Cum Voi Face 1 Milion De Lei

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Viata noastra este marcata de ideea de unicitate. Fiecare dintre noi este unic si este adevarat, fiecare fiinta sau planta este unica si asta este adevarat. Mai departe ideea aceasta este intarita si insamantata de catre religie, conform careia exista un Creator si a creat o lume unica in Univers. Viata noastra ar fi, conform religiei, dinainte stabilita, destinul si soarta ne este pecetluita inca de la nastere. Insa avem libertate de a alege, alegem sa ne indreptam catre un final dinainte stabilit. Parerea mea este ca singurul lucru sigur in viata si stabilit, de care nu putem scapa, este ca toti suntem datori cu o moarte. Ce facem intre momentul in care ne nastem si momentul in care murim depinde doar de noi.


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The Caucasus for its size can boast more languages than any other region on earth. Of the 40 or so native tongues Georgian is the most widely spoken (by up to 5 million, of whom 3 million are ethnic Georgians). With its own unique script, Georgian has been written since the 4th century and has a rich literature of all genres. Outside Georgia, however, it has remained virtually unknown and unstudied, its grammatical intricacies being discussed by a small but ever growing succession of foreign specialists. The present work represents the first Reference Grammar of this challenging language to appear in English and is the summation of 20 years of intensive study by its author.

Central Neural Mechanisms In Cardiovascular Regulation

Autor: KUNOS
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High blood pressure disease is one of the most prevalent pathological conditions in modem society with potentially serious consequences. During the last two decades major progress has been made in the development of rational approaches to the treatment of high blood pressure. A key factor in this progress has been an increase in our understanding of how the brain controls blood pressure. The chapters in the present book, together with those in a previous volume, provide a broad overview of recent progress in our knowledge of the central neural mechanisms involved in the regulation of the cardiovascular system. It is our hope that these essays by leading experts in the field will not only provide a useful source of information, but will also stimulate inquiry leading to new discoveries in this critically important field of research. George Kunos John Ciriello vii List of Contributors Jeffrey J. Anderson, Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Indiana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis, Indiana 46208, USA Katsuyuki Ando, Fourth Department of Internal Medicine, University of Tokyo School of Medicine, Tokyo 112, Japan Jaideep S. Bains, Department of Physiology, Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada K7L 3N6 Kathleen H. Berecek, Department of Physiology and Biophysics and the Vascular Biology and Hypertension Program, The University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham, Alabama 35294, USA Vernon S. Bishop, Department of Physiology, The University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio, Texas 78284-7756, USA P. A.