There Ain T No Justice

Autor: James Curtis
ISBN: 9780956815538
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Tommy Mutch is a working-class lad from the slums of West London, eager to escape the mean streets of Notting Dale. Boxing is in its 1930s heyday and, like many in his position, Tommy sees it as an escape route from poverty. As a 'preliminary' boy on the verge of making the breakthrough this is more than just a dream, but he hasn't bargained for the obstacles he has to face outside the ring, like crooked promoters, hucksters, pimps, prostitutes and small-time gangsters. Tommy has strong morals and a fierce sense of justice, but these are about to be put to the test.

No Justice For David

Autor: V. K. Hill
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 9781462019304
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Violet Hinton started out as a factory worker and put herself through college and law school with the help and support of her husband and four children. She has been an attorney for 23 years and has primarily practiced in the areas of family and criminal law. On a couple of occasions she has found herself out investigating the crime that her client, Ellery Rose, was being accused of. The first time she couldnt get the prosecutor to look at the case and it was dropped. This time, however, she decided to investigate the crime which turned out to be a twist and turn of events. She had read about witches but this was one person who actually thought she was a witch, not just a witch but a black witch. Those around this black witch feared her. After investigating this case it is clear that the Chief of Police was scared of Heather Rose and since no one will pursue her, the State Police must know something that they will not divulge even though the Freedom of Information Act is in place. The prosecutor will not do anything. Either Heather Rose is so evil that she made everyone fear her, or they know that she is 6-foot under as the Chief of Police said that she should be killed. The only way to bring this danger out to the public is to write the story of what occurred back in January 1996. Yes it happened in Battle Creek, Michigan but she could be anywhere now, maybe living next to you.

No Justice

Autor: Scott Snyder
ISBN: 9781401283346
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The cataclysmic events of Dark Nights- Metalhas seen the universe's balance of power snap. Brainiac arrives on Earth with a dire warning for the Justice League- there's a threat coming to destroy Earth, one that the heroes are ill-equipped to handle. But the combined forces of Justice League, the Justice League of America, the Titans, Teen Titans and... the villains of the DCU certainly don't think so. Splitting into different squads, including Batman, Lobo, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Deathstroke, Superman, The Flash, Harley Quinn, Robin and more, these new Leagues must stop one of their gravest threats ever. Written by Scott Snyder, Joshua Williamson (The Flash) and James Tynion IV (Detective Comics) with sublime art by Francis Manapul (Trinity), Justice League- No Justicesets up the status quo of Justice League, Titansand more for years to come! Collects issues #1-4 and stories from DC Nation #0.

A Theory Of Justice

Autor: John RAWLS
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 0674042603
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Though the revised edition of A Theory of Justice, published in 1999, is the definitive statement of Rawls's view, so much of the extensive literature on Rawls's theory refers to the first edition. This reissue makes the first edition once again available for scholars and serious students of Rawls's work.

No Justice In Germany

Autor: Willy Cohn
ISBN: 9780804773249
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The diaries of Willy Cohn chronicle the progressive constriction and eventual destruction of Jewish life in Breslau, Germany, under the Nazis.

No Justice

Autor: Robbie Tolan
Publisher: Center Street
ISBN: 1478976632
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The harrowing true story of Robbie Tolan, a young black man who was shot in the chest by a white police officer . . . in his own driveway. NO JUSTICE is the harrowing story of Robbie Tolan, who early on one New Year's Eve morning, found himself being rushed to the hospital. A white police officer had shot him in the chest after mistakenly accusing him of stealing his own car...while in his own driveway. In a journey that took nearly a decade, Tolan and his family saw his case go before the United States Supreme Court in a groundbreaking decision, while Tolan struggled with how to put his life back together. Holding him together through this journey was the strength of his mother and father, his faith in God, and an impenetrable belief that he deserved justice like any other American who'd been wronged. NO JUSTICE is the story about what happened after the cameras and social media protests went away. Robbie Tolan was left with the physical and mental devastation from having his body violated by someone who was supposed to serve and protect him. His story reminds us that police brutality is not a theoretical talking point in a larger nationwide argument. This story is about Robbie Tolan courageously picking up the pieces of his life, even as he fights for justice for all.

