Autor: Domingo Morel
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0190678976
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"State takeovers of local governments have garnered national attention of late, particularly following the water crisis in Flint, Michigan. In most U.S. cities, local governments are responsible for decisions concerning matters such as the local water supply and school affairs. However, once a state takes over, this decision-making capability is shuttled. Despite the widespread attention that takeovers in Flint and Detroit have gained, we know little about how such takeovers -- a policy option that has been in use since the 1980s -- affect political power in local communities. This manuscript offers the first systematic study of state takeovers of local governments by focusing on takeovers of local school districts. The book examines the factors that contribute to state takeovers as well as the effects and political implications of takeovers on racialized communities, the communities most often affected by them. It challenges conventional wisdom that centralization and state takeovers unequivocally disempower racialized communities, laying out the conditions under which the policy will disempower or empower racial and ethnic minority populations. In addition, the book expands our understanding of urban politics. The book argues that state interventions are part of the new normal for cities and offers a novel theoretical framework for understanding the presence of the state in American cities. The book is built around an original study of nearly 1000 school districts, including every school district that has been taken over by their respective state, and a powerful case study of Newark, New Jersey"--

The Takeover Stepping Into The Position Of Destiny

Autor: Valentine Ehiemua
Publisher: Xulon Press
ISBN: 1602668647
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A spiritual and practical guide to living right, this text focuses on spiritual laws and how one can find his or her purpose by faith and by knowing God. (Practical Life)


Autor: David Uren
Publisher: Black Inc.
ISBN: 1863957545
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Did the Chiko Roll change Australian history? As a matter of fact, yes. Efforts by the reviled US company IT&T to take over the company making the Roll in the early 1970s marked a turning point in Australian foreign investment policy. And this is just one of the strange twists and turns in the buying and selling of Australia. Takeover is an authoritative, engaging account of the history of foreign investment in Australia – both the economics and the politics. It explores the strange coalitions of left and right that have sought to insulate us from the world economy and the equally unpredictable forces that have embraced it. It is a story of the fights between the protectionists and free traders of the nineteenth century, of our relationships with the US, Britain, Japan and China, and of the rise of Google and Uber. Australia’s economy has been built on the back of foreign capital – alone among nations advanced or emerging, we have been able to run deficits with the world throughout our history precisely because foreigners are so keen to invest here. Yet there is an insecurity about the source of our prosperity coming from somewhere else. Where does the national interest lie, and what issues are at stake?


Autor: Moira Johnston
Publisher: Beard Books
ISBN: 9781893122840
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The Takeover Of Social Policy By Financialization

Autor: Lena Lavinas
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1137491078
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This book critically addresses the model of social inclusion that prevailed in Brazil under the rule of the Workers Party from the early 2000s until 2015. It examines how the emergence of a mass consumer society proved insufficient, not only to overcome underdevelopment, but also to consolidate the comprehensive social protection system inherited from Brazil’s 1988 Constitution. By juxtaposing different theoretical frameworks, this book scrutinizes how the current finance-dominated capitalism has reshaped the role of social policy, away from rights-based decommodified benefits and towards further commodification. This constitutes the Brazilian paradox: how a center-left government has promoted and boosted financialization through a market incorporation strategy using credit as a lever for expanding financial inclusion. In so doing, it has pushed the subjection of social policy further into the logic of financial markets.


Autor: Richard A. Viguerie
Publisher: Wnd Books
ISBN: 9781936488544
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Suggests a way for the Republican Party to establish limited-government conservatism as its primary philosophy, and offers strategies for ensuring that it is America's ruling party by 2017.

Takeover Laws And Financial Development

Autor: Tatiana Nenova
Publisher: World Bank Publications
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The issue of "an appropriate" legal framework, especially in the case of the takeover market, has been poorly studied in the case of emerging markets, yet it is of immediate relevance and practical policymaker interest. The study makes a first attempt to analyze takeover regulations in a comparative context across 50 countries. It proposes a methodology to create a detailed index on the most salient features of capital market laws, and illustrates the approach on the case of takeover legislation. The methodology allows better understanding of the impact of laws on markets and development, allows a detailed quantification of a given regulation, in this case takeover market rules, and helps determine relevant policy implications. Specifically, the framework permits the exploration of the effects of individual regulations, their substitutability and interplay, as well as the overall extent of friendliness of the laws to investors, or particular groups thereof (such as minority shareholders), and the links of specialized regulation with the overall legal system. Finally, the study explores the effect of the investor-friendliness of takeover laws on stock market development.

The Takeover

Autor: Mimi Pockross
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
ISBN: 1499009798
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So how does a daughter cope with moving her elderly parents from Chicago to Denver and becoming their primary caregiver? This is a story about learning on the job to deal with constant medical and emotional crises, about deciphering the eldercare lingo, about trying to figure out how to maintain some sort of quality of life, about juggling the financial and legal problems associated with the aging process, and about the surprising joys of making life meaningful enough that when one looks back at this time, it all seems worthwhile.


Autor: Rob Johns
Publisher: Biteback Publishing
ISBN: 1785900706
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Even before soaring to the apparently impossible challenge of an outright majority at Holyrood in 2011, the Scottish National Party had long dominated the political narrative in Scotland. With the independence referendum in 2014 and their near clean sweep in the general election the following year, the full force of the SNP's power was felt throughout the UK. Now, with the party's rivals still trailing limply in their wake, this new account by two established SNP-watchers explains just how they have stormed to victory, changing the face of Scottish - and British - politics for ever. Tracing the path from grassroots party of protest to professional, highly centralised electoral machine, Rob Johns and James Mitchell explore the differing leadership styles and often radical shifts in the party's image, from 'tartan Tories' to self-styled anti-austerity crusaders. Along the way, they analyse the internal battles between the leadership, members and activists; map the changing profile of the average SNP voter; and outline the new challenges that have come with increased electoral success. Engaging, impartial and above all insightful, Takeover charts the rise and rise of Scotland's biggest party and asks: where now for the SNP in the wake of a historic third successive victory?


Autor: Madeleine Ker
Publisher: Chivers North America
ISBN: 9780263129458
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