The Merriam Webster Dictionary

Autor: Merriam-Webster
ISBN: 9780877792956
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Based on Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, 11th edition 70,000 definitions 2,000 new words Expanded back matter sections: Confused and Misused Words English Word Roots - Great for preparing standardized tests Irregular English Verbs - Great for ESL Basic English Grammar Handbook of Style, including Documentation of Sources Guide to Common Verb Collocations - Essential for ESL NEW: An Overview of the Internet

Merriam Webster S Collegiate Dictionary

Autor: Merriam-Webster
Publisher: Merriam-Webster
ISBN: 9780877798095
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Presents concise definitions, pronunciations, abbreviations, some illustrations, usage examples, and synonyms with ten thousand new words and meanings.

Merriam Webster S Dictionary And Thesaurus

Autor: Merriam-Webster
Publisher: Perfection Learning
ISBN: 9781627655460
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"Integrated language tools: Synonym lists and dictionary entries combined alphabetically; Clear and concise word guidance; Abundant usage examples; Supports Common Core State Standards"--Cover.

Webster S New World Law Dictionary

Autor: Jonathan Wallace
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 0544188691
File Size: 64,84 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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The Plain-English Legal Dictionary for Anyone Who Wants to Understand the Often Incomprehensible Terminology Law has a language all its own. Webster's New World Law Dictionary translates it clearly. Written in plain English, it's much easier to understand than typical legal documents. It's up-to-date and comprehensive, with: * Clear, concise, and accurate definitions of more than 4,000 legal terms * Coverage of terms from all areas of law, including criminal law, contracts, evidence, constitutional law, property law, and torts * Common abbreviations, foreign words and phrases, and a full copy of the United States Constitution, including the Bill of Rights and all subsequent amendments * Definitions of newer terms such as alternative minimum tax, three strikes law, and assisted suicide In addition to those in the legal field, this desk reference is invaluable to journalists, researchers, lay people dealing with legal issues, and even those who simply want to use legal terms correctly in order to make their points more convincingly.

Merriam Webster S Collegiate Reference Set

Autor: Frederick C. Mish
Publisher: Merriam Webster
ISBN: 9780877798170
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Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Gain access to word information in print and electronic formats. . Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, Eleventh Edition . Merriam- Webster's Collegiate Thesaurus, Second Edition . Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary & Thesaurus, Electronic Edition (Win/Mac CD-ROM) . Free one-year online subscription

Webster S New World College Dictionary Fifth Edition

Autor: Editors Of Webster's New World College Dictionaries
Publisher: Webster's New World
ISBN: 9780544598225
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Format: PDF, Docs
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"Webster s New WorldCollege Dictionary, Fifth Edition," presents the very best a college dictionary can offer, with all the user-friendly qualities that have distinguished the Webster's New World name for decades. A clear and accessible defining style, compelling feature notes, full-page tables and charts, hundreds of drawings that complement the definitions, and authoritative guidance on usage and style points make this the perfect dictionary for use at school, at the office, or at home. This edition has been updated for 2016 with dozens of new words and senses and hundreds of revisions."

Merriam Webster S Guide To Punctuation And Style

Autor: Merriam-Webster
Publisher: Merriam Webster Mass Market
ISBN: 9780877799214
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Format: PDF, Docs
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"New edition! Quick answers to questions about pronunciation, capitalization, plurals, and quotations. A guide to copyediting and proofreading. Special sections of word usage and grammar. Instructions for preparing notes and bibliographies."\\\\\

Word By Word

Autor: Kory Stamper
Publisher: Vintage
ISBN: 1101870958
File Size: 37,76 MB
Format: PDF
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“We think of English as a fortress to be defended, but a better analogy is to think of English as a child. We love and nurture it into being, and once it gains gross motor skills, it starts going exactly where we don’t want it to go: it heads right for the goddamned electrical sockets.” With wit and irreverence, lexicographer Kory Stamper cracks open the obsessive world of dictionary writing, from the agonizing decisions about what to define and how to do it to the knotty questions of ever-changing word usage. Filled with fun facts—for example, the first documented usage of “OMG” was in a letter to Winston Churchill—and Stamper’s own stories from the linguistic front lines (including how she became America’s foremost “irregardless” apologist, despite loathing the word), Word by Word is an endlessly entertaining look at the wonderful complexities and eccentricities of the English language.

Merriam Webster S Intermediate Dictionary

Autor: Merriam-Webster
Publisher: Merriam-Webster
ISBN: 9780877796978
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The next step in refining language skills, this fully revised illustrated dictionary focuses on the needs of students in grades 6-8. Expanded word coverage and more advanced dictionary features are presented in ways to help students ages 11-14 read, write, and speak effectively. * Nearly 70,000 entries including new words and definitions from the fields of science, technology, entertainment, and health * More than 22,000 usage examples * More than 1,000 illustrations * Abundant word history paragraphs and synonym paragraphs