Just Mercy Adapted For Young Adults

Autor: Bryan A. Stevenson
Publisher: Delacorte Press
ISBN: 0525580050
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In this young adult adaptation of the acclaimed bestselling Just Mercy, which the New York Times calls "as compelling as To Kill a Mockingbird, and in some ways more so," Bryan Stevenson delves deep into the broken U.S. justice system, detailing from his personal experience his many challenges and efforts as a lawyer and social advocate, especially on behalf of America's most rejected and marginalized people. In this very personal work--proceeds of which will go to charity--Bryan Stevenson recounts many and varied stories of his work as a lawyer in the U.S. criminal justice system on behalf of those in society who have experienced some type of discrimination and/or have been wrongly accused of a crime and who deserve a powerful advocate and due justice under the law. Through the Equal Justice Initiative (EJI), an organization Stevenson founded as a young lawyer and for which he currently serves as Executive Director, this important work continues. EJI strives to end mass incarceration and excessive punishment in the United States, working to protect basic human rights for the most vulnerable people in American society. "A deeply moving collage of true stories . . . .This is required reading." --Kirkus, Starred Review Praise for Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption: "Important and compelling." --Pulitzer Prize-winning author TRACY KIDDER "Gripping. . . . What hangs in the balance is nothing less than the soul of a great nation." --DESMOND TUTU, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate "An inspiring and powerful story." --#1 New York Times bestselling author JOHN GRISHAM

No Justice No Victory

Autor: Susan Lee Campbell Solar
ISBN: 9781632100061
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Because state sponsored murder adds more anguish to society than it redresses, because people of color who are poor are over represented on death row, because our court systems are flawed and resources for defense are unevenly available, because healing for individuals and society comes not from retaliation, but from forgiveness, No Justice: No Victory is a welcome addition to the increasing body of abolitionist work which is turning American opinion against capital punishment.Sister Helen Prejean, author of Dead Man WalkingThrough keen and compassionate eyes, Susan Lee Campbell Solar helps us see why Texas leads the country in executions. The information she presents is grounded in scholarly research and compellingly written. Her insight into the corrosive effects of the death penalty on everyone, including the families of murder victims, should renew our courage to end this war against our own.Richard Burr, death penalty defense attorneyHaving to live your life as a family member of someone on death row is like being there yourself. Every pain they feel, you feel. In the case of an innocent man serving time, not only does it destroy the life of the accused, it also wipes out the hopes and dreams of a whole family and in the end, everyone loses -- no justice, no victory.Arthur Curry, brother of Anthony Graves, Texas death row inmate

No Justice In Hell

Autor: Charles G. West
Publisher: Pinnacle
ISBN: 0786042036
File Size: 48,32 MB
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Winner of the 2018 Spur Award for Best Paperback Western From acclaimed storyteller Charles G. West comes a thrilling new chapter in the saga of John Hawk, an army scout with a tracker’s eye, a cowboy’s grit—and his own brand of justice . . . Three desperate women. One deranged killer. No way in hell is John Hawk going to sit back and let the innocent get slaughtered. He first meets the three lovely ladies as they’re fleeing in a wagon—alone—through Blackfoot country. What’s their rush? They’re being pursued by a wanted outlaw who wants them dead. Their only chance is to reach the Last Chance Saloon in Helena—and John Hawk is their last hope… Hawk can track down a low-life like nobody’s business. But this time he has to stay two steps ahead, keeping the ladies safe and sound until they get to the saloon. There’s just one problem: the outlaw got there first. He’s the notorious Zach Dubose. He’s waiting for Hawk and his girls. And he’s ordering them a round vengeance with a bullet chaser—and death on arrival . . . “Rarely has an author painted the great American West in strokes so bold, vivid, and true.” —Ralph Compton


Autor: Michael J. Sandel
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 0374532508
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A Harvard professor assesses the role of justice in today's society as well as the moral responsibilities faced by everyday citizens, weighing a range of issues from euthanasia and abortion to affirmative action and tax structuring. Reprint. A best-selling book.