The Lazarus War Artefact

Autor: Jamie Sawyer
ISBN: 9780356505466
File Size: 19,53 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 5206
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This is a gripping read that moves at warp speed. Mankind has spread to the stars, only to become locked in warfare with an insidious alien race. All that stands against the alien menace are the soldiers of the Simulant Operation Programme, an elite military team remotely operating avatars in the most dangerous theatres of war. Captain Conrad Harris has died hundreds of times - running suicide missions in simulant bodies. Known as Lazarus, he is a man addicted to death. So when a secret research station deep in alien territory suddenly goes dark, there is no other man who could possibly lead a rescue mission. But Harris hasn't been trained for what he's about to find. And this time, he may not be coming back. Artefact is an action-drenched tale of elite space marines, deep space exploration and galactic empires.

Protocol Zero

Autor: James Abel
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 042527635X
File Size: 59,43 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 7539
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When authorities in Alaska receive a disturbing call from a teenage girl, their investigation leads them to discover an entire family of researchers dead. Joe Rush is called to help examine the bodies. On the surface, it looks like a brutal murder/suicide. But the situation is nowhere near that simple-nor is it over. Upon closer investigation, Rush discovers the terrifying truth. The research team was infected with the deadliest disease on the face of the Earth-a nightmarish infection that is 100% fatal. Normally, the disease is not contagious, and easily contained in military experiments. But then how did the entire family come to carry the disease. Has it evolved and become airborne? Was it manipulated in a lab? Unfortunately, he's not the only one with knowledge of the looming disaster. The army has cordoned off part of Alaska, and Rush soon finds himself the target of trained killers. Someone suspects Rush of betraying his country and releasing the plague himself. To save countless millions of lives-starting with his own-Rush must uncover the answers hidden in the Arctic. The question is-will he find them in time?

Georgia Armenia And Azerbaijan

Autor: John Noble
ISBN: 9781741794038
File Size: 29,12 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 7160
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Offers information on the region's history and culture, and presents ideas for accommodations, transportation, shopping, entertainment, and organized tours.

Mythras Fondamentaux

Autor: Peter Nash
Publisher: Karnac Books
ISBN: 1911471155
File Size: 41,12 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 994
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Découvrez en douceur les règles réputées de Mythras : création de personnages, fonctionnement du système, gestion des combats, exemples de créatures… Mythras Fondamentaux vous offre le nécessaire pour jouer rapidement. Lorsque vous serez prêt, passez aux règles complètes de Mythras. Vous bénéficierez alors d‘une pléthore d’options pour adapter le jeu à vos besoins: des personnages plus étoffés, de nouvelles possibilités de combat, cinq systèmes de magie, des dizaines de créatures ainsi que de nombreux conseils et exemples.

Her Bak

Autor: Isha Schwaller de Lubicz
Publisher: Inner Traditions
ISBN: 9780892810031
File Size: 21,64 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 1244
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In these fictional accounts, the wisdom of Ancient Egypt is revealed through the eyes of a young Her-Bak, a candidate for initiation into the Inner Temple. The events related take place between the XX and XXI dynasties. In this volume Her-Bak's training in the living school of Nature and in the Outer Temple unfolds.


Autor: David R. George III
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1501103725
File Size: 39,82 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 8980
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The post-television Deep Space Nine saga continues with this original novel from New York Times bestselling author David R. George III! On the original Deep Space Nine, Captain Kira Nerys watches as the nearby wormhole opens and discharges a single, bladelike vessel. Attempts to contact its crew fail, and the ship is soon followed by another vessel of similar design. When an armada subsequently begins to emerge from the wormhole, it seems clear that DS9 is under attack. Kira orders her first officer, Commander Elias Vaughn, to board the U.S.S. Defiant and defend the station, and alerts Starfleet to send additional forces as her crew prepares DS9’s shields and weaponry for the onslaught to come. Meanwhile, on the lead ship, Iliana Ghemor considers launching an attack on DS9 and finally ending the life of Kira, the fountainhead of all the ills in her miserable life. Her vengeance demands more than mere death, though—it requires pain. Ghemor refocuses, choosing to follow her plan to mete out her revenge on the captain by first decimating the population of Bajor… ™, ®, & © 2015 CBS Studios, Inc. STAR TREK and related marks and logos are trademarks of CBS Studios, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


Autor: Jack Campbell
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101988347
File Size: 62,38 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 5048
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Jack Campbell returns to the world of the New York Times bestselling Lost Fleet novels with a new action-packed military science fiction series that explores the founding of the Alliance . . . and the men and women who fought to create it. Earth is no longer the center of the universe. After the invention of the faster-than-light jump drive, humanity is rapidly establishing new colonies. But the vast distances of space mean that the old order of protection and interstellar law offered by Earth has ceased to exist. When a nearby world attacks, the new colony of Glenlyon turns to Robert Geary, a young former junior fleet officer, and Mele Darcy, a onetime enlisted Marine. With nothing but improvised weapons and a few volunteers, Geary and Darcy must face down warships and armored soldiers--or die trying. As battles rage and pirates take an increasing toll throughout the colonies, the only hope for lasting peace lies with Carmen Ochoa, a "Red" from the anarchic world of Mars, and Lochan Nakamura, a failed politician. They have a plan: to lay the groundwork for mutual defense that could someday grow into an alliance. But if their efforts don't succeed, the growing power of aggressor worlds could turn regions of space founded on freedom into battlefields between the first interstellar empires...

Aqa A Level Economics

Autor: Ray Powell
Publisher: Hodder Education
ISBN: 1471829855
File Size: 13,68 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 7739
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Build Economics knowledge through active learning with the latest Powell textbook, featuring quantitative skills practice and brand new case studies. This textbook has been fully revised to reflect the 2015 AQA Economics specification, giving you up-to-date material that supports your teaching and will enable your students to: - Develop subject knowledge with topic-by-topic support from Ray Powell and James Powell, who are experienced in teaching and examining - Demonstrate awareness of current issues in economics through brand new case studies that also help build analytical and evaluative skills - Explain important concepts and issues effectively; key terms throughout the text and in the microeconomic and macroeconomic glossaries help to establish the language of economics - Build quantitative skills with worked examples - Stretch and challenge their knowledge with extension materials - Prepare for exams with practice questions and activities throughout

Le Domaine Des Sorts Le Code Arcane Tome 2

Autor: Dima Zales
Publisher: Mozaika LLC
ISBN: 1631420704
File Size: 12,30 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 4278
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La suite très attendue du livre Le Code arcane... Après la bataille avec la Garde des sorciers, Gala et Blaise se réfugient dans la montagne, un endroit unique, beau et dangereux. Augusta est toutefois déterminée à se venger ― tandis que Barson, son amant ambitieux, met en route son propre plan. Au milieu des coups politiques, des batailles et des complots, quelque chose de beaucoup plus grave se prépare... Quelque chose qui pourrait mettre en péril l’équilibre même du Domaine des Sorts.