Random Family

Autor: Adrian Nicole LeBlanc
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1439124892
File Size: 68,89 MB
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Random Family tells the American outlaw saga lurking behind the headlines of gangsta glamour, gold-drenched drug dealers, and street-corner society. With an immediacy made possible only after ten years of reporting, Adrian Nicole LeBlanc immerses the reader in the mind-boggling intricacies of the little-known ghetto world. She charts the tumultuous cycle of the generations, as girls become mothers, mothers become grandmothers, boys become criminals, and hope struggles against deprivation. Two romances thread through Random Family: the sexually charismatic nineteen-year-old Jessica's dizzying infatuation with a hugely successful young heroin dealer, Boy George, and fourteen-year-old Coco's first love with Jessica's little brother, Cesar, an aspiring thug. Fleeing from family problems, the young couples try to outrun their destinies. Chauffeurs whisk them to getaways in the Poconos and to nightclubs. They cruise the streets in Lamborghinis and customized James Bond cars. Jessica and Boy George ride the wild adventure between riches and ruin, while Coco and Cesar stick closer to the street, all four caught in a precarious dance between life and death. Friends get murdered; the DEA and FBI investigate Boy George's business activities; Cesar becomes a fugitive; Jessica and Coco endure homelessness, betrayal, the heartbreaking separation of prison, and throughout it all, the insidious damage of poverty. Together, then apart, the teenagers make family where they find it. Girls look for excitement and find trouble; boys, searching for adventure, join crews and prison gangs. Coco moves upstate to dodge the hazards of the Bronx; Jessica seeks solace in romance. Both find that love is the only place to go. A gifted prose stylist and a profoundly compassionate observer, Adrian Nicole LeBlanc has slipped behind the cold statistics and sensationalism surrounding inner-city life and come back with a riveting, haunting, and true urban soap opera that reveals the clenched grip of the streets. Random Family is a compulsive read and an important journalistic achievement, sure to take its place beside the classics of the genre.

Student Perceptions Of Rules For Classroom Interaction

Autor: H. Paul LeBlanc, 3rd
Publisher: Universal-Publishers
ISBN: 9780965856485
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Burgoon's expectancy violation model posits that nonverbal rule violations will be evaluated according to the perceptions toward the violator and the behavior itself. However, the violator may have perceptions regarding the appropriateness of the rule. This study measured the perceptions of high school students regarding the rules for classroom interaction. It is believed that the rules for classroom interaction are rules which have been learned through the process of socialization and enculturation into the classroom setting throughout students' careers. These rules should be well known by all students by the time they reach tenth grade, the grade being investigated. A survey questionnaire was developed through a pilot study, and was distributed to 244 students through the English classes of three East Baton Rouge parish high schools. The high schools were chosen by relative drop out rate. Students were grouped by sex, race and age to measure differences in attitude by characteristics of potential dropouts. The study found that males have more negative attitudes toward compliance with laziness rules and the importance of those laziness rules than females. The study also found that Black students have a more positive attitudes regarding the importance of distraction, laziness, and respectfulness rules than non-Black students. Implications regarding the attitudes toward classroom rules are discussed.

The Leblanc Files

Autor: K. C. Wright
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 0595180531
File Size: 62,45 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A brutal tale of murder, incest and betrayal.

Probability Theory And Probability Logic

Autor: Peter Roeper
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
ISBN: 9780802008077
File Size: 71,17 MB
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As a survey of many technical results in probability theory and probability logic, this monograph by two widely respected scholars offers a valuable compendium of the principal aspects of the formal study of probability. Hugues Leblanc and Peter Roeper explore probability functions appropriate for propositional, quantificational, intuitionistic, and infinitary logic and investigate the connections among probability functions, semantics, and logical consequence. They offer a systematic justification of constraints for various types of probability functions, in particular, an exhaustive account of probability functions adequate for first-order quantificational logic. The relationship between absolute and relative probability functions is fully explored and the book offers a complete account of the representation of relative functions by absolute ones. The volume is designed to review familiar results, to place these results within a broad context, and to extend the discussions in new and interesting ways. Authoritative, articulate, and accessible, it will interest mathematicians and philosophers at both professional and post-graduate levels.

The Essential Maurice Leblanc Collection

Autor: Maurice Leblanc
Publisher: eBookIt.com
ISBN: 1456613871
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Compiled in one book, the essential collection of books by Maurice Leblanc Arsene Lupin The Blonde Lady The Confessions of Arsa]ne Lupin The Crystal Stopper The Eight Strokes of the Clock The Extraordinary Adventures of Arsene Lupin, Gentleman-Burglar The Frontier The Hollow Needle The Teeth of the Tiger