Volker Kutscher Moabit

Autor: Volker Kutscher
Publisher: Kiepenheuer & Witsch
ISBN: 3462318039
File Size: 14,19 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Spannend, ungewöhnlich und überraschend: Ein neues Puzzlestück im Gereon-Rath-Universum und die perfekte Einstiegsdroge für all jene, die die Kutscher-Krimis noch vor sich haben – mit Illustrationen von Kat Menschik! Wen fasziniert sie nicht? Charly Ritter, die große Liebe von Kriminalkommissar Gereon Rath, die ihren eigenen Kopf hat, so charmant wie neugierig ist und ein Geheimnis in sich zu tragen scheint. In Moabit lernen wir Charly kennen, als sie noch Lotte heißt und bei ihren Eltern wohnt, in einer Beamtenwohnung am Zellengefängnis Moabit. Gerade hat sie das Abitur im Kleistlyzeum geschafft, und dies, obwohl sie aus einfachen Verhältnissen stammt. Ihre frisch errungene Freiheit genießt Lotte vor allem nachts, bei heimlichen Eskapaden mit ihrer Freundin Greta durch die Tanzlokale Berlins. Tagsüber lernt sie Schreibmaschine und Stenografie, denn eins ist klar: Ihr Studium wird sie sich selbst finanzieren müssen. Charlottes Vater ist Gefängniswärter – ein einfacher, ehrlicher Mann. Doch seine Ansprüche an seinen Augenstern Lotte in puncto Bildung, Ehre und Anstand sind hoch. Und Lotte ist ein Vaterkind. Kein Wunder, dass es nicht spurlos an ihr vorübergeht, als ihr Vater eines Tages in ein brutales Attentat im Moabiter Gefängnis verwickelt wird. Ein Vorfall, der Charlottes weiteres Leben prägt und der aus Lotte letzten Endes Charly macht. Kat Menschik entwirft dazu so kongenial das verruchte Berlin der 20er-Jahre in seiner düster-rauen Schönheit, dass man selbst noch den Geruch und die Geräusche von damals wahrzunehmen meint.


Autor: Volker Kutscher
Publisher: Picador
ISBN: 1250206359
File Size: 16,44 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Volker Kutscher, author of the international bestseller Babylon Berlin, continues his Gereon Rath Mystery series with Goldstein as a police inspector investigates the crime and corruption of a decadent 1930s Berlin in the shadows the growing Nazi movement. Berlin, 1931. A power struggle is taking place in Berlin's underworld. The American gangster Abraham Goldstein is in residence at the Hotel Excelsior. As a favour to the FBI, the police put him under surveillance with Detective Gereon Rath on the job. As Rath grows bored and takes on a private case for his seedy pal Johann Marlow, he soon finds himself in the middle of a Berlin street war. Meanwhile Rath's on-off girlfriend, Charly, lets a young woman she is interrogating escape, and soon her investigations cross Rath's from the other side. Berlin is a divided city where two worlds are about to collide: the world of the American gangster and the expanding world of Nazism.

Babylon Berlin

Autor: Volker Kutscher
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
ISBN: 176063574X
File Size: 76,35 MB
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A GEREON RATH MYSTERY 'Political maelstrom, a populist right on the march -- sound familiar? . . . It's fabulous debauchery and naughtiness, a political maelstrom and a ticking timebomb.' The Guardian 1929: When a car is hauled out of the Landwehr Canal with a mutilated corpse inside, Detective Inspector Gereon Rath claims the case. Soon his inquiries drag him ever deeper into the morass of Weimar Berlin's 'Roaring Twenties' underworld of cocaine, prostitution, gunrunning and shady politics. Now a major international television series 'Unrelenting in tension until an explosive climax; as well as delivering the thrills Kutscher captures perfectly in dark tones the menacing atmosphere and lurking threats of a unique -- and pivotal -- time and place in history.' Craig Russell, author of the Jan Fabel series 'Twenties Germany in all its seedy splendour: impressive.' Sarah Ward, author of In Bitter Chill 'Gripping, skilfully plotted and rich in historical detail.' Mrs Peabody Investigates 'Evocative thriller set in Berlin's seedy underworld during the Roaring Twenties.' Mail on Sunday

The Silent Death

Autor: Volker Kutscher
Publisher: Picador
ISBN: 1250187028
File Size: 33,37 MB
Format: PDF
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THE BASIS FOR THE INTERNATIONAL TV SENSATION BABYLON BERLIN Volker Kutscher, author of the international bestseller Babylon Berlin, continues his Gereon Rath Mystery series with The Silent Death as a police inspector investigates the crime and corruption of a decadent 1930s Berlin in the shadows the growing Nazi movement. March 1930: The film business is in a process of change. Talking films are taking over the silver screen and many a producer, cinema owner, and silent movie star is falling by the wayside. Celebrated actress Betty Winter is hit by a spotlight while filming a talkie. At first it looks like an accident, but Superintendent Gereon Rath findsclues that point to murder. While his colleagues suspect the absconded lighting technician, Rath’s investigations take him in a completely different direction, and he is soon left on his own. Steering clear of his superior who wants him off the case, Rath’s life gets more complicated when his father asks him to help Cologne mayor Konrad Adenauerwith a case of blackmail, and ex-girlfriend Charly tries to renew their relationship—all while tensions between Nazis and Communists escalate to violence.

