Autor: Richard Rizun
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
ISBN: 1412021847
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In the year 1645, a the helm of the pirate ship, Tempest, Captain Nigel Hawthorne recklessly leads his crew into uncharted territories and lands on an unknown island far south of mainland China. There he plans to hide away a stolen chinese fortune temporarily, not realizing that the island's deadly inhabitants intend on making the treasure, and Hawthorne's crew, permanent additions... Three hundred and sixty years later, multi-millionaire Sukiman Ahmad, the anonymous financier for a left-wing guerilla faction known as the Barisan Hizbullah, discovers Hawthorne's long-lost secret. Intent on securing the priceless fortune for his organization's cause, Ahmad orders his first in command, General Damar Sali, to take the tiny island of Komodo by force and to hold the local inhabitants and tourists hostage in order to bide the time needed to hunt for the ancient treasure that is hidden there. But the terrorists get more than they bargained for when several of the tourists unwittingly evade capture and discover that Sukiman Ahmad has something much more sinister planned for the island than just a treasure hunt... As the tourists flee for their lives, an American SEAL team is planning an invasion and the guerillas are taking steps to ensure that failure of the mission is not an option. And all the while Komodo's ancient inhabitants have been lurking in the shadows, some say since the time of the dinosaurs, unwilling to be innocent bystanders... Hidden Treasure and Intrigue Combine for Good Summer Reading by Terry McNamee of the Lincoln Post Express Fans of adventure stories are in for a treat this summer with the release of a novel by Beamsville writer Richard Rizun. Ora is a tale in the tradition of H.G.Wells and Edgar Rice Burroughs, mixing fast-paced action with plenty of thrills and more than a few grisly deaths. In the end, the hero triumphs, and all is right with the world, but the journey is a precarious one filled with dangers from all sides. The story begins in the 17th century with the theft of an incredible Chinese treasure by pirates. When the pirates are in danger of being unable to escape safely with their loot, they go ashore on an uncharted island in what is now Indonesia to unload their cargo and then sneak away from some Chinese war ships that are in hot pursuit. But they soon discover they are not alone on the island, which is the home of the world's largest population of Komodo Dragons, or Ora. They succeed in hiding the treasure, but things go downhill from there for everyone but the dragons, who find that sailors make a tasty change from their regular diet. Flash forward to 2010. Komodo Island is a managed tourist attraction, with the giant beasts being fed regularly so tourists can come and watch them. But Indonesia is being threatened by terrorists who want to take over the government. They think they know where the ancient treasure is, and they forcibly take over Komodo Island to get it. Add a stolen nuclear bomb, a group of tourists (including three resourceful children), a brave, one-legged tour guide, a tough female scientist who is studying the dragons, and the great lizards themselves, who have not been fed in quite some time and are getting considerably irritated by the lack of room service, and you have a situation ready to explode. Although much of the tale is somewhat predictable, it's a good, exciting read. But the startling twist at the end should catch you by surprise. The prose gets a little flowery on occasion, especially near the beginning, and there are a few factual errors. But if you are willing to overlook these very minor flaws, this is a book that will keep you turning the page to see who gets captured, shot or eaten next and how the good guys get out of each increasingly terrifying situation. While the action can be a bit gory (we are talking about giant, meat-eating carnivores, after all), the

Ora The Sea Monster

Autor: Cari Meister
Publisher: Capstone
ISBN: 1434217469
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Hidden under the sea, Ora's gold collection is her best treasure. Ora will do almost anything to get more gold. But does that include fighting a big scary giant?

The Glass Elevator

Autor: Ora Shtull
ISBN: 9780985057909
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Breaking through glass ceilings in the workplace is dangerous business. There is now an easier (and safer) way for women to rise and succeed professionally. The Glass Elevator: A Guide to Leadership Presence for Women on the Rise shares the 9 critical skills that will enhance your ability to engage, connect, and influence in the workplace. Have you been holding yourself back by: - Not speaking up at meetings when you have value to add? - Failing to promote yourself to seniors in the workplace? - Shying away from challenges because you lack confidence? - Neglecting your networking inside and outside the company? - Living in a state of overwhelm at home and work? The author - one of New York's leading Executive Coaches - will teach you how to stop retreating and start ascending, employing the same expertise she uses to help her executive clients rise to the top. With Ground Floor Quizzes, Elevator Workouts, and Power Profiles of women leaders, this engaging book helps you master the must-have skills that will propel you upward. Pursue your professional aspirations one floor at a time by riding The Glass Elevator.

