Magick In Theory And Practice

ISBN: 9781946963093
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2018 Facsimile of the 1929 Edition. Illustrated. Many consider this work by Crowley to be the foremost book on ceremonial magic written in the twentieth century. It was written especially for beginners and is considered one of Crowley's better books. Illustrated with graphs and charts. The original was privately printed in 1929 after Crowley failed to find a publisher in London and has been considered a scarce work since that time.

Equine Mri

Autor: Rachel C. Murray
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9781444329209
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Equine MRI is a unique, comprehensive guide to MRI in the horse. Edited by Rachel Murray, a leading authority and researcher in the field with over ten years of equine clinical MRI experience, the book also includes contributions from worldwide experts in the subject. Divided into the following four sections, the book presents key information based on previous validation work and clinical practice: Principles of MRI, including the practicalities of image acquisition and interpretation Normal MRI anatomy and normal variations Different types of pathological change Options for clinical management and prognosis for different conditions MRI is a rapidly expanding area in veterinary medicine that confers detailed, three-dimensional information on both bone and soft tissue. Expanding clinical knowledge, improvements in technology, and practical application of MRI to the standing and recumbent horse means this useful imaging modality has become an integral and essential part of the diagnostic evaluation in lameness and is a realistic option for investigation of ophthalmological, neurological and cranial pathology. Equine MRI enables readers to understand the best ways to achieve good quality images, and provides a detailed explanation of the problems that may occur. With close to 950 normal and abnormal images, this book offers considerable detail and examples of both common and uncommon problems, making it a great reference for equine veterinarians, veterinary students, specialists in equine surgery, and specialists in veterinary imaging.

The John Blake Chronicles

Autor: M. Tefler
ISBN: 9781549902918
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You've just found the ultimate erotic science-fiction series!It's 2779 and a retired Terran Federation Marine has taken up life as a trader. Follow John Blake's adventures as he travels the galaxy on his freighter, the "Fool's Gold". This is the first book in a massive epic full of beautiful women, rampaging aliens, gunfights, space combat, and a mysterious heritage that will shake the foundations of the galaxy...A multi-award winning adult space opera by M Tefler.

Valerius Flaccus Argonautica Book I

Autor: Aad Kleywegt
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9047405676
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This book is a philological and literary commentary on the first book of the Argonautica, a Latin epic written by Valerius Flaccus in the first century A.D.

The John Blake Chronicles Volume 2

Autor: M. Tefler
ISBN: 9781980780373
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This is Book 2 in the ultimate erotic science-fiction series, the John Blake Chronicles!Follow John Blake and his beautiful companions on the assault cruiser, Invictus, as they continue their epic adventures. They might have acquired a powerful new warship, but with a mightier vessel comes far tougher challenges... Intense gunfights, thrilling space combat, and terrifying aliens await!A multi-award winning adult space opera by M Tefler.

Hunted Past Reason

Autor: Richard Matheson
Publisher: Tor Books
ISBN: 9781429955737
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The bestselling author of such classic novels as I Am Legend and What Dreams May Come, Richard Matheson is one of the twentieth century's acknowledged masters of suspense. Hunted Past Reason is a major literary event: Matheson's first new novel in seven years-and a gripping tale of madness, paranoia, and murder. It's supposed to be just an ordinary camping trip, two old acquaintances hiking through the wilderness toward a remote cabin in the woods of northern California. Bob Hansen, a middle-aged family man and author, isn't anticipating anything worse than sore muscles and maybe a few chilly nights. But the enforced isolation of the hike soon exposes long-hidden rivalries and resentments between Bob and his guide through the forest, a fading TV actor whom Bob has known for several years. The deeper they get into the primeval wilderness and the farther from civilization, the greater the tension between the two men becomes-until the simmering hostility erupts into a terrifying life-or-death struggle for survival. Two men entered the woods, but only one may emerge alive. Hunted Past Reason is a nail-biting thriller in the classic Matheson tradition. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Microbionic Radical Electronic Music And Sound Art In The 21st Century

Autor: Thomas Bey William Bailey
Publisher: Belsona Books Ltd.
ISBN: 0615736629
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Micro Bionic is an exciting survey of electronic music and sound art from cultural critic and mixed-media artist Thomas Bey William Bailey. This superior revised edition includes all of the original supplements neglected by the publishers of the first edition, including a full index, bibliography, additional notes / commentary and an updated discography. As the title suggests, the unifying theme of the book is that of musicians and sound artists taking bold leaps forward in spite of (or sometimes because of) their financial, technological, and social restrictions. Some symptoms of this condition include the gigantic discography amassed by the one-man project Merzbow, the drama of silence enacted by onkyo and New Berlin Minimalism, the annihilating noise transmitted from the humble laptop computers of Russell Haswell and Peter Rehberg and much more besides. Although the journey begins in the Industrial 1980s, in order to trace how the innovations of that period have gained greater currency in the present, it surveys a wide array of artists breaking ground in the 21st century with radical attitudes and techniques. A healthy amount of global travel and concentrated listening have combined to make this a sophisticated yet accessible document, unafraid to explore both the transgressive extremes of this culture and the more deftly concealed interstices thereof. Part historical document, part survival manual for the marginalized electronic musician, part sociological investigation, Micro Bionic is a number of different things, and as such will likely generate a variety of reactions from inspiration to offense. Numerous exclusive interviews with leading lights of the field were also conducted for this book: William Bennett (Whitehouse), Peter Christopherson (r.i.p., Throbbing Gristle / Coil), Peter Rehberg, John Duncan, Francisco Lopez, Carl Michael von Hausswolff, Bob Ostertag, Zbigniew Karkowski and many others weigh in with a diversity of thoughts and opinions that underscore the incredible diversity to be found within new electronic music itself."

Morphological And Syntactical Irregularities In The Book Of Revelation

Autor: Laurențiu Moț
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9004290826
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Morphological and Syntactical Irregularities in the Book of Revelation, by Laurențiu Florentin Moț, studies Revelation’s solecisms from a Greek perspective. It convincingly proves that, in accord with Second Language Acquisition studies, Semitic transfer in Revelation is extremely rare.