Portrait De Marianne Avec Un Poignard Dans Le Dos

Autor: Christian Combaz
ISBN: 9782355120862
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Voilà un bref essai, incisif et brillant, sur les questions et les personnages les plus contemporains. L'anecdote, toujours documentée (on croise Pierre Bergé, François Hollande, Nicolas Sarkozy et toute la haute pègre de l'édition, du journalisme, de la politique et de la diplomatie), est toujours au service d'une réflexion, ce qui éloigne ce livre du genre du pamphlet et conduit le lecteur à réfléchir sur les mafias qui le gouvernent. Ce n'est guère amusant, on sent poindre la catastrophe, mais personne, dans ce personnel dirigeant, n'a demandé notre avis d'électeurs sur l'essentiel des décisions prises de 1980 à nos jours... Cette France-là c'est celle du Splendid, de Canal Plus, d'Attali, de BHL... et désormais de Macron. C'est la France qui déteste la tradition et l'histoire, c'est la France qui n'aime que les Américains et le commerce, c'est la France qui collabore avec le plus offrant même s'il promet la ruine, c'est la France multiculturelle qui laisse entrer n'importe qui et qui fait n'importe quoi. A travers le récit d'expériences vécues, l'auteur nous présente l'évolution et la situation de la France, qui n'a, pour lui, rien d'un suicide mais tout d'un meurtre ! Ce livre qui montre que Macron est l'âme damnée d'une machine à décerveler les nations, capable d'absoudre la barbarie et les appels au meurtre des rappeurs de Sexion d'Assaut au nom du commerce devait paraître à un mois des élections présidentielles 2017. Contrat signé, félicitations de l'éditeur, mais soudain courriel glacé à une semaine de l'imprimerie, " gardez l'argent je ne publie pas votre livre ". L'auteur tente alors l'aventure de l'autoédition en juin 2017 : Après une semaine sur un site de vente en ligne populaire, le livre est classé numéro un des ventes toutes catégories confondues, devant le livre de Macron lui-même. C'est bien fait et ce n'est pas fini : les éditions Le retour aux sources vous proposent cette nouvelle version actualisée et augmentée de plusieurs chapitres. Cette édition d'un livre censuré qui a tenu le sommet des ventes, tous titres confondus, sur Amazon pendant quatre semaines l'été dernier est aujourd'hui réédité en version actualisée avec cinq nouveaux chapitres qui annoncent le réveil brutal de la France ! Votez, votez contre le vol de l'âme de la France par les zombies du libéralisme.

The Crew

Autor: Joseph Kessel
Publisher: Pushkin Collection
ISBN: 1782271856
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The crew of a French reconnaissance plane during WW1 consisted of just two men: a pilot and an observer. Two such men are Jean Herbillon and Claude Maury. Herbillon's dreams of glory as an air ace have been dashed after only a few months at the front; Maury suffers from a broken heart--his only hope is that his exploits as a pilot will win back his lost love. Together the two form one of the best crews in the air, fighting in the first aerial conflict in history--one in which a combatant can count his life expectancy in weeks. The pressure of war forges a strong bond between the two flyers, but can it survive the discovery that they are both in love with the same woman? Joseph Kessel's autobiographical novel is a staggering tale of courage, brotherhood and loss. From the Trade Paperback edition.

The Lake

Autor: Perrine LeBlanc
ISBN: 9781487000202
File Size: 34,97 MB
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The latest from Governor General’s Literary Award winner Perrine Leblanc is a mesmerizing story about the disappearance of three young women and a deeply disturbing portrait of a small town gone bad. In between the mountains and the sea, on the north shore of the Baie des Chaleurs, there’s a village called Malabourg. The village is surrounded by all the usual features of the region: a river with wild salmon, a stretch of the national highway, and a coniferous forest. But Malabourg has one unusual feature: in the heart of the forest there’s a lake the kids call "the tomb.” It’s the place where three young women have disappeared, one by one. As rumours and allegations spread through the village, Alexis and Mina struggle to make sense of the tragedies before deciding the only way to forget is to leave. Alexis relocates to France to learn how to compose perfume and Mina moves hundreds of kilometres away from the sea. But, in spite of the distance, Alexis and Mina can’t forget Malabourg, or each other. Unfolding along the beautiful, rugged landscape of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, The Lake is the gripping story of the disappearance of three young women, the unsettling aftermath, and the search for life beyond the limits of a small town.

