Schunder Iv Ts Luna Love

Autor: Jupiter Hill
ISBN: 9781520151731
File Size: 29,38 MB
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Schunder IVDear Readers,Thank you for purchasing this book.SCHUNDER IV is an erotic novel. Interview second fictional.It's about a young transsexual. Luna Liebe, born in 1990, talks about her career as part of an interview. From her childhood, through her puberty to the present day.The focus is on sexuality. How she discovered, explored, and lived. Relations with their fellow men.In short, it is erotic pulp.

Schunder Iv

Autor: Jupiter Hill
ISBN: 9781519096395
File Size: 19,10 MB
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Schunder IVSehr verehrte Leser,vielen Dank f�r den Erwerb dieses Buches.SCHUNDER IV ist ein erotischer Roman. Es handelt sich um ein fiktives Interview zweiter fiktiver Personen.Dabei geht es um eine junge Transsexuelle. Luna Love, Jahrgang 1990, erz�hlt im Rahmen eines Interviews von ihrem Werdegang. Von ihrer Kindheit, �ber ihre Pubert�t bis zum heutigen Tag.Im Mittelpunkt steht dabei Sexualit�t. Wie sie diese entdeckte, erforschte und auslebte. Die Verh�ltnisse zu ihren Mitmenschen spielen in ihren Geschichten eine gro�e Rolle.Kurz gesagt, es ist erotischer Schund.

Herbal Medicine In Depression

Autor: Clara Grosso
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319140213
File Size: 23,45 MB
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This book is written for researchers, undergraduate students and postgraduate students, physicians and traditional medicine practitioners who develop research in the field of neurosciences, phytochemistry and ethnopharmacology or can be useful for their practice. Topics discussed include the description of depression, its biochemical causes, the targets of antidepressant drugs, animal and cell models commonly used in the research of this pathology, medicinal plants and bioactive compounds with antidepressant activity used in traditional medicine, advances in nanotechnology for drug delivery to the brain and finally the future challenges for researchers studying this pathology.

Microbial Strategies For Crop Improvement

Autor: Mohammad Saghir Khan
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9783642019791
File Size: 74,75 MB
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With an ever-increasing human population, the demand placed upon the agriculture sector to supply more food is one of the greatest challenges for the agrarian community. In order to meet this challenge, environmentally unfriendly agroch- icals have played a key role in the green revolution and are even today commonly recommended to circumvent nutrient de?ciencies of the soils. The use of ag- chemicals is, though, a major factor for improvement of plant production; it causes a profound deteriorating effect on soil health (soil fertility) and in turn negatively affects the productivity and sustainability of crops. Concern over disturbance to the microbial diversity and consequently soil fertility (as these microbes are involved in biogeochemical processes), as well as economic constraints, have prompted fun- mental and applied research to look for new agro-biotechnologies that can ensure competitive yields by providing suf?ciently not only essential nutrients to the plants but also help to protect the health of soils by mitigating the toxic effects of certain pollutants. In this regard, the role of naturally abundant yet functionally fully unexplored microorganisms such as biofertilizers assume a special signi?cance in the context of supplementing plant nutrients, cost and environmental impact under both conventional practices and derelict environments. Therefore, current devel- ments in sustainability involve a rational exploitation of soil microbial communities and the use of inexpensive, though less bio-available, sources of plant nutrients, which may be made available to plants by microbially-mediated processes.

Endocrine Surgery

Autor: Johnathan Hubbard
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9781846288814
File Size: 49,13 MB
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There has been a recent surge of interest within the world of endocrine surgery in the US and worldwide with resultant significant changes on the way surgery is performed. Where before a 5-7 year period was taken for a general surgeon, after which the medic would take a 1 year residency then a fellowship, now they are looking at 3 years core surgery and then going straight to specialise, opening up the discipline to more people. The book is a valuable tool for those revising for board examinations and Fellowship examinations. The text, compiled by expert authors from the USA, Europe and Asia, provides an international perspective on the basic knowledge and clinical management.

Geographic Information Metadata For Spatial Data Infrastructures

Autor: Javier Nogueras-Iso
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9783540244646
File Size: 50,97 MB
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Metadata play a fundamental role in both DLs and SDIs. Commonly defined as "structured data about data" or "data which describe attributes of a resource" or, more simply, "information about data", it is an essential requirement for locating and evaluating available data. Therefore, this book focuses on the study of different metadata aspects, which contribute to a more efficient use of DLs and SDIs. The three main issues addressed are: the management of nested collections of resources, the interoperability between metadata schemas, and the integration of information retrieval techniques to the discovery services of geographic data catalogs (contributing in this way to avoid metadata content heterogeneity).

Wicca Craft

Autor: Gerina Dunwich
Publisher: Citadel Press
ISBN: 9780806512389
File Size: 71,10 MB
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Traces the origins of Wicca and offers up a cauldron brew of spells, unusual recipes and fascinating Pagan lore. Also contains easy-to-follow rituals for the eight annual sabbats observed by Wiccans, an up-to-date listing of Pagan periodicals and sections on herbalism, tree magick and dreams. The author, a practising Witch, reveals the ancient secrets of magick and divination and offers her insights on Wiccan history, deities, tools, ethics and much more.