Youth Unemployment And Society

Autor: Anne C. Petersen
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521028578
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Examines youth unemployment and intervention strategies in the United States and Europe.

The Social Impact Of The Crisis On Youth Unemployment Comparative Study Spain And Greece

Autor: Smaro Boura
Publisher: Anchor Academic Publishing (aap_verlag)
ISBN: 3954891867
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The book examines the socio-economic dynamics of the current economic crisis that have affected Southern European countries in general, particularly Greece and Spain. These dynamics have caused considerable effects in social, political and cultural level and have influenced the marginalised populations of both countries. This review tries to examine the social impact of the crisis on youth unemployment in Greece and Spain with particular focus on graduates of tertiary education and the constraints of labour market occurred due to the economic and political upheavals followed by the crisis. The increasing levels of unemployment, together with accumulative poverty phenomena and future uncertainty has direct implications on psychological well-being and triggers the danger of social and economic exclusion as has been investigated in the study. A further examination includes the political governance in national and European level during the crisis which have shaped the views of youth unemployed populations in both countries and occurred a shift from traditional politics.

Youth Unemployment

Autor: Niklas Kürten
Publisher: GRIN Verlag
ISBN: 3638852849
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Seminar paper from the year 2006 in the subject Economics - Job market economics, grade: 1,7, Göteborg University, 23 entries in the bibliography, language: English, abstract: With four to seventeen percent unemployment rates, unemployment has become one of the most discussed topics in Europe. With a continued decrease in the number of people hired each year, this problem gains a special importance for young people. In 2004, within the European Union, more than 18,6 % people under the age of 25 were without a job. This is why during the election campaigns in 2005, in Germany, according to the electors the party’s labour market policy was the most important subject for their decision. One reason for the long-lasting violent demonstrations in French suburbs last autumn was the inequitable chances for young people from these areas to get a job. Especially for young people, a hesitant and hard beginning in their professional life means a lack in their CV, which can become a big obstacle for later jobs and for their whole career. Furthermore, the first job is often seen as a way of finding identification. A bad start and several rejections can influence the motivation to work and the working performance of young people.

Youth Unemployment And Social Exclusion

Autor: Thomas Kieselbach
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 3663118991
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This volume draws attention to the concept of social exclusion in the context of unemployment as well as to vulnerable groups of young unemployed people with regard to social exclusion in six European countries. It is based upon the results of an international research project (Youth Unemployment an Social Exclusion: Dimensions, Subjective Experiences, and Innovative Institutional Responses in Six Countries of the EU) (YUSEDER) conducted in the framework of the research programme Targeted Socio-Economic Research (TSER) of the European Commission. Partners from six European countries with differing scientific backgrounds (health psychology, public health research, psychatry, industrial sociology, medical sociology) from six European countries participated in this project. The concept of social exclusion has gained an impressive importance in the European policy debate. The refused entry to the labor market for members of the younger generation increases the risk of social exclusion for the affected youth as well as for the social fabric in general. The contributions of this volume illustrate an initial approach to analysing and comparing theoretical reflections about the meaning and extent of social exclusion for young unemployed people from a comparative perspective. The research has been carried out in three Northern European countries (Sweden, Germany, Belgium) an three Southern European Countries (Spain, Italy, Greece). For each country a specific national report ist presented. The comparative section describes and attempts to explain the similarities and dissimilarities between countries having rather diverse histrorical and social understandings of being socially excluded or marginalised für young people

Regional Monitoring Approaches For The Reduction And The Prevention Of Youth Unemployment In Europe

Autor: Christa Larsen
Publisher: Rainer Hampp Verlag
ISBN: 3866185731
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Fighting unemployment, especially among the young, is an important goal of many actors working at the regional labour market level. The transparency of the processes of the regional labour market is an important prerequisite for the systematic application of measures and other strategies to help reducing youth unemployment. With the instruments of regional labour market monitoring, a high degree of transparency can be continuously maintained. Therefore this anthology shows various monitoring systems and approaches of different countries including specific geographical, social, political and regulatory conditions of the different regions. This book was developed by several members of the European Network of Regional Labour Market Monitoring. Dr. Christa Larsen is a social scientist and Managing Director of the Institute for Economics, Labour and Culture in Frankfurt am Main. Her current work concentrates on regional labour market monitoring, regionalised analyses of labour markets for health workers, systems for information and diagnoses of labour markets and regional prognoses. / Jenny Kipper is a pedagogue and Scientist at the Institute for Economics, Labour and Culture (IWAK) in Frankfurt am Main. Her current activities are focussed on process of organisational learning, organisational development, and development of quality. / Dr. Alfons Schmid is Professor for Economics at the faculty of Social Sciences and Scientific Director of the Institute for Economics, Labour, and Culture (IWAK) at the Goethe-University in Frankfurt am Main (Germany). His main areas of research are regional developments of employment and labour market, new information technology and impacts on employment situation, regional competitiveness, attitudes towards welfare states, regional forecasting and regional studies in poverty and wealth.