Light In A Dark House

Autor: Jan Costin Wagner
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1448129397
File Size: 74,32 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 2018
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Finnish detective Kimmo Joentaa is called to the local hospital in which his young wife died several years before. An unidentified woman in a coma has been murdered by someone who wept over the body, their tears staining the sheets around her. The death marks the start of a series of killings, with the unknown patient at their centre. As autumn turns to winter, and Christmas fast approaches, Kimmo’s attempts to unravel the case and identify the first victim are complicated by the disappearance of his sometime girlfriend, who has vanished after a party thrown by the head of the police force, and by a colleague’s spiral into the depths of a gambling addiction.

Walking In Berlin

Autor: Franz Hessel
Publisher: MIT Press
ISBN: 0262340844
File Size: 71,25 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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Franz Hessel (1880--1941), a German-born writer, grew up in Berlin, studied in Munich, and then lived in Paris, where he moved in artistic and literary circles. His relationship with the fashion journalist Helen Grund was the inspiration for Henri-Pierre Roche's novel Jules et Jim (made into a celebrated 1962 film by Francois Truffaut). In collaboration with Walter Benjamin, Hessel reinvented the Parisian figure of the flaneur. This 1929 book -- here in its first English translation -- offers Hessel's version of a flaneur in Berlin. In Walking in Berlin, Hessel captures the rhythm of Weimar-era Berlin, recording the seismic shifts in German culture. Nearly all of the essays take the form of a walk or outing, focusing on either a theme or part of the city, and many end at a theater, cinema, or club. Hessel deftly weaves the past with the present, walking through the city's history as well as its neighborhoods. Even today, his walks in the city, from the Alexanderplatz to Kreuzberg, can guide would-be flaneurs.Walking in Berlin is a lost classic, known mainly because of Hessel's connection to Benjamin but now introduced to readers of English. Walking in Berlin was a central model for Benjamin's Arcades Project and remains a classic of "walking literature" that ranges from Surrealist perambulation to Situationist "psychogeography." This MIT Press edition includes the complete text in translation as well as Benjamin's essay on Walking in Berlin, originally written as a review of the book's original edition."An absolutely epic book, a walking remembrance." -- Walter Benjamin


Autor: Christopher Frayling
Publisher: Reel Art Press
ISBN: 9781909526464
File Size: 62,84 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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This book will trace the journey of Shelley's Frankenstein from limited edition literature to the bloodstream of contemporary culture. It includes new research on the novel's origins, with a reprint of the earliest-known version of the creation scene; visual material on adaptations for the stage, in magazines, on playbills, in prints and in book publications of the nineteenth century; series of visual essays on many of the film versions and their inspirations in the history of art; and Frankenstein in popular culture on posters, advertisements, packaging, in comics and graphic novels.

Shadow Creek

Autor: Joy Fielding
Publisher: Doubleday Canada
ISBN: 0385677375
File Size: 79,32 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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From NEW YORK TIMES BESTELLING author Joy Fielding--a chilling psychological thriller that explores the depths of psychopathic behaviour and the lengths to which a mother will go to protect her daughter. When an innocent group of campers ventures to the Adirondacks for a trip, they are followed by a murderous pair... A group of unlikely travelling companions--a woman, her two oddball friends, her teenage daughter, and her soon-to-be ex-husband's new fiancee--find themselves on a camping trip in the Adirondacks at the same time that a pair of teenage killers is terrorizing the area.

Pussy Lounge

Autor: Dirk Krauzig
Publisher: Skylight Editions
ISBN: 9783037666296
File Size: 23,47 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 3467
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Text in English & German. This is the second volume by renowned photographer Dirk Krauzig, transports you into a new erotic universe. With heavily upholstered armchairs, discreet lighting, antique furniture, lacquered and painted walls, the stage is set in the lounge bar to display the passions of his adult models. Adults only! Once again the qualified professional succeeds in capturing revealing performances and candid images of timeless elegance. His photographs are stimulating yet sophisticated; classy, and with a style of lighting that has become his trademark. He also takes exceptional care of image design and development. Allow yourself to be enchanted by the girls and women in this volume, and see what happens! Visit the Pussy Lounge, and become a voyeur in a world of sensuality, passion, eroticism and licentiousness!