La Tomba E Altri Racconti Dell Incubo

Autor: Howard Phillips Lovecraft
Publisher: Newton Compton Editori
ISBN: 8854138665
File Size: 36,25 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Cura e traduzione di Gianni Pilo e Sebastiano FuscoEdizioni integraliScritto nel 1917 e pubblicato per la prima volta nel marzo 1922 nella rivista «The Vagrant», La tomba ha per protagonista il giovane Jervas Dudley, un sognatore, un visionario. È il primo degli avatar letterari nei quali Lovecraft fotocopierà ossessivamente la propria figura di «estraneo» al mondo triviale, antiestetico, noioso dell’esistenza comune. Il suo ingresso nella tomba della famiglia Hyde sarà un vero e proprio rito di passaggio verso un mondo diverso, in cui non la ragione ma il desiderio e l’orrore trionfano sull’uomo, assottigliando la linea di confine tra reale e irreale fino a dissolverla. Questo, come anche gli altri racconti di Lovecraft qui riuniti, costituisce un invito ad attraversare le insondabili profondità e le inquietanti dimensioni che l’Orrore Soprannaturale può assumere.«Un colpo di luna? Un accesso di febbre? Vorrei crederlo! Ma quando, al calar della notte, mi ritrovo solo nei luoghi deserti ove mi conducono i miei vagabondaggi, e ascolto attraverso il vuoto infinito gli echi demoniaci di quelle urla e di quei ringhi bestiali, e il rumore orrendo delle ossa spezzate, rabbrividisco ancora al ricordo di quella notte dannata.»Howard P. Lovecraftnacque il 20 agosto del 1890 a Providence, nel Rhode Island. Vissuto in un ambiente familiare ben poco felice, dopo un’infanzia trascorsa in totale solitudine, dovette lottare contro una serie di difficoltà economiche e si guadagnò da vivere con il mestiere ingrato e mal pagato di revisore dei testi narrativi di aspiranti scrittori. Grazie ai suoi romanzi e racconti, ispirati a una concezione del cosmo particolare e singolarissima, è l’unico scrittore americano a poter rivaleggiare con Edgar Allan Poe. Divenuto, ancora vivente, una vera e propria “leggenda”, morì nella sua Providence, alla quale era legato in maniera viscerale, il 5 marzo del 1937. Moriva l’uomo, nasceva il mito. Di Lovecraft la Newton Compton ha pubblicato La casa stregata e altri racconti; Le Montagne della Follia; I racconti del Necronomicon, La tomba e altri racconti dell'incubo e il volume unico Tutti i romanzi e i racconti.

Years Best Weird Fiction

Autor: Robert Aickman
Publisher: Year's Best Weird Fiction
ISBN: 9780995094918
File Size: 18,80 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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No longer the purview of esoteric readers, weird fiction is enjoying wide popularity. Its remit includes ghost stories, the strange, macabre, supernatural, fantasy, and the outre. Weird fiction is an intersecting of themes and ideas that explore and subvert the Laws of Nature. It is the most diverse and welcoming of all genres.

Nightmare Academy

Autor: Frank E. Peretti
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 141853479X
File Size: 50,70 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 3913
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The Veritas Project team has a new assignment: To find the truth behind the mysterious disappearance of two runaways. When one runaway turns up totally out of his mind and a government agent steps in to take over the case, the Springfield's continue their own investigation. The twins-Elijah and Elisha-go undercover, posing as runaways. What happens next will keep readers on the edge of their seats as the twins end up in a strange academy where Truth is continually challenged, a gang-like war develops, and Elijah is taken to an ominous mansion from which no one has ever returned. A great thriller with a realistic look at right and wrong.

The Dreaming Jewels

Autor: Theodore Sturgeon
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 1453295429
File Size: 10,29 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 5595
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A desperate boy escapes his abusive home by joining a carnival and is drawn into a dark conspiracy in this tale by “a master storyteller” (Kurt Vonnegut). Though only eight years old, little Horton “Horty” Bluett has known a lifetime of sadness. Tormented and abused by his adoptive family, he’s had enough—and with a beloved broken toy he calls “Junky” as his sole companion, the desperate little boy runs away to join a carnival. There, among the fortune tellers, fire-eaters, sideshow freaks, and assorted “strange people,” Horty hopes to find acceptance and, at long last, a real home. But disgraced doctor Pierre “Maneater” Monetre’s traveling show is no ordinary entertainment, and its performers are not what they appear to be. The Maneater has sinister plans for the world that go far beyond fleecing unsuspecting rubes and other easy marks—a dark and terrible scheme that requires unleashing the extraterrestrial power of the dreaming jewels, and the unwitting assistance of a young boy who may be far more remarkable than he’s ever imagined. The full-length debut by Theodore Sturgeon, a legendary writer who won Nebula and Hugo Awards and authored such classics as More Than Human, this journey into a circus of shadows is “an intensely written and very moving novel of love and retribution” (The Washington Star). This ebook features an illustrated biography of Theodore Sturgeon including rare images and never-before-seen documents from the University of Kansas’s Kenneth Spencer Research Library and the author’s estate, among other sources.

