The Cat S Table

Autor: Michael Ondaatje
Publisher: Vintage Canada
ISBN: 030740143X
File Size: 35,18 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 1876
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From Michael Ondaatje: an electrifying new novel, by turns thrilling and deeply moving -- one of his most vividly rendered and compelling works of fiction to date. In the early 1950s, an eleven-year-old boy boards a huge liner bound for England. At mealtimes, he is placed at the lowly "Cat's Table" with an eccentric and unforgettable group of grownups and two other boys. As the ship makes its way across the Indian Ocean, through the Suez Canal, into the Mediterranean, the boys find themselves immersed in the worlds and stories of the adults around them. At night they spy on a shackled prisoner -- his crime and fate a galvanizing mystery that will haunt them forever. Looking back from deep within adulthood, and gradually moving back and forth from the decks and holds of the ship to the years that follow the narrator unfolds a spellbinding and layered tale about the magical, often forbidden discoveries of childhood and the burdens of earned understanding, about a life-long journey that began unexpectedly with a sea voyage. From the Hardcover edition.


Autor: Michael Ondaatje
Publisher: Knopf
ISBN: 0525521208
File Size: 24,42 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
Read: 5849
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NATIONAL BEST SELLER From the internationally acclaimed, best-selling author of The English Patient: a mesmerizing new novel that tells a dramatic story set in the decade after World War II through the lives of a small group of unexpected characters and two teenagers whose lives are indelibly shaped by their unwitting involvement. In a narrative as beguiling and mysterious as memory itself--shadowed and luminous at once--we read the story of fourteen-year-old Nathaniel, and his older sister, Rachel. In 1945, just after World War II, they stay behind in London when their parents move to Singapore, leaving them in the care of a mysterious figure named The Moth. They suspect he might be a criminal, and they grow both more convinced and less concerned as they come to know his eccentric crew of friends: men and women joined by a shared history of unspecified service during the war, all of whom seem, in some way, determined now to protect, and educate (in rather unusual ways) Rachel and Nathaniel. But are they really what and who they claim to be? And what does it mean when the siblings' mother returns after months of silence without their father, explaining nothing, excusing nothing? A dozen years later, Nathaniel begins to uncover all that he didn't know and understand in that time, and it is this journey--through facts, recollection, and imagination--that he narrates in this masterwork from one of the great writers of our time.

Anil S Ghost

Autor: Michael Ondaatje
Publisher: Vintage Canada
ISBN: 0307375897
File Size: 78,11 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Read: 8426
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Following the phenomenal success of Michael Ondaatje’s Booker Prize-winning third novel, The English Patient, expectations were almost insurmountable. The internationally acclaimed #1 bestseller had made Ondaatje the first Canadian novelist ever to win the Booker. Four years later, in 1996, a motion picture based on the book brought the story to a vast new audience. The film, starring Ralph Fiennes and Juliette Binoche, went on to win numerous prizes, among them nine Academy Awards, including Best Picture. Worldwide English-language sales of the book topped two million copies. But in April 2000, Anil’s Ghost was widely hailed as Ondaatje’s most powerful and engrossing novel to date. Winning a Governor General’s Literary Award for Fiction, the Kiriyama Pacific Rim Book Prize and the Giller Prize, Anil’s Ghost became an international bestseller. “Nowhere has Ondaatje written more beautifully,” said The New York Times Book Review. The setting is Sri Lanka. Steeped in centuries of cultural achievement and tradition, the country has been ravaged in the late twentieth century by bloody civil war. As in The English Patient, Ondaatje’s latest novel follows a woman’s attempt to piece together the lost life of a victim of war. Anil Tissera, born in Sri Lanka but educated in England and the U.S., is sent by an international human rights group to participate in an investigation into suspected mass political murders in her homeland. Working with an archaeologist, she discovers a skeleton whose identity takes Anil on a fascinating journey that involves a riveting mystery. What follows, in a novel rich with character, emotion, and incident, is a story about love and loss, about family, identity and the unknown enemy. And it is a quest to unlock the hidden past – like a handful of soil analyzed by an archaeologist, the story becomes more diffuse the farther we reach into history. A universal tale of the casualties of war, unfolding as a detective story, the book gradually gives way to a more intricate exploration of its characters, a symphony of loss and loneliness haunted by a cast of solitary strangers and ghosts. The atrocities of a seemingly futile, muddled war are juxtaposed against the ancient, complex and ultimately redemptive culture and landscape of Sri Lanka. Anil’s Ghost is Michael Ondaatje's first novel to be set in the country of his birth. “There’s a tendency with us in England and North America to say it’s a book ‘about Sri Lanka.’ But it’s just my take on a few characters, a personal tunnelling into that … The book’s not just about Sri Lanka; it’s a story that’s very familiar in other parts of the world” – in Africa, in Yugoslavia, in South America, in Ireland. “I didn’t want it to be a political tract. I wanted it to be a human study of people in the midst of fear.” From the Trade Paperback edition.

