative equilibrium in the philosophy of metamorphosis espoused by an older Malraux. André Malraux: Towards the Expression of Transcendence reveals the principal steps by which Malraux achieved that equilibrium.

Fran Ois Truffaut

Autor: Anne Gillain
Publisher: Indiana University Press
ISBN: 025300845X
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“Truffaut fans will love this English translation of Gillain’s work drawing on the psychology and cinematography of the acclaimed filmmaker.” —Booklist For François Truffaut, the lost secret of cinematic art is in the ability to generate emotion and reveal repressed fantasies through cinematic representation. Available in English for the first time, Anne Gillain’s François Truffaut: The Lost Secret is considered by many to be the best book on the interpretation of Truffaut’s films. Taking a psycho-biographical approach, Gillain shows how Truffaut’s creative impulse was anchored in his personal experience of a traumatic childhood that left him lonely and emotionally deprived. In a series of brilliant, nuanced readings of each of his films, she demonstrates how involuntary memories arising from Truffaut’s childhood not only furnish a succession of motifs that are repeated from film to film, but also govern every aspect of his mise en scène and cinematic technique. “Brilliant . . . A delicious reexamination . . . that will make us want to sit down and take in all of Truffaut’s wonderful filmography at once.” —PopMatters

Taking Humour Seriously

Autor: Mr Jerry Palmer
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134851383
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First published in 1993. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

The Diary Of Sigmund Freud 1929 1939

Autor: Sigmund Freud
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De korte en-liniede indførsler i Freuds dagbog udførligt kommenterede på baggrund af brevvekslinger m.m. Med en kort introduktion til hvert år.

Sigmund Freud

Autor: Ralph Steadman
Publisher: Willowdale, Ont. : Firefly Books
ISBN: 9781552091746
File Size: 14,92 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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The renowned illustrator presents a pictorial fantasy on Sigmund Freud, turning each major event in Freud's life into a "joking situation" based on the techniques discussed in Freud's Jokes and their relation to the unconscious.

The Lady Of Linshui

Autor: Brigitte Baptandier
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This book is a detailed examination of a Chinese women's cult that confronts the dangers of pregnancy, childbirth, and childhood diseases.