Mes Petits Yaourts Maison

Autor: Alix Lefief-Delcourt
Publisher: Éditions Leduc.s
File Size: 61,55 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 354
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Yaourts, fromages blancs, crèmes, desserts lactés... et si vous craquiez pour le fait-maison ? Pour se lancer, rien de plus simple avec ce mode d’emploi détaillé ! Découvrez : Les 5 bonnes raisons de succomber : c’est super-facile, moins cher, sain et sans additifs, et tellement bon... Yaourtière, fromagère, autres techniques de fabrication : toutes les méthodes pour tout faire vous-même. Un problème, une solution : « mes yaourts sont acides », « mes fromages blancs sont trop liquides »... Et bien sûr, 100 recettes inratables pour toutes les envies : Yaourts au citron, Yaourts façon gâteau basque, Fromages blancs à l’amande et au miel, Petits-suisses à la vanille, Crèmes au chocolat, Crèmes au caramel au beurre salé... ET SI VOUS VOUS PRENIEZ AU JEU DES YAOURTS FAITS MAISON ? Inclus : des recettes de coulis à télécharger pour accompagner vos fromages blancs. + d'infos en dernière page du livre.

500 Gluten Free Dishes

Autor: Carol Beckerman
Publisher: Sellers Publishing
ISBN: 9781416206637
File Size: 40,90 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 4248
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In 500 Gluten-Free Dishes you will find enticing gluten-free recipes to improve your well-being and long-term health. You will be inspired by delectable dishes for everyday cooking, covering breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as baking and desserts. If you have picked up this book because you, or someone close to you, have just discovered you are intolerant or allergic to gluten, you will be reassured by the range of delicious foods available to you, and immediately start to feel better. Do not despair — pancakes are still on the menu.

Livres De France

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Includes, 1982-1995: Les Livres du mois, also published separately.

Color Me Vegan

Autor: Colleen Patrick-Goudreau
Publisher: Fair Winds Press
ISBN: 1610581091
File Size: 45,48 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 4861
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"With Color Me Vegan, Colleen Patrick-Goudreau takes veganism to a whole new level. This is exactly what people need to eat more compassionately, experience superior health, and enjoy out-of-this-world flavors. Get ready to taste the real rainbow!"—Rory Freedman, author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Skinny Bitch "In Color Me Vegan, Colleen Patrick-Goudreau makes assembling balanced meals as easy as painting by numbers. With the publication of her third book, Patrick-Goudreau remains one of the most endearing and innovative vegan chefs."—Bryant Terry, author of Vegan Soul Kitchen "Taking 'nutrient-dense' to a whole new level, Color Me Vegan provides a mouthwatering palette of simple but delectable recipes. We should make a point to eat the rainbow, and this book is the pot of gold at the end that is sure to brighten any diet!"—Dr. Michael Greger, Director of Public Health at the Humane Society of the United States Eat by color for more flavorful meals and extraordinary health! In Color Me Vegan, author and vegan extraordinaire Colleen Patrick-Goudreau brings an edible rainbow of plant-based cuisine to your kitchen table with 150 flavorful recipes designed to boost your health and perk up your palate. With color as the guiding principle behind each section, Colleen shows vegetarians, vegans, and everyone in between exactly how phytonutrients—the most powerful, pigmented antioxidants on earth, found in everything from select fruits and vegetables, to grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds—can be expertly incorporated into your meals for the greatest nutritional punch. From the “Color Me Blue” chapter, for example, you’ll be treated to recipes such as: —Radicchio Fennel Salad with Caper Dressing —Chilled Blueberry Mango Soup —Lavender-Roasted Purple Onions —Eggplant with Dengaku (Sweet Miso) Sauce —Purple Plum Pie with Crumble Topping From sensational starters and salads, to filling mains and sides, to crave-worthy desserts—in every color—each recipe is not just a feast for your stomach, but a feast for your eyes as well!


Autor: Jean Paré
Publisher: Company's Coming Publishing Limited
ISBN: 9781895455090
File Size: 75,12 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 7952
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New look, same great recipes Breads is now back by popular demand. Learn the basics of bread making with an assortment of recipes for breads, cakes, rolls and a variety of other baked goods. There s even a handy glossary of bread-making terms to help you along the way."

