Stepbrother For Christmas

Autor: Amy Brent
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781981292325
File Size: 54,24 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 402
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Santa knows I have been a naughty little girl, Touching myself to my stepbrother fantasies. And now, Santa wants to punish me. The punishment shouldn't feel so good, right? How can the one person I can't have be the only one I need this Christmas? My crude, arrogant, filthy rich stepbrother! Those Greek God looks and that panty melting, devilish smile... didn't hear that from me, okay? He's teasing me, tormenting me, hurting me... And I am loving every moment of it. Then he tells me that he's going to protect me. That he's going to be loyal. He wants me, I need him. The problem? He's my boyfriend stepbrother, and I want to please him - in every way possible. How do I let Santa know that I don't want forgiveness? I just want my HOT Stepbrother for Christmas.

The Hard And Dirty Holidays

Autor: Celia Aaron
ISBN: 9781532879876
File Size: 65,67 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 4317
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The Hard and Dirty Holidays is a collection of four hot holiday stories.A Stepbrother for ChristmasAnnalise dreads seeing her stepbrother at her family's Christmas get-together. Niles had always been so nasty, tormenting her in high school after their parents had gotten married. British and snobby, Niles did everything he could to hurt Annalise when they were younger. Now, Annalise hasn't seen Niles in three years; he's been away at school in England and Annalise has started her pre-med program in Dallas. When they reconnect, dark memories threaten, sparks fly, and they give true meaning to the "hard and dirty holidays."Bad Boy ValentineJess has always been shy. Keeping her head down and staying out of sight has served her well, especially when a sexy photographer moves in across the hall from her. Michael has a budding career, a dark past, and enough ink and piercings to make Jess' mouth water. She is well equipped to watched him through her peephole and stalk him on social media. But what happens when the bad boy next door comes knocking?Bad Boy Valentine WeddingJess and Michael have been engaged for three years, waiting patiently for Jess to finish law school before taking the next step in their relationship. As the wedding date approaches, their dedication to each other only grows, but outside forces seek to tear them apart. The bad boy will have to fight to keep his bride and Jess will have to trust him with her whole heart to make their happy ending a reality. F*ck of the IrishEamon is my crush, the one guy I can't stop thinking about. His Irish accent, toned body, and sparkling eyes captivated me the second I saw him. But since he slept with my roommate, who claims she still loves him, he's been off limits. Despite my prohibition on dating him, he has other ideas. Resisting him is the key to keeping my roommate happy, but giving in may bring me more pleasure than I ever imagined.

Stepbrother Christmas

Autor: Giselle Renarde
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781530408047
File Size: 31,82 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 474
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When Adam heads home for the holidays, the secret he uncovers will blow your mind! Christmas is supposed to be a time for peace, joy and generosity. But when Adam and Sheree agree to cool things off for a week, they both need other ways to occupy their time. And, like it isn't hard enough to keep his hands off Sheree, Adam discovers her old diary. Her confessions are shocking, salacious, and truly taboo. Adam can't believe who Sheree seduced. Sure she's a flirt, but this is just wrong! Still, he can't put her diary down. Can Adam and Sheree hold out until after Christmas? Or will spilled secrets bring an end to their forbidden love? A steamy stepbrother romance novel including spying, secrets, and multiple partners!

Stepbrother The Game He Plays

Autor: Lucy Ivey
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA
ISBN: 1681191881
File Size: 78,62 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 9647
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Hot? Yes. F*ed up? Definitely. Two of kind? Probably. After arriving at her estranged mother's new home, Karley's not only taken back by the luxurious lifestyle her mother now lives in but also by her stepfather's two sons, Justin and Joe. The Osborne boys have a reputation around town for being wealthy, beautiful, and getting any girl they choose. It's a surprise to all, including Karley, when Justin turns his charm on her. He says he feels drawn to her and showers her with attention and adoration. They begin dating long distance, and every trip home draws her deeper into their torrid relationship. But not everyone is happy about this decision-especially Justin's older brother, Joe. Joe not only voices his disapproval, but also silently challenges Justin for Karley's affection. Karley is soon drawn to both brothers, enjoying their attention -one openly and the other behind closed doors. As one brother consumes her heart, the other consumes her thoughts. Unfortunately for Karley, both brothers harbor a deadly secret, one that links them to the recent killings of several girls. Karley is left with a decision to make: which brother to trust and which one to fear as the Osborne brothers' true personalities are brought to light, all racing to a shattering conclusion.