Coming Through Slaughter

Autor: Michael Ondaatje
Publisher: Vintage
ISBN: 0307776611
File Size: 17,64 MB
Format: PDF
Read: 6940
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Bringing to life the fabulous, colorful panorama of New Orleans in the first flush of the jazz era, this book tells the story of Buddy Bolden, the first of the great trumpet players--some say the originator of jazz--who was, in any case, the genius, the guiding spirit, and the king of that time and place. In this fictionalized meditation, Bolden, an unrecorded father of Jazz, remains throughout a tantalizingly ungraspable phantom, the central mysteries of his life, his art, and his madness remaining felt but never quite pinned down. Ondaatje's prose is at times startlingly lyrical, and as he chases Bolden through documents and scenes, the novel partakes of the very best sort of modern detective novel--one where the enigma is never resolved, but allowed to manifest in its fullness. Though more 'experimental' in form than either The English Patient or In the Skin of a Lion, it is a fitting addition to the renowned Ondaatje oeuvre.

Running In The Family

Autor: Michael Ondaatje
Publisher: Vintage
ISBN: 9780307776648
File Size: 55,62 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 6844
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In the late 1970s Ondaatje returned to his native island of Sri Lanka. As he records his journey through the drug-like heat and intoxicating fragrances of that "pendant off the ear of India, " Ondaatje simultaneously retraces the baroque mythology of his Dutch-Ceylonese family. An inspired travel narrative and family memoir by an exceptional writer.

Classic Stories Of World War Ii

Autor: Bounty
Publisher: Pyramid
ISBN: 0753733242
File Size: 22,24 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Read: 6258
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"The noise of the explosions died slowly, as though the sound was moving heavily through the draws and along the ridges to collect in other places." Irwin Shaw, The Young Lions Authentic and impassioned stories of heroism and brutality, starvation and survival, defeats and triumphs from World War Two's most poignant hours. Gripping highlights from the greatest war novels include James Jones' From Here to Eternity, Evelyn Waugh's Officers and Gentlemen, and Joseph Heller's Catch 22. Compelling true-life accounts from around the world include the Battle of Britain from Guy Gibson, VC, the exploits of the French Resistance from Australian Nancy Wake, and a riveting report of Hiroshima by John Hersey. Contents include: IRWIN SHAW A Perfect Morning (from The Young Lions) J.G.BALLARD Lunghua Camp (from Empire of the Sun) JAMES JONES The Big Day (from From Here to Eternity) JAMES A. MICHENER The Landing at Kuralei (from Tales of the South Pacific) RICHARD HILLARY Shall Live for a Ghost? (from The Last Enemy) KURT VONNEGUT Billy Pilgrim (from Slaughterhouse Five) EVELYN WAUGH Battalion in Defence (from Officers and Gentlemen) NORMAN MAILER Anopopei (from The Naked and the Dead) GUYGIBSON, VC Some were Unlucky(from Enemy Coast Ahead) JOSEPH HELLER Major Major Major Major(from Catch 22) RAYMOND PAULL The Invasion of Papua (from Retreat from Kokoda) RONALD SETH Stalingrad- the Story of the Battle (from Stalingrad-Point of Return) NANCY WAKE The White Mouse and the Maquis d'Auvergne (from The White Mouse) JOHN STEINBECK The Invaders (from The Moon is Down) NICHOLAS MONSARRAT The Compass Rose (from The Cruel Sea) JOHN HERSEY Hiroshima - The Fire (from Hiroshima)

Madagascar Escape 2 Africa The Junior Novel

Autor: J. E. Bright
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0061447838
File Size: 15,85 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 4483
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Alex, Marty, Melman, Gloria, and their friends attempt to return home to New York, but their plane crashes, leaving them stranded in Africa, where they meet their wild counterparts.