John Silence

Autor: Algernon Blackwood
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781721960309
File Size: 56,32 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 717
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John Silence By Algernon Blackwood One of the former British writers of supernatural tales in the twentieth century, Algernon Blackwood (1869-1951) wrote stories in which the slow accumulation of telling details produced a foreboding atmosphere of almost unendurable tension. Blackwood's literary renown began in 1908 with the publication of a highly successful collection of stories, John Silence - Physician Extraordinary, featuring a "psychic doctor." We are delighted to publish this classic book as part of our extensive Classic Library collection. Many of the books in our collection have been out of print for decades, and therefore have not been accessible to the general public. The aim of our publishing program is to facilitate rapid access to this vast reservoir of literature, and our view is that this is a significant literary work, which deserves to be brought back into print after many decades. The contents of the vast majority of titles in the Classic Library have been scanned from the original works. To ensure a high quality product, each title has been meticulously hand curated by our staff. Our philosophy has been guided by a desire to provide the reader with a book that is as close as possible to ownership of the original work. We hope that you will enjoy this wonderful classic work, and that for you it becomes an enriching experience.

Hazel S Phantasmagoria

Autor: Leander Deeny
Publisher: Quercus Books
ISBN: 9781847244239
File Size: 34,51 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 8865
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Hazel, the heroine, travels to her Aunt's country house for a holiday. Her Aunt is bitter, angry and rude, so Hazel expects her stay to be a nightmare - little does she expect, though, that there are actual nightmares living in the garden. These creatures - scary amalgams of different animals such as gorillas and leopards - haunt her Aunt every night in her dreams with horrific scenarios. Much to her surprise Hazel is drawn into their world of creating and rehearsing these nightmares. With her new social circle consisting of gorillas crossed with leopards, pythons crossed with porcupines, ducks who smoke cigarettes, wooden-headed dogs and murderers and lunatics Hazel finds herself exploring the scariest depths of the unknown and learns a useful lesson along the way about the nature of friendship. The lively, exciting and fast-paced narrative and quick humour makes this book an addictive read.


Autor: David Cronenberg
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1416596135
File Size: 40,82 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 9128
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While freelance journalist Naomi places her safety in the hands of a suspicious grad student to investigate a sexual philosopher's murder, her rival and lover, Nathan, contracts a rare STD while documenting a surgeon's controversial work in organ trafficking. A first novel. 75,000 first printing.


Autor: Jordan L. Hawk
Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub
ISBN: 9781482528152
File Size: 31,35 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 6925
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Some things should stay buried. Repressed scholar Percival Endicott Whyborne has two skills: reading dead languages and hiding in his office at the Ladysmith Museum. After the tragic death of the friend he secretly loved, he's ruthlessly suppressed any desire for another man. So when handsome ex-Pinkerton Griffin Flaherty approaches him to translate a mysterious book, Whyborne wants to finish the job and get rid of the detective as quickly as possible. Griffin left the Pinkertons following the death of his partner, hoping to start a new life. But the powerful cult which murdered Glenn has taken root in Widdershins, and only the spells in the book can stop them. Spells the intellectual Whyborne doesn't believe are real. As the investigation draws the two men closer, Griffin's rakish charm threatens to shatter Whyborne's iron control. When the cult resurrects an evil sorcerer who commands terrifying monsters, can Whyborne overcome his fear and learn to trust? Will Griffin let go of his past and risk falling in love? Or will Griffin's secrets cost Whyborne both his heart and his life?


Autor: Greg Bear
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 1497607418
File Size: 72,89 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 4746
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From the New York Times–bestselling author of War Dogs: A novel that “may be the best constructed hard SF epic yet” (The Washington Post). In a supernova flash, the asteroid arrived and entered Earth’s orbit. Three hundred kilometers in length, it is not solid rock but a series of hollowed-out chambers housing ancient, abandoned cities of human origin, a civilization named Thistledown. The people who lived there survived a nuclear holocaust that nearly rendered humanity extinct—more than a thousand years from now. To prevent this future from coming to pass, theoretical mathematician Patricia Vasquez must explore Thistledown and decipher its secret history. But what she discovers is an even greater mystery, a tunnel that exists beyond the physical dimensions of the asteroid. Called the Way, it leads to the home of humanity’s descendants, and to a conflict greater than the impending war between Earth’s superpowers over the fate of the asteroid, in “the grandest work yet” by Nebula Award–winning author Greg Bear (Locus).