Teaching Developmentally Disabled Children

Autor: Ole Ivar Lovaas
Publisher: Univ Park Press
ISBN: 9780936104782
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...designed for use with children from age 3 & above who suffer from mental retardation, brain damage, autism, severe aphasia, emotional disorders or childhood schizophrenia...

The International Handbook Of Psychology

Autor: Kurt Pawlik
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 1847876641
File Size: 27,62 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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The International Handbook of Psychology is an authoritative resource covering all the main areas of psychological science and written by an outstanding set of authors from around the world. The 31 chapters cover not only scientific but also applied cross-disciplinary aspects. Supervised by an International Editorial Advisory Board (IEAB) of 13 eminent psychologists and edited by Professors Kurt Pawlik and Mark R Rosenzweig, it is being published under the auspices of the International Union of Psychological Science (IUPsyS) by SAGE Publications Ltd in London. The International Handbook of Psychology will be invaluable to advanced undergraduates, graduate students and academics in psychology, and will also be of interest to students of education, sociology, political science, humanities, philosophy, informatics, cognitive sciences, neuroscience, legal sciences and criminology, and will serve as a general resource reference text, written at a level comparable to Scientific American. `This impressive volume covers a tremendous amount of work. It is well organized: authors have generally kept to a standard brief. It is also truly international both in authorship and the origin of the work referenced. This will provide a very useful reference book for undergraduate and post-graduate students' - British Journal of Educational Psychology

Encyclopedia Of Psychological Assessment

Autor: Rocio Fernandez-Ballesteros
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 1847877176
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'once you let a clinical psychologist lay hands on this book, it is quite difficult to get it back again' - Martin Guha, Librarian, Institute of Psychiatry, London The Encyclopedia of Psychological Assessment is a landmark reference work and constitutes a definitive resource for academics, practitioners and students working in any field of applied psychological science. Psychological assessment is a key component of psychological work. Devices of scientific assessment are necessary for adequate describing, diagnosis, predicting, explaining or changing the behaviour of all subjects under examination. This double-volume collection offers complete coverage to facilitate action in each of these areas and will consequently be invaluable to psychologists in any applied setting. The two volumes of the Encyclopedia of Psychological Assessment contain a series of 235 entries, organized alphabetically, and covering a variety of fields. Each entry includes a general conceptual and methodological overview, a section on relevant assessment devices, followed by links to related concepts in the Encyclopedia and a list of references. The Encyclopedia of Psychological Assessment provides: - A comprehensive network for psychological assessment as a conceptual and methodological discipline, and as a professional activity - An overview of the complexity of assessment, which involves not only testing, but also a process of decision-making for answering relevant questions that arise in the different applied fields - A presentation of relevant issues from basic theory (theoretical perspectives, ethics) and methodology (validity, reliability, item response theory) to technology and modes of assessment (tests, instruments and equipment for measuring behavioral operations) - An attempt to unify this diverse field by offering full coverage of all areas from the most traditional, such as clinical, educational and work and organizational psychology, to the most recent applications linked to health, gerontology, neuropsychology, psychophysiology and environmental assessment. The Encyclopedia of Psychological Assessment offers a truly international perspective, both in terms of the selected authors and chosen entries. It aims to provide an integrated view of assessment, bringing together knowledge dispersed throughout several methodological and applied fields, but united in terms of its relevance for assessment. It is an essential purchase for any library with an existing collection or concern with the field of psychological science in general.

Avalia O Psicol Gica Da Intelig Ncia E Da Personalidade

Autor: Claudio Simon Hutz
Publisher: Artmed Editora
ISBN: 8582714882
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Novo livro da Coleção Avaliação Psicológica, esta obra reúne destacados pesquisadores e professores brasileiros que abordam, em um texto didático e abrangente, os principais conceitos, questões, técnicas e ferramentas usadas no processo de avaliação da inteligência e da personalidade

A Bibliography On Writing And Written Language

Autor: Gabriele Graefen
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter
ISBN: 3110889358
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The bibliography offers information on research about writing and written language over the past 50 years. No comprehensive bibliography on this subject has been published since Sattler's (1935) handbook. With a selection of some 27,500 titles it covers the most important literature in all scientific fields relating to writing. Emphasis has been placed on the interdisciplinary organization of the bibliography, creating many points of common interest for literacy experts, educationalists, psychologists, sociologists, linguists, cultural anthropologists, and historians. The bibliography is organized in such a way as to provide the specialist as well as the researcher in neighboring disciplines with access to the relevant literature on writing in a given field. While necessarily selective, it also offers information on more specialized bibliographies. In addition, an overview of norms and standards concerning 'script and writing' will prove very useful for non-professional readers. It is, therefore, also of interest to the generally interested public as a reference work for the humanities.

Innovaci N En El Aula Ante Las Dificultades De Aprendizaje

Autor: Daniel Garrote Rojas
Publisher: Universidad de Castilla La Mancha
ISBN: 8461703138
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Trastorno por déficit de atención con hiperactividad. Noelia Barrios Sánchez, Andrea Forte Pérez y Carmen María Navarro Llamas. Artrogriposis múltiple congénita. Raquel Morcillo Martínez y Mª Isabel Moreno Navarrete. Realidad Educativa de un caso de trastorno de déficit de atención y dislexia. Marina Carpena Payá, Cristina Martínez Gascón y Ana Ruiz Díaz. Retraso Mental. María Esther Escudero Rivera, Raquel Henarejos Rodenas y José María Monedero Rubio. Comunidades de aprendizaje: rumbo al éxito educativo. María del Carmen Cortés Alcantud, Augusto José Esparcia González y Miriam Pedreño Cuéllar. Alumno Inmigrante con problemas conductuales. Sandra Cencerrado García, Julia Blanco Velásquez y María José Carrión Sáez. Retraso madurativo. Ana Isabel Blázquez Martínez, Laura Montero Martínez y Cristina Ortega Serrano. Dificultades del aprendizaje durante el desarrollo del niño en edad escolar. Sara Jiménez Fernández, Daniel Garrote Rojas y Ascensión Palomares Ruiz. Síndrome de down estudio de un caso real. Elena Clemente Maestre y Victoria Regel Sánchez.