Mari Wyn

Autor: Sara Ashton
Publisher: Y Lolfa
ISBN: 1847715370
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Nofel gyffrous yng nghyfres y Dderwen sy'n darlunio Blaenau Ffestiniog ymhen 30 mlynedd

An Introduction To Modern Japanese Volume 1 Grammar Lessons

Autor: Richard John Bowring
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 131602539X
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This is the first book in a two-volume intensive one-year introductory course in Japanese, also suitable for those who wish to work at a slower pace. Students who finish this course will have a firm grasp of how the language works and enough knowledge of the writing system to tackle everyday written material with no more than a dictionary. Particular attention is paid to questions of grammar which foreign learners often find difficult, so Book One can also serve as a reference grammar. An Introduction to Modern Japanese uses both spoken and written forms from the outset. There are word lists for each lesson, and a comprehensive vocabulary for the whole course. Book One comprises fifty-two lessons which are accompanied by exercises and word lists in Book Two. The exercises ensure that the student has understood the grammar explained in the relevant lessons and give further practice in reading and recognising characters. Book Two also contains a full vocabulary, Japanese to English and English to Japanese.

Mari Ni Est Ni Ouest

Autor: Pascal Butterlin
ISBN: 9782351594056
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Extrait sommaire0Volume 10Liste des contributeurs 0Avant-propos 0Margueron (J.-Cl.), Introduction générale 0Margueron (J.-Cl.), Al-Maqdissi (M.), Butterlin (P.), Caramelo (F.), Márquez Rowe (I.), Montero Fenollós (J.-L.) & Muller (B.), Pour une définition du moyen Euphrate 0I - La ville circulaire et son espace0Margueron (J.-Cl.), Mari, ville circulaire 0Meyer (J.-W.), The Round Cities: Foundation and Development. A view from Tell Chuera 0Al-Maqdissi (M.), IV-Matériel pour l'étude de la ville en Syrie. Propos sur la ville en Syrie aux époques anciennes.

Control Into Conjunctive Participle Clauses

Autor: Youssef A. Haddad
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter
ISBN: 3110238241
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Control is a relation of co-identity between a pronounced subject (or object) in a matrix clause and a usually unpronounced subject in a subordinate, non-finite clause. The volume investigates Adjunct Control in Assamese, a South Asian language, within the framework of syntactic theory. While Forward Control is a cross-linguistically common control pattern, Assamese also allows three less common types of control structures: Backward, Copy, and Expletive Control. The volume documents all four types, analyzes them within the most recent framework of syntactic theory and delineates the theoretical implications.

Mari S Miracle

Autor: Betty Ann Taylor
Publisher: Archway Publishing
ISBN: 148080231X
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On a cool, autumn day in Canada, a tiny egg hatches under a milkweed plant. As Mari the caterpillar is born, she is surrounded by beautiful monarch butterflies that gracefully soar around the orange blossoms. Mari can hardly wait until she grows big enough to have wings to fly! It is not long before Mari grows large and gets very tired. She spins a chrysalis and slips inside, falling into a deep sleep as her body begins to change. As soon as she awakens, Mari unfolds her orange and black wings, dries them in the sun, and begins flying from flower to flower. Soon, it is time for her to catch a current and embark on a magnificent migration that will take her more than two thousand miles over New York City to the hills of West Virginia and finally to a mountain in Mexico where the circle of life begins once again. Written in both Spanish and English, Mari’s Miracle tells the delightful, educational, and touching tale of a migrating monarch butterfly’s adventures, seeking to encourage learning and good stewardship of our planet.