Tragedie In Due Battute

Autor: Achille Campanile
Publisher: Bur
ISBN: 8858649338
File Size: 26,43 MB
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Messe in scena per la prima volta nel 1925, le Tragedie in due battute rappresentano un momento di grande innovazione nella storia della letteratura italiana del Novecento. Atti unici, le tragedie ruotano, in deduzione epigrammatica dal titolo, attorno alla spiegazione dello stesso e mettono in luce, con sottile arguzia, la paradossale pericolosità di luoghi comuni e di osservazioni banali, scardinandoli dall'interno e dissolvendoli nella loro assurdità. Portando alle estreme conseguenze gli esperimenti provocatori di Marinetti e anticipando di una trentina d'anni il teatro del silenzio assoluto di Beckett, Achille Campanile, con sapiente uso del lessico e con essenziale asciuttezza, costruisce, come sottolineato da Masolino D'Amico nell'introduzione al volume, "un monumento, forse insuperabile, alla brevità".

At Whom Are We Laughing

Autor: Zenia Sacks DaSilva
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
ISBN: 1443864722
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They say that laughter is a purely human phenomenon, so exclusively ours that we brook no intruders except, of course, for the laughing hyena, the laughing jackass (officially known as the kookaburra bird of Australia), laughing matters, laughing gas, or the perennial laughing stock. But what is humor, that funny thing so varied in its colors and tones, so encompassing in its themes, so different from time to time and place to place? And when we poke fun, at whom are we really laughing? At Whom Are We Laughing? Humor in Romance Language Literatures is the selective product of a multi-national gathering of scholars sponsored by Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York, to explore humor across the centuries in the literatures of Italy, France, Romania, the Iberian Peninsula and its diaspora. The volume contains thirty-one scholarly and interpretative papers on diverse aspects of their wit, provocative aspects that are, for the most part, little known to the general reader. Precisely because of its scope and diversity, its appeal should extend beyond academia into the libraries of the intellectually curious, be they English speakers or not, be they specialists in humanities, psychology, society and culture, or merely interested amateurs who frequent the many new humor societies and clubs that abound in the world of today.

Set The Stage

Autor: Nicoletta Marini-Maio
Publisher: Yale University Press
ISBN: 0300152752
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Set the Stage! is a collection of essays on teaching Italian language, literature, and culture through theater. From theoretical background to course models, this book provides all the resources that teachers and students need to incorporate the rich and abundant Italian theater tradition into the curriculum. Features of the book include- the Director's Handbook, a comprehensive guide with detailed instructions for every step of the process, from choosing a text to the final performance, - an exclusive interview with Nobel laureate Dario Fo, - a foreword by prize-winning author Dacia Maraini.

Twentieth Century Italian Drama The First Fifty Years

Autor: Jane House
Publisher: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 9780231071185
File Size: 77,49 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Modern Italian drama ranks among the most important and influential in the western world, yet it has long been inaccessible to English-language readers. Finally, an anthology is available of the best and the brightest in Italian theater, including never-before-translated work by Luigi Pirandello, Pier Maria Rosso di San Secondo, Massimo Bontempelli, Italo Svevo, Eduardo De Filippo, and Alberto Savinio. This volume of Twentieth-Century Italian Drama covers the period spanning from the end of the nineteenth century to that immediately following World War II, displaying the rich breadth of Italian theater in the modern age, from the comedic legacy carried on by such writers as Eduardo De Filippo to the delicate tragedy of playwrights like Federigo Tozzi. Guided by Italian theater critic Antonio Attisani's authoritative introduction, readers will discover the fascinating world of Italian literature: the aesthetic-mystical movement, futurism, teatro grottesco, magical realism, the Catholic strain of drama, and cabaret and variety theater. Twentieth-Century Italian Drama sheds new light on the period of Italian history marked by the reign of Mussolini's fascist regime, offering unprecedented cultural perspective on the changes this wrought on the dramatic productions of the day. Included are seven full-length plays, five one-act plays, one variety sketch, and three futurist sintesi (sketches). Brief introductions preceding each play contextualize the piece within the various movements in Italian theater, and biographies of the editors and translators appear at the end of the volume. An extensive bibliography offers many suggestions for further reading in English. Here, actors and directors will find stage-ready versions of the finest Italian dramatic works. Other readers interested in Italian literature, comparative literature, theater, and the humanities will also appreciate the opportunity to read this important body of work. Twentieth-Century Italian Drama provides unique insight into the profound influence of the Italian theater on the dramatic productions of other nations, and puts into perspective the broader spectrum of European drama.

The Absurd In Literature

Autor: Neil Cornwell
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 1847796575
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Neil Cornwell's study, while endeavouring to present an historical survey of absurdist literature and its forbears, does not aspire to being an exhaustive history of absurdism. Rather, it pauses on certain historical moments, artistic movements, literary figures and selected works, before moving on to discuss four key writers: Daniil Kharms, Franz Kafka, Samuel Beckett and Flann O'Brien. The absurd in literature will be of compelling interest to a considerable range of students of comparative, European (including Russian and Central European) and English literatures (British Isles and American) - as well as those more concerned with theatre studies, the avant-garde and the history of ideas (including humour theory). It should also have a wide appeal to the enthusiastic general reader.

L Inventore Del Cavallo

Autor: Achille Campanile
Publisher: Bur
ISBN: 8858649419
File Size: 68,69 MB
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L'umorismo paradossale, amaro e sentimentale, pieno di trovate stilistiche, appartiene alla categoria dell'assurdo che Campanile ha anticipato sin dagli anni Venti in teatro con L'inventore del cavallo. Oltre alla commedia che dà il titolo alla raccolta, una satira alle accademie dove tutto è imbalsamato, formalistico e puerile, altre celebri commedie. Ecco un mondo d'inventori inesistenti, di poeti maledetti che non sanno scrivere le poesie, eruditi che conoscono le date ma non i fatti corrispondenti, di liti tra coniugi, innamorati distratti Una raccolta di 16 "commedie corte" scritte fra il 1924 e il 1929.