Beat Sugar Addiction Now Cookbook

Autor: Jacob Teitelbaum
Publisher: Fair Winds Press
ISBN: 1610581792
File Size: 11,55 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 9926
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As a follow-up to the acclaimed Beat Sugar Addiction Now!, Beat Sugar Addiction Now! Cookbook gives readers recipes and meal plans specifically designed to combat their unique type of sugar addiction, break the sugar cravings/sensitivity cycle, and help their body recover from sugar addiction side effects. Divided by the four different types of sugar addicts, each section has recipes that are not only free of sugar but are designed to contain key nutrients necessary for resolving the underlying causes of the sugar addiction itself: — Foods high in L-tryptophan ease sleep and sugar cravings in Type 1 addicts — Recipes high in Vitamin C break down cortisol and bust sugar cravings in Type 2 addicts — Probiotic recipes combat candidia overgrowth in Type 3 addicts — Soy promotes hormone balance and sugar swings in Type 4 addicts This guide also includes sections on secret food sabotagers that can undo sugar addiction efforts as well as sweet non-sugar substitutes and recipes that let sugar addicts have their treats and stay healthy and sugar-free, too!

Encyclopedia Of Vegetarian Cuisine

Autor: Esterelle Payany
Publisher: Flammarion
ISBN: 9782080203946
File Size: 62,72 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 6661
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This comprehensive guide to vegetarian cooking presents over 200 step-by-step techniques and 100 illustrated recipes for delicious, easy-to-prepare, meat-free meals for the whole family. Vegetarian cuisine is increasingly popular as a way to eat locally and address the health and environmental issues linked to the production and consumption of meat. The range of vegetarian diets is vast and varied--from flexitarian to lacto-ovo vegetarian to vegan--and this exhaustive encyclopedia contains dishes to delight everyone. Step-by-step kitchen techniques demonstrate how to prepare and cook the essential ingredients--from a vast array of fruits and vegetables to rice, wheat, or soybeans, and from mushrooms and seaweed to eggs and dairy products. Recipes include vegan and gluten-free options and reveal the infinite possibilities of vegetarian cooking to create healthy, tasty, and hearty meals. From shiitake, bok choy, and cashew fried rice to palak paneer; from fennel tortilla to pumpkin, red onion, and walnut kibbeh; and from passion fruit and pomegranate pavlova to hazelnut maple syrup tarts, recipes are organized by main ingredient and graded for difficulty, and include ten "challenges" contributed by international Michelin-starred chefs. A practical guide provides useful information on the different types of vegetarianism, how to achieve a balanced diet, product substitutions, seasonality charts, and illustrated guides to staple ingredients. The volume is completed with a bibliography and indexes to main ingredients, vegan recipes, and gluten-free recipes.

The Vibrant Table

Autor: Anya Kassoff
ISBN: 9781611802771
File Size: 31,78 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 7958
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Shows how wholesome plant-based meals, new flavor combinations, and surprisingly simple raw-food techniques can become part of a fun family lifestyle. Walk with Anya Kassoff through farmers' markets, local food shops, and her garden, and you too will start to see fresh fruit and vegetables as the raw materials for artistic expression. Rose petal and honey sundaes, lemongrass and raspberry tiramisu with cardamom cream, amaranth pumpkin porridge: with these recipes in hand, you will never run out of ways to enjoy fresh, whole foods at home. Anya's family-focused food blog, "Golubka" (Russian for "dove"), has a well-earned reputation for unique recipes that please the palate and senses. Her recipes are healthy by most standards--always vegetarian, mostly vegan, gluten-free, and often raw--and every dessert can serve as an energizing breakfast. Her food is fresh, seasonal, homemade, handcrafted, and 100% delightful, almost whimsical. Over 100 recipes include lighter interpretations of familiar classics and embody a fresh, bright sensibility that will inspire you well beyond the table. Anya's kitchen is part workshop and part art classroom, so many recipes double as food projects that can be done for or with kids. "The Vibrant Table "is a delicious homage to lightness and elegance at home.

Vegan For Fit

Autor: Attila Hildmann
Publisher: Becker Josest Volk Verlag
ISBN: 9783954530120
File Size: 66,75 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 2628
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You won't find another diet that is as rich in vital substances as Vegan for Fit. Attila Hildmann, an aspiring physicist and nutrition specialist, has created a plan based on modern scientific findings which all agree that a balanced, plant-based diet is the best way to effectively protect yourself against heart attacks, cancer, strokes, and other diet-related diseases. With "Vegan for Fit", everyone has the possibility to achieve a total reset of their body and spirit in 30 days and to profit from the unique advantages that this type of diet offers.