The Babies And Doggies Book

Autor: John Schindel
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 0544444779
File Size: 46,32 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 7341
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Celebrates the common traits shared by babies and dogs, revealing how both sit, play ball, cuddle, and smile.

The Babies And Doggies Book

Autor: John Schindel
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 0544640470
File Size: 62,95 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 7144
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When you stop and think about it, babies and doggies do many of the same things. They squirm, sniff, sit, and splash. They play ball and cuddle. Lots of things babies do, doggies do too! This book explores all of the similar actions shared by baby and baby's best friend. Illustrated with beautiful, full-color photographs featuring an array of dog breeds and a diverse cast of babies, The Babies and Doggies Book is a visual feast for infants, a fun read-aloud for parents, and treat for baby- and dog-lovers.

Busy Doggies

Autor: John Schindel
Publisher: Knopf Books for Young Readers
ISBN: 0385391773
File Size: 17,42 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 8695
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The beloved Busy Animals board book series has an irresistible new look! These busy doggies will have toddlers gnawing and pawing, lapping and napping, and tugging and hugging. Young children will love to imitate the many actions the doggies are doing, while the vivid, full-color photographs will keep them engaged time after time. Join the fun! From the Board edition.


Autor: Sandra Boynton
Publisher: Little Simon
ISBN: 9780671493189
File Size: 71,65 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 4581
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Serious silliness for all ages. Artist Sandra Boynton is back and better than ever with completely redrawn versions of her multi-million selling board books. These whimsical and hilarious books, featuring nontraditional texts and her famous animal characters, have been printed on thick board pages, and are sure to educate and entertain children of all ages.

Good Dog Happy Baby

Autor: Michael Wombacher
Publisher: New World Library
ISBN: 1608683508
File Size: 66,37 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 6544
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For years dog trainer Michael Wombacher has worked with expecting dog owners to prevent problems between dogs and children. He has also unfortunately witnessed too many families forced to surrender their beloved family companions because they failed to prepare the dog for the arrival of a new family member. In Good Dog, Happy Baby, Wombacher lays out a twelve-step process that will give families the skills they need to navigate this new era of their lives. These skills include how to evaluate dogs, resolve common behavior problems, and fully prepare dogs for a new baby. This easy-to-use guide, filled with photos and simple instructions, makes a great gift for any expecting family with a dog, whether the dog is perfectly trained or in serious need of behavioral help.

The Bedtime Book For Dogs

Autor: Bruce Littlefield
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
ISBN: 1455511382
File Size: 42,80 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 2988
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Come. Sit. Stay. I want to tell you a story. I think you'll like it. It's about a TREAT and a good dog, a very good dog who wanted to go play. But his friend was busy.... THE BEDTIME BOOK FOR DOGS is a charming story about a dog who decides that he'd rather walk to the park by himself than wait for his human companion-and discovers that all of his usual activities aren't as much fun without a good friend to share them with. This is an adorably packaged book with illustrations by Paul Heath that makes a perfect gift for dog lovers of all ages, with words dogs will understand and kids will want to read again and again.

Dog Heaven

Autor: Cynthia Rylant
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
ISBN: 0545337534
File Size: 33,50 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 3496
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In Newbery Medalist Cynthia Rylant's classic bestseller, the author comforts readers young and old who have lost a dog. Recommended highly by pet lovers around the world, Dog Heaven not only comforts but also brings a tear to anyone who is devoted to a pet. From expansive fields where dogs can run and run to delicious biscuits no dog can resist, Rylant paints a warm and affectionate picture of the ideal place God would, of course, create for man's best friend. The first picture book illustrated by the author, Dog Heaven is enhanced by Rylant's bright, bold paintings that perfectly capture an afterlife sure to bring solace to anyone who is grieving.

The Puppy Baby Book

Autor: Dawn Greenfield Ireland
Publisher: Artistic Origins
ISBN: 9780970113702
File Size: 63,10 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 7960
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Dawn Greenfield Ireland is an award-winning screenwriter & technical writer. Originally from Feeding Hills, MA, she has spent the past 30 years in Houston raising her children, writing professionally, & teaching "Screenwriting for Beginners" (7 years). She wanted a baby book for her dog Shasta. Now she has one. The Puppy Baby Book is the first of five books. The Kitten Baby Book, The Birdie Baby Book, My New Home (for older cats & dogs), & In Memory Of will be available Winter 2000 & Spring 2001. Finally, a baby book for dog lovers! When humans have a baby one of the first things they do is buy a baby book for keepsake information & charting the baby's progress for precious memories. Now dog lovers will have that same opportunity to chart their puppy's growth. The Puppy Baby Book contains birth, adoption, training (potty & obedience), holidays, fun times, medical history, a first aid kit list to keep on hand, & much more. There is also a smattering of tips & information throughout. The Puppy Baby Book was a finalilst in the 2001 Independent Publishers Book Awards competition.

Underwater Babies

Autor: Seth Casteel
Publisher: Little, Brown
ISBN: 031625651X
File Size: 71,95 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 2587
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Babies as you've never seen them before, from New York Times bestselling author and photographer Seth Casteel Seth Casteel's innovative underwater photography has won him fans around the world. Now Casteel has turned his camera toward the only subjects who could rival his bestselling portraits of dogs and puppies for sheer adorable delight: babies. In what he has called some of the most exciting shoots of his career, Casteel has found a remarkable new way to capture the wonder and freedom babies feel when they're underwater. Chubby-cheeked, curious, and mischievous, these tiny swimmers remind us all of the joy of discovery--and the irresistible beauty of babies.

Underwater Doggies 1 2 3

Autor: Seth Casteel
Publisher: LB Kids
ISBN: 9780316331753
File Size: 11,71 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Read: 1029
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New York Times bestselling author and photographer of Underwater Dogs Seth Casteel is back with brand new photographs! Counting doggies, one, two, three. How many doggies can you see? Numbers have never been so doggone fun! Using simple text and his hilarious, trademark portraits of dogs diving underwater, pet photographer Seth Casteel encourages young readers to count from one to ten in Underwater Doggies 1, 2, 3.