Autor: Theresa Urbainczyk
Publisher: Bristol Classical Press
ISBN: 9781853996689
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For many today Spartacus is Kirk Douglas. The influence of Kubrick's film has been enormous, but Spartacus was famous before 1960. For hundreds of years he has been a byword for resistance, revolution and the fight for freedom. He has given his name to a revolutionary party in Germany and a political group in the USA; he is the subject of several novels and films, and even a ballet. Though only a slave, he is as famous as Julius Caesar. Not much information, and much of it negative, survives about him from the ancient world, yet his reputation has survived this character assassination and he is still famous as a popular hero two thousand years after his death. Theresa Urbainczyk explores the man and the myth in this fascinating short treatment of an icon of revolution.

What Is Cultural History

Autor: Peter Burke
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0745658679
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What is Cultural History? has established itself as an essential guide to what cultural historians do and how they do it. Now fully updated in its second edition, leading historian Peter Burke offers afresh his accessible guide to the past, present and future of cultural history, as it has been practised not only in the English-speaking world, but also in Continental Europe, Asia, South America and elsewhere. Burke begins by providing a discussion of the ‘classic’ phase of cultural history, associated with Jacob Burckhardt and Johan Huizinga, and of the Marxist reaction, from Frederick Antal to Edward Thompson. He then charts the rise of cultural history in more recent times, concentrating on the work of the last generation, often described as the ‘New Cultural History'. He places cultural history in its own cultural context, noting links between new approaches to historical thought and writing and the rise of feminism, postcolonial studies and an everyday discourse in which the idea of culture plays an increasingly important part. The new edition also surveys the very latest developments in the field and considers the directions cultural history may be taking in the twenty-first century. The second edition of What is Cultural History? will continue to be an essential textbook for all students of history as well as those taking courses in cultural, anthropological and literary studies.

The Arab Israeli Conflict

Autor: T.G. Fraser
Publisher: Macmillan International Higher Education
ISBN: 1137387459
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T. G. Fraser clearly sets out the basic arguments on each side of the Arab-Israeli conflict, and traces their evolution from 1945 to the present day. Concise and balanced, this text takes into account the latest scholarship on the topic, and presents it in a compelling and accessible manner.

The Enlightenment

Autor: Dorinda Outram
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1139620126
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Debate over the meaning of 'Enlightenment' began in the eighteenth century and still continues to this day. This period saw the opening of arguments on the nature of man, truth, the place of God and the international circulation of ideas, people and gold. But did the Enlightenment mean the same for men and women, for rich and poor, for Europeans and non-Europeans? In the third edition of her acclaimed book, Dorinda Outram addresses these and other questions about the Enlightenment as controversy increases about its place at the foundation of modernity. She studies it as a global phenomenon, setting the period against broader social changes. This new edition offers a new chapter on political economy, a completely revised further reading section and a new feature on electronic sources to stimulate primary research. This accessible overview will be essential reading for students of eighteenth-century history, philosophy and the history of ideas.

The Inevitable Alliance

Autor: V. Parsi
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1403983003
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Parsi defends U.S. foreign policy for its current understanding of the 'new world disorder,' despite expressing his concern over the unilateralism shown by the present U.S. administration. Parsi is optimistic about the relationship between the U.S. and Europe and argues that as both sides remember the values that unite them, it will grow stronger.