Ora The Lost Wife

Autor: Bella Zilfa Spencer
Publisher: General Books LLC
ISBN: 9781150468148
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This historic book may have numerous typos and missing text. Purchasers can download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. Not indexed. Not illustrated.1870 Excerpt: ... effort to judge of the difference between herself aud her guest, in point of station. The delicate, refined face, ana sweet, pure language would have betrayed Ora a lady to the most ignorant, even had she been drawn from a gutter. So while she slept, Betsey watched and conjectured over her. What had reduced her to this? She turned her eyes upon the sleeping child, and a painful shade darkened her face for a time and she sighed heavily. Perhaps she thought of her as high born and possessing every advantage, rashly rushing from the shelter of her home, upon the cold charities of a cold world, while no arm was stretched forth to save her. Something of this nature must have risen in her mind to cause the shadow, but it softened again, and there was only yearning, loving pity in the misty gray eyes that regarded the two so intently as the hours wore on. CHAPTER XXI. A Sweet and peaceful haven seemed this little tenement to Ora when the morning light from the eastern window falling on her eyes, wakened her. Betsey marched with quiet footsteps back and forth, busy in the preparation of a really dainty breakfast The fragrance of coffee and frying ham sent a pleasant odur into the room--pleasant because she wan ravenously hungry, and felt now as if anything would be palatable. Looking from the bed, she beheld a plate upon the hearth, heaped with toast, and very tempting in its rich brown color. A grateful thrill quivered through her frame, and an earnest petition, not framed in words, but in heart, was to this effect: "God give me strength to repay this bounty. Let the bread this woman gives me, be as bread cast upon the waters. Ah! help me, that I may repay it an hundred fold. I thank Thee, my God, that Thou hast made me with a grateful heart. Oh, keep me so foreve...

The Rita Ora Quiz Book

Autor: Chris Cowlin
Publisher: Andrews UK Limited
ISBN: 0993179649
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Are you a fan of Rita Ora? Have you followed her rise to fame from the release of her debut album through to becoming a coach on the UK TV show The Voice? Whether you are already familiar with the charismatic singer from London, or would like to find out more, you won’t want to be without The Rita Ora Quiz Book. What character did Rita play in the 2015 film Fifty Shades of Grey? Who directed the music video for Rita’s single ‘How We Do (Party)’? How many BRIT awards was Rita nominated for in 2013? The answers to these questions and more can all be found in this exciting new quiz book. Containing both personal details and professional highlights, the 100 questions in this book will help you to get to know your favourite singer as well as providing a fascinating insight into the life of the chart-topping star. This is a must-have book for Rita Ora’s rapidly increasing fan base and for anyone with an interest in the current music scene.

Ora At The Monster Contest

Autor: Cari Meister
Publisher: Capstone
ISBN: 1434218759
File Size: 22,34 MB
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Ora wants to win the Strong Monster Contest. The first place winner gets a statue of gold! Ora works. She trains. She cannot think of anything else. Maybe Ora needs to learn that gold isn't everything.

Ora S Boy

Autor: James Novak
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 146850696X
File Size: 37,86 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Ora’s Boy is a true story of a boy’s struggles to survive growing up with the prejudices of a small New England mill town in the 1940s and 50s. Abandoned by his father and rejected by his mother was only the beginning of his struggles. Born in a highly conservative French Canadian Catholic community, he has to overcome inordinate bigotry to gain acceptance and approval from the very community in which his mother is ostracized and scorned for violating the tenets of her church....not once, but three times. The book also rekindles old memories of historical events and changes that happened during that era, such as; World War II, the Korean War, President Eisenhower’s election, the famous Boston Brinks robbery, the Civil Rights movement, and the advent of Rock N’ Roll, to name a few, as the author takes you on a journey full of twists and turns he encountered in his young life, as he overcame obstacle after obstacle, hurdle after hurdle, setback after setback, in his never ending will to survive....and succeed. A truly remarkable, heart-warming, inspirational story.