Global Illicit Drug Trends 2002

Publisher: United Nations Publications
ISBN: 9789211481501
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This report, based on data obtained primarily from the annual reports questionnaires (ARQ) received by UNDCP in 2001, presents not only the supply side data but also the demand side data, in an effort to give a balanced approach in the assessment of the drug problem. In addressing the global trends in illicit drug supply and trafficking, the report discusses cultivation, manufacture, trafficking routes, methods of transportation and seizures. On the demand side, the report focuses on global trends, the extent of drug abuse, drug abuse among youth and prison populations, modes of intake and costs and the consequences of drug abuse. Comprehensive statistical tables, presented for multiple years, will greatly facilitate comparative studies.

Southeast Asia Equity Etfs

Autor: Napol Kamthornkittikul
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Southeast Asia countries are forming the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), one of the largest markets in the world with an over $2 trillion economy and population of over 600 million. This represents great opportunities not only for ASEAN citizens but also for foreigners to benefit from the combined economy. As a student from Thailand with strong interest in equity investment, I am interested in exploring equity investment opportunities in the region. I particular I want to look at Southeast Asia Equity ETFs as I believe that ETFs will play an important role in allowing investors to benefit from an exposure to the region's economy. In this thesis, I developed key investment highlights of Southeast Asia. I then explained why ETFs are an attractive tool for investors based on their special characteristics that distinguish them from typical mutual funds. Next, I explored and analyzed currently available Southeast Asia regional-focused ETFs. Finally, I developed several key considerations for new entrants who might consider getting into the market in offering Southeast Asia Equity ETFs.

Music Printing In Renaissance Venice

Autor: Jane A. Bernstein
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780195102314
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Venetian music print culture of the mid-sixteenth century is presented here through a study of the Scotto press, one of the foremost dynastic music publishers of the Renaissance. For over a century, the house of Scotto played a pivotal role in the international book trade, publishing in a variety of fields including philosophy, medicine, religion, and music. This book examines the mercantile activities of the firm through both a historical study, which illuminates the wide world of the Venetian music printing industry, and a catalog, which details the music editions brought out by the firm during its most productive period. A valuable reference work, this book not only enhances our understanding of the socioeconomic and cultural history of Renaissance Venice, it also helps to preserve our knowledge of a vast musical repertory.