Autor: Michael Ondaatje
Publisher: Vintage Canada
ISBN: 0307372073
File Size: 79,99 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 8337
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From the celebrated author of The English Patient and In the Skin of a Lion comes a remarkable new novel of intersecting lives that ranges across continents and time. In the 1970s in northern California, near Gold Rush country, a father and his teenage daughters, Anna and Claire, work their farm with the help of Coop, an enigmatic young man who makes his home with them. Theirs is a makeshift family, until it is riven by an incident of violence — of both hand and heart — that sets fire to the rest of their lives. Divisadero takes us from the city of San Francisco to the raucous backrooms of Nevada’s casinos, and eventually to the landscape of south central France. It is here, outside a small rural village, that Anna becomes immersed in the life and the world of a writer from an earlier time — Lucien Segura. His compelling story, which has its beginnings at the turn of the century, circles around “the raw truth” of Anna’s own life, the one she’s left behind but can never truly leave. And as the narrative moves back and forth in time and place, we discover each of the characters managing to find some foothold in a present rough-hewn from the past. Breathtakingly evoked and with unforgettable characters, Divisadero is a multi-layered novel about passion, loss, and the unshakable past, about the often discordant demands of family, love, and memory. It is Michael Ondaatje’s most intimate and beautiful novel to date. From the Hardcover edition.

Paris Echo

Autor: Sebastian Faulks
Publisher: Henry Holt and Company
ISBN: 1250305640
File Size: 50,65 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Read: 2556
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“Cunningly crafted. . . . France’s unquiet histories are brought to life by a master storyteller.” —Financial Times (UK) A story of resistance, complicity, and an unlikely, transformative friendship, set in Paris, from internationally bestselling novelist Sebastian Faulks. American historian Hannah intends to immerse herself in World War II research in Paris, wary of paying much attention to the city where a youthful misadventure once left her dejected. But a chance encounter with Tariq, a Moroccan teenager whose visions of the City of Lights as a world of opportunity and rebirth starkly contrast with her own, disrupts her plan. Hannah agrees to take Tariq in as a lodger, forming an unexpected connection with the young man. Yet as Tariq begins to assimilate into the country he risked his life to enter, he realizes that its dark past and current ills are far more complicated than he’d anticipated. And Hannah, diving deeper into her work on women’s lives in Nazi-occupied Paris, uncovers a shocking piece of history that threatens to dismantle her core beliefs. Soon they each must question which sacrifices are worth their happiness and what, if anything, the tumultuous past century can teach them about the future. From the sweltering streets of Tangier to deep beneath Paris via the Metro, from the affecting recorded accounts of women in German-occupied France and into the future through our hopes for these characters, Paris Echo offers a tough and poignant story of injustices and dreams.

Come West And See Stories

Autor: Maxim Loskutoff
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
ISBN: 0393635597
File Size: 22,83 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Read: 8272
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This searing debut reimagines the American West through linked stories describing a violent rural separatist movement. In an isolated region of Idaho, Montana, and eastern Oregon known as the Redoubt, an armed occupation of a wildlife refuge is escalating into civil war. Against this backdrop, twelve stories of ordinary lives explore the loneliness, fragility, and heartbreak inherent to love. Families feel the far-reaching shockwaves of displacement and division. A mother makes a hard choice for her sons when their father goes to lead a standoff with the federal government. An unemployed carpenter joins a militia after his wife leaves him and the first airstrikes raze the streets of his hometown. A former soldier raises the daughter of a dead comrade in a bunker beneath an abandoned farm. Ranging from the cities to the small towns of the West, and imbued with its own brand of radical empathy, Loskutoff's fiction is both timely and timeless. Come West and See surges with rage, longing, and fear, and offers startling insights into the wounds of the American people.