Who Killed Daniel Pearl

Autor: Bernard Henri Levy
Publisher: Hardie Grant Publishing
ISBN: 1740662067
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The on-camera murder of journalist Daniel Pearl was a horrible tragedy, but was there a darker side to the story. In this book the author traces Pearl's final steps through the Islamic underworld in an investigation that plunges the author into his own heart of darkness.

Lovers In Lisbon

Autor: Barbara Cartland
Publisher: G K Hall & Company
ISBN: 9780783889290
File Size: 34,83 MB
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The Duchesse de Monreuil has Felicita Galuao, a poor seamstress, pose as her niece in order to gain revenge on the son of the man who jilted her.

Madame Bovary

Autor: Gustave Flaubert
Publisher: Bantam Classics
ISBN: 0553213415
File Size: 31,51 MB
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A powerful nineteenth-century French classic depicting the moral degeneration of a weak-willed woman

A Summer With Montaigne

Autor: Antoine Compagnon
Publisher: Europa Editions
ISBN: 9781609455309
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In his writing and his person, Michel de Montaigne embodied the Humanist ideal. He stands at the start of the French Renaissance in philosophy and literature. But what does Montaigne have to tell us about how to think and live today? In forty short and lively chapters written over a single summer, Antoine Compagnon seeks answers to that question. Compagnon and his subject are congenial, erudite companions. Both are vivid reminders that while ever there are people willing to consider carefully, observe passionately, and speak measuredly, there is hope. A few years ago, Antoine Compagnon was asked to host a radio broadcast, every day for an entire summer, on a formidable subject: Michel de Montaigne. From that experience came this engaging and entertaining book, A Summer with Montaigne. An intelligent and thought-provoking treatise in forty chapters that will introduce readers unfamiliar with Montaigne to his unique brilliance and remind those who already know Montaigne's work of its vitality, force, and enduring timeliness. Compagnon breathes life into the musings of Montaigne, approaching his subject not as the recluse many imagine him to have been, but rather a multi-faceted individual of complex thought and astonishing analytical prowess. Once the mayor of Bordeaux, Montaigne was a committed spirit of his time, advising his powerful contemporaries and always in touch with the questions and concerns of the moment, of which many remain pressing today. Composed over a period of twenty years, Montaigne's Essays deal with timeless themes. From the problems posed by religion, war, power and friendship to the ridiculousness of our weaknesses, Montaigne's Essays remain a moving commentary on what it means to be a human being in any age. Is this a serious and philosophical book? Certainly. But Compagnon never pontificates and is never austere. Many of the anecdotes he chooses allow us to approach the world of Montaigne with a sense of humor and, most importantly, companionship.

The Syntax Of French

Autor: Paul Rowlett
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1139461729
File Size: 44,22 MB
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French is a syntactically interesting language, with aspects of its word order and clause structure triggering a variety of important developments in syntactic theory. This is a concise and accessible guide to the syntax of Modern French, providing a clear overview of those aspects of the language that are of particular interest to linguists. A broad variety of topics are covered, including the development and spread of French; the evolution of its syntax; syntactic variation; lexical categories; noun, verb and adjective phrases; clause structure; movement; and agreement. Drawing on the work of a wide range of scholars, it highlights the important role of French in the development of syntactic theory and shows how French challenges some fundamental assumptions about syntactic structure. An engaging and in-depth guide to all that is interesting about French, The Syntax of French will be invaluable to students and scholars of syntactic theory and comparative linguistics.