My Rotten Stepbrother Ruined Cinderella

Autor: Jerry Mahoney
Publisher: Capstone
ISBN: 1496544706
File Size: 60,73 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 7827
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Holden, what have you done?! It wasn't enough to ruin Maddie's report on Cinderella, but now you've somehow broken the ACTUAL fairy tale? The ugly stepsister is marrying the prince and there's no happy ever after! You need to fix this and the only way seems to be by entering the story. But beware: if you can't mend it, you can never return . . .

Stepbrother S Gift

Autor: Krista Lakes
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 9781514217122
File Size: 11,95 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 2334
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"You have no idea how many times I've fantasized about this," he said, pushing me harder against the shower wall. My billionaire stepbrother owes me. Years ago, James thoughtlessly gave me an IOU instead of a Christmas present. I thought I had pushed him out of my mind, but years later, I found myself sharing a home with him again. Just like before, he teased me at every turn. And just like before, it only made me want him more. In one moment, our relationship changed forever. I found out firsthand what had made all those girls moan while we had shared a wall years ago. Now it's time to collect on that jerk's IOU. Even though he's a billionaire, the thing that I want from him isn't money. I want a gift that will last me a lifetime... A baby.

Her Stepbrother S Christmas Gift

Autor: Rachel Kenley
Publisher: Riverdale Avenue Books LLC
ISBN: 162601244X
File Size: 58,85 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 6463
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When they were children, Clara’s stepbrother, Sebastian, destroyed her Nutcracker, a magical gift from her godfather, Drosselmeyer. She has never forgiven him, no matter how close they were before the accident. Sebastian didn’t mean to break the toy, and Clara’s heart, and he certainly never expected her to stay mad for ten years. But this year, he has a surprise for her. Thanks to Drosselmeyer, Sebastian has learned the magic necessary to bring Clara back to the enchanted kingdom of her childhood. With one special addition— this time he is the Nutcracker Prince and he plans not only to offer her more nights in the kingdom, but also to show her the deeper and more lasting love he’s been aching to share with her. Seduction, love and magic will be the ultimate Christmas gift.

Have Yourself A Crazy Little Christmas

Autor: Megan Crane
Publisher: Tule Publishing
ISBN: 1947636669
File Size: 76,98 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 6456
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Dependable Devyn Voss is no stranger to cleaning up her mother’s messes, but this one’s gone supernova. In search of love, her flighty mom has invited all of her exes to celebrate her Christmastime 50th birthday. Which is trouble enough, but only gets worse when Devyn’s former stepbrother shows up to the party. His dark brown eyes and lazy smile still setting sparks off inside of Devyn that she’s desperate to ignore. Nashville songwriter Vaughn Taylor only came to the party to support his dad. And if he happens to see his pretty ex-stepsister there, that’s just fine. But the minute he lays eyes on her, he’s gripped by all his old desires--to undo all her uptight and get past that guarded exterior. They were never supposed to see each other again, but now that they have--all those sparks have become a bonfire. But will this little bit of Christmas crazy last... or will it end with the season?

Why We Give Gifts At Christmas Time

Autor: Corine Hyman
ISBN: 9780985542399
File Size: 69,46 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 5180
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Christmas gifts ... a Christmas tradition as old as Christmas. However why do we give gifts to each other at Christmas time if it is Jesus' birthday? This is a question that everyone has wondered at least once in their life. However, few have been able to come up with an answer. Join Evelyn and her friends as they discover the reason why we give gifts to each other at Christmas time if it is Jesus' birthday. While "Why We Give Gifts at Christmas Time" is Christmas picture book geared towards children 3 to 8, it is a book that the whole family will enjoy. Why We Give Gifts at Christmas Time also uses Biblical passages to explore the reasons for Christmas giving. By the end of the book, you and your little one will know that there is a gift in giving and will want to